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Another sticky. Because someone asked so now I feel like I should put something up.

• I completely don't mind if my translations are translated into another language. I just want to know who is doing it and where you're posting. Credit would be nice but if my translation fails then I don't need it, ahahaha >.>;

• Please don't ever hotlink the photos. Upload them to your own account. If all my bandwidth dies, nobody will be able to see them, and I will be a sadface crankypants. ;(

• All translations are backdated to appear at the actual date/time they were posted except for first-time translations (i.e., I'm translating so-and-so for the first time, I won't back-date him so anyone who cares knows that I've started--I will also put up a notice on Twitter). I would strongly suggest following/subscribing to tags (click the pin button at the top of any entry with a tag you want to follow). I do old entries (old being, like, yesterday, depending on how spammy mcspamspam they are, haha, but no, really, I do a lot of random posts from before-this-month ^^;) quite frequently. But, yeah. I've done as much as 20 entries a day or more, so, things get lost and stuff.

• For all you icon-makers and graphic-y people out there, I would totally be willing to do a trade, translations for graphics. Particularly icons of the guys/bands I translate (especially icons of the full band so I can use it for all 5 guys if I do them). I only have 6 icons spaces on LJ, but I have way more than that on DW. DW basic account >>>>>> LJ basic account.
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