Mar. 11th, 2011

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I thought about putting this in the [profile] screw_blogs site, but then I felt weird because it's not a real translation of anything, it's just spotty translation + summary. Anyhoo. Spread the word or something.

As you may or may not know, there was yet another earthquake a couple of hours ago, and there are more tsunami warnings. DON'T PANIC. EVERYONE IS FINE. FOR NOW.

I'm just going to briefly spot-translate/summarize Twitters and Naus for the boys:

Rui on Nau (14 hours ago/3:45 AM EST aka after the first earthquake): I'm confirming that all of the SCREW members, managers and staff are safe.

Rui says on Twitter (4 hours ago/1:45 pm EST aka after the tsunami): I wonder if the members have returned home? I wonder if they're okay? The email connection is bad but I'm worried.

Two hours ago (3:45 PM EST) Rui says on Nau in English: All of foreign countryI safely Please do not worry.

♥ I love Engrish. ♥

Kazuki said (post-first earthquake) on Nau that he is calm, thanks for worrying.

Manabu has confirmed that he and where he lives and his home area are safe (also post-first earthquake, so that might have changed in the wake of the tsunamis).

Meanwhile, Byou and Rui are currently (like, right now) on Twitter, Rui is also on Nau and says that everyone should rest their bodies (hello, go to sleep like the rest of your band), and Jin also hasn't updated Nau or Twitter since 15 hours ago after the first earthquake to say (on Nau) that he was safe, and he'd received an email (text) from Byou saying that Byou was safe.

Anyway. So ends your brief update. Everyone appears to be alive and asleep. Except Manabu and Rui, who I don't think has slept at all since the first earthquake.

Shall translate earthquake blog posts tomorrow, after I sleep.

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Since there continue to be tsunami warnings and more earthquakes and violent aftershocks, I know that there's the giant list of awesome but everyone likes to know if it's super duper up-to-date, and how they know, yes? Or maybe that's just me.


Vistlip: Rui confirms that all members appear to be safe. (Nau, 8AM EST)

DaizyStripper: Rei arrived home safely (Nau, 5PM EST). Yuugiri arrived home safely (Nau, 3PM EST).

D=OUT: Reika is safe (Nau, 11AM EST)

BORN: Ryouga is addicted to re-tweeting everyone under the bloody sun. He's almost as bad as

Miyavi: spammy mcspamspam at its finest.

And now it's time for me to go to bed. Working while obsessing over Twitter and Nau and being on 2 hours of sleep = time to crash!

I'll tackle some earthquake posts tomorrow. If anyone has any specific requests (namely of bands I don't usually translate--so, the non-vistlip/SCREW/D=OUT bands), ping me.

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