Feb. 5th, 2011

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I live! \o/ Sort of.

I'd like to give a giant apology for being gone for so long. The long story short is that real life chewed me up and spat me out and the latter half of 2010 was really tough on me in all ways ending with -ally. The good news is that I'm finally sort of acclimated to my new city/state/job and I seem to have discovered that long lost thing called motivation. It was very, very, very long lost, okay.

The bad news is that my workplace has the WORST INTERNET FILTER EVER from my perspective, which means I'm blocked from viewing Ameblo and all its shininess at work (consider that, this summer, I was doing fully half of my translating at my old job, although, that amount's just not possible with this job, even if I did have access to the blogs).

At any rate, I shall be translating again--probably nowhere near at the amount I was before until my week-long vacation at the end of February in which I shall attempt to commandeer my mother's desktop in order to translate. :DV BUT SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTING, AMIRITE?

Although it severely bothers my OCD to no end, I'm going to start with the most recent entries of everything first, because instant gratification is better. Or something. And then I'll work backwards.

Obviously, Byou and Manabu get top priority, followed by Shou Twitters. And Shou blogs, since I seem to remember signing on for that somewhere at some point though I should see if I've been replaced or not for that. And if anyone wants to respond and tell me who on LJ/DW is currently translating whose twitters/blogs (i.e., if someone took over Shou, thus freeing up so much time that I will look like this: *________*), you would be Epic. With a capital E. And maybe even some excessive consonants and silent vowels. Epaeice. Yes.

- Blue.

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