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Q&A Corner⑦【3291】

• In the PV, Ibu-san's ransom of 2 million yen is not cheap is it?
What, it's expensive, an extraordinary cost!!1

• Kou-chan, what is your approximate pitching speed(゚-゚)?
Perhaps now only about level 125 I think...2

• Why did Kou-chan decide to go from baseball to being a musician and a vocalist?
It wasn't when I was in high school3...I was invited ((to be in a band)) by a classmate and that was my chance ((opportunity to become a musician))☆

• What does Kouki-kun think of a woman who's skilled at cooking(≧∇≦)?
Considerably charming☆

• Is an 18-year-old an object of romantic interest?? I love Kou-chan(*´`)
If someone is liked, whether they're older or younger, it doesn't matter??

• Things like petit mail, fanmail, fanletters, when do you read them?
Doing things like moving ((in the car going from one tour location to another)), after returning home, it's a nice feeling on my mindv

• What supplies are okay to send you?
Healthya ((brand of water)) and cornflakes lol

• Who is an idol you like or liked (`・ω・´)?
I don't really have an interest in's still actresses☆4

• At in-stores, is it okay to give you a photo-album to sign ((instead of a photo/CD/etc))?
It's totally OK☆

• Usually when I'm energetic, I'm high tension, but how are you able to be high tension and energetic every day?
Honestly, I don't think I'm that high tension lol

• Kouki-kun has a labret (lip piercing) but if a girl has one, do you dislike it? After, please tell me what hair color you like on a girl★
I don't dislike it~☆ As for hair color, I guess it would be something bright☆

• Kouki-san what is a DVD that you'd recommend (^o^)?
A certain band-san's break-up live DVD! Right now it's terribly motivating.

• When Kouki-san's tension is low, what does he do to make his tension rise?
Being the boke to Minase-san makes my tension rise!

• Please tell me a trick for singing songs skillfully.
A trick, or perhaps I should say, am I not a person who puts in a lot of effort??5

• I'm often using official goods, but do all of the members pack and ship them?
I don't know if it looks like we're not thorough but...not only the official goods, all of the members put their love into them ((the packages of goods they help pack))!

• Osaka will be my first time at an instore, but if I'm embarrassed to talk...what would be okay to talk about?
Welll, how about talking about your current interests☆ BY Miscellaneous Knowledge King

• Heavy love or deep love, which do you prefer?
About this, if it's not both, then there it probably has no meaning☆6

• Even though I'm a woman, I want to be like a Kouki-sama-ish pretty type of young man, I yearn for it(>_<) Is this sort of strange?7
Don't worry too much about what is correct, and what is strange, okay? Even though I'm visual kei, I like baseball and going snowboarding, and I don't know if people say that's strange, but, wellll, good grief, don't worry! Yay!!

At last I finished one-third of the replies8☆ I omitted the ones that were duplicates but answering them is fun9

After this I'm going to work a little on one-man stuff so...but I know there are many people who sent in questions, I'm terribly happy☆

The time says it's already a little past tomorrow, so I'll answer the rest properly then☆
Really, thank you!!

=Grateful Kouki=

1 About halfway through the Making of Carnival Ukiyo sei, Kouki "kidnaps" Ibuki (he's gagged alkjlakjlkzj) and demands a ransom of 2 million yen. (like 30k in USD, about, I'm not using a currency exchange thing, just guesstimating). The other three members don't seem be concerned. Reika's biker-esque costume is much more fascinating to them. XD

2 My baseball knowledge does not extend to this. 125 km/hr maybe? That's only 60sth mph, which is pretty slow. Compared to Major Leagues pitchers, who can do 80+.

3 He did baseball in high school. He became a musician after high school. So he didn't switch from one to the other.

4 Idols in Japan are boys. I.e., JE guys. Kouki is not interested in non-DAUTO boys. XD

5 He's teasing, because he's saying they implied that he must have some kind of special trick/knack rather than working hard at it.

6 deep/serious/oppressed/important and deep/profound/close. Kouki means that if the love isn't both of these things, it's not love.

7 She said boku--which is soooooometimes used by girls, but much more often used by guys.


9 No. You're wrong. It's not. IT IS AGONY. FOR ME.

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