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Q&A Corner⑥【3290】

• For the first time in a while, I've come to like someone, and we're absolutely not suited in love, but I think I want to try confessing to this person and when I do, Kouki-san, how should I convey my feelings?
Sometimes convey feelings as they are☆I think, don't decorate ((your thoughts)) strangely!!

• Will you give my goldfish a cool name?

• When you did the Kinema live, I couldn't do a birthday cake, so I left you birthday crackers, but I wonder how they were?
I ate all of it, and my jaw because sore (laugh) I was super happy!!

• I've never been to a DAUTO live(;_;) Is it okay if beginners come?
Coming is not at all a problem, it really isn't☆I'm looking forward to being able to meet you!!

• This time at DEAD ONE will you be photographing 6 people (ノ)^ω^(ヾ)? ((Dauto + fan, or Dauto + Musshu? I think))
I think it's not with 6 people☆ But I'm still discussing it with the shop people, so please wait!!

• Where did you get your color contacts, please tell me(´・ω・`)
Four Eyes and places like that☆

• Here is my enthusiasm for the 26th in Fukuoka!
Last time, five people weren't able to perform together ((I think Reika and also Kouki got really sick)), so at that part, including everyone, let's come together and from right in front, completely stop the opponent's charge!!

• I am currently attending nursing school, but very soon I'll begin training in a hospital, and it's difficult, so I feel crushed. Does Kou-chan like nurse-sans?
I like it when there aren't strange meanings!! When I suffered from a serious illness a long time ago, I had to be looked after to a terrible extent, so ((yes, I like them))☆1

• In the bath, where do you start washing first?

• Today I bought a mascot--is it okay if I name it "Kou-chan"?
Oh--happy~☆ We're brothers and sisters!!

• Please tell me Kouki-san's "I feel these 3 things are the best right now" ☆(」°▽°)」
Drum-style washing machine, the sequel to One Piece, dogs

• At middle school graduation, starting from Spring I'll be a high school student!! So I think I want to dye my hair, but what color do you think would be good?
A little reddish or light brown☆

• What do you want in a girl?(healing, kind, etc.)
Show me your true self

On the 3/19 Takadanobaba AREA oneman, I wanted to participate, but I was too late and it was hopelessly sold only buying the goods ((merch)) okay??
I'm disappointed that we won't be able to meet...but coming especially ((to buy goods)), thank you!

• On the street a voice welcomes you to Doraemon. Presented with dorayaki....will you eat it?2
I won't hesitate to eat it!!

• Does Kouki-san restrain himself from jealousy and things like that?
I don't restrain myself, I think I'm jealous, however, I would say I don't show that attitude ((he keeps it inside)) (laugh)

• Regarding female visual kei ((girls being in visual-type dress/makeup/etc)), what does Kouki-kun thing of this(T-T)?
Actually, right now, the band also is ((v-kei)), so I don't think it's a drawback!! In any case, if you do it, you'll be trying to do it better than DAUTO (laugh)

• Does Kou-chan like me??
(laugh) I love you!!

• This year's Hanshin ((baseball team)) because of Johjima, were they definitely able to win?
Frankly, I think that's severe!! However, because it's severe, for sure they'll aim for being effective, won't they?

• Do you have Dragonballs? How many more do you need to complete the seven? (laugh)
Of course!! 3 more (laugh)If they become complete, I'll change the world☆

• Usually I wear accessories--what should I wear??
Collaboration watch and powerstone bracelet!!3

• Kou-tan, for marriage, what's the best thing to do?(´;ω;`)
I throw with all my strength, so I must hit it (laugh) 4

〓Respondent Kouki〓

1 I think by 'strange meanings,' he's talking about how some doctors won't give news straight up (especially in Japan, because there's some superstition or custom about not telling bad news directly to someone's face or something like that) and will skirt the issue? I think I translated it correctly........?

2 Dorayaki is two slices of Japanese sponge cake with red bean jam in between.

3 Collaborations that Kouki (watch) and Reika (bracelets) did with $$$$ companies. Though the watch is fairly reasonably priced (if you consider inflation and the average price for a lower end designer--i.e., fossil, paul frank--watch in the US is about $65).

4 she might have been asking about marriage with him, but I don't think so. His reply is baseball-y, but I think he's saying that once you start that, you have to go through with it?

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