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Q&A Corner⑤【3289】

• Please tell me an incident where you were deeply moved, or crying!
I was deeply moved by seeing a certain band's breakup live DVD!!

• When it's said, a dialect that is completely effeminate lol
A dialect that shows love☆Because I'm obediently happy☆

• Your recently highly recommended one-shot gag is?
Hot blood is the title gag! Recently, the rest is like extreme fail in charm...

• Very soon your one-man tour will begin, but, other than the lives, what else are you looking forward to?
Of course it's eating the local specialties of the various places☆

• Every week, boys read Jump, but what do they do with it afterwards?
Of course I just set aside last week's issue so I can throw it away☆

• The day after tomorrow is my graduation ceremony, but what is Kouki-san's favorite memory of a graduation ceremony?
In my middle school graduation ceremony, gathering at the end with everyone in the baseball club in the grandstands☆ Congratulations on graduating!!2

• When it's difficult and painful and Kou-chan is already doing his best, and your thinking becomes bitter, what do you do?
In times like that, I cut off the electricity to my phone and other things like that and sleep! The next day, with an "okay, let's do this!" attitude, I have enough of sabotaging myself with slowness and avoidance and I start doing my best again☆ Basically, I'm not the type to discuss ((my problems with others)), so I have no choice but to reduce my stress....

• When Kouki-san comes back to Kobe, what place does he absolutely have to go to?
The outlet of the waterfalls, among other things☆1

• If there's someone you want to change places with, or you don't want to change places with, who is it? Please tell me a reason.
Kanemoto-aniki!! I want to stand up in Koshien!!

• Disneyland or USJ (Universal Studios Japan), which do you prefer? ((two amusement parks))
Koshien. (laugh) ((Koshien Stadium: baseball stadium; also where national high school baseball tournament is held))

• What's the largest number of pancakes Kouki-san's ever eaten(>_<)?
4 is my limit, isn't it...

• On April 4-5 of DAUTO's tour and in-store, for clothes, I thinking of wearing a men's blazer, but...a girl wearing men's clothing, as I thought, it's strange, isn't it? Does it draw Kou-chan's attention?(;ω;`)
If it's boy in girl's clothing (laugh), it completely might do it, but, if it's the reverse, that's good, isn't it☆

• If it's okay, please give me a nickname!! My name is 梨穂(Riho)3

• I originally had plans to graduate high school this year in March, but because of poor health and other things, my credits were insufficient, and I wasn't able to graduate(´・ω・`)When I graduate, entering the subject of study I want to go in with my kouhai makes me insecure and anxious...please help me arrive at some sort of decision(>_<)
When it comes to doing something, I feel the matter of age is insignificant~!!

• Concerning friends...they're awfully important, but when we're together, I feel like I amount to nothing...but I don't want to part ways. Mentally and physically I'm worn out, and I don't know what I should do. What should I do--if it's Kouki-kun, then please give me your advice!!
Honestly, I might not understand what kind of connection ((you have)), and I don't want to give careless advice! However, to that extent, I understand how important friends can become a concern! I wonder if that's not the response ((you were looking for))??

〓Respondent Kouki〓

1 Waterfalls in Kobe

2 Not a hundred percent sure where grand fits into this, unless he means grandstands. Full sentence: 中学の卒業式で野球部みんなで最後グランドで集まったことかな☆卒業おめでとう!!

3 If you're curious, her name means a Japanese pear--the fruit, not the actual tree/plant it grows from (her name is specific).

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