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2010-03-18 09:57:21
Q&A Corner⑧【3292】

Morning! Today at last is the last day in the studio before our one man tour starts tomorrow☆

We're finally confirming everything so I'm psyched and I think I want to enjoy myself!! With saying that, until the time comes ((for me to go)), I continue from where I left off yesterday!!

• Recently what things are you especially anticipating?
One Piece and darts☆

• Where did you meet DAUTO's member-sans?
I was introduced to the others before and I scouted Ibu-san lol1

• Is it convenient or inconvenient living the lives of 3 people?2
Convenience is having every day not being lonely and being a field trip! It's truly not inconvenient!

• Please tell me about today’s fashion!
Now I’m still in pajamas lol. It’s only the studio, so I think it’s good to have
ease of movement☆

• Does Kouki-sama hate ageha-kei3 girls? (´;ω;`)
I don’t hate them at all☆ If the style suits you, it’s not a question of liking the appearance!

• If I’m totally irritated/nervous and crying, how does Kouki-san deal with times like that (>_<)?
Today I think things like what, and that’s bad, so I’ll quickly go to sleep! The next day is a reset!!

• Until now I thought sending puchime4 was an annoyance, so I didn’t send any, but is it okay to send them every day (´・ω・`)?

• Is it okay if I get to know Musshu-san (^ω^*)?
No good~ lol Musshu is DAUTO’s☆

• Who is a comedian you like? (^ω^)lol
Nankai Candies’ Yama-chan is awesome and I admired his skillful talking!!

• As DAUTO’s vocalist, what kind of things does Kouki-san pay attention to to express the band’s philosophy?
It’s truly freedom lol However, related to song lyrics, I take care in order to not be an ordinary diary, in order to not gather ordinary words.

• At the Astro one-man, is it okay to yell out, “●-sama”? If you hear it, and say it’s good, are you now validating those screaming people? W5
I’m validating it for eternity!!6

• What kind of feeling does your (dream) type of woman have?
A person who isn’t constantly smiling, or a person who puts their heart into something7 ☆ Being able to mutually encourage each other is good, right!!

• When Kou-chan was 20, what kind of feeling was iーt?
I never really paid attention to age, so it was always the same lol

• I want to hear the story of Kou-chan’s first love ><
I’m sure it was the kindergarten teacher lol

• Regarding letters and supplies ((cigarettes, other small gifts, etc.)), who should they be delivered to?
The merch staff will take care of letters, etc.☆

• Now, belonging to Speed-disk-san, how did it feel when it was arranged for you to belong with them?
It’s not really on the level of belonging to a business or office so I don’t have that feeling☆ However, I thought I wanted a broader scope of people to listen to our CDs so I requested that they circulate and stuff and with a huge amount of assistance, it happened and Speed-disk is the best!! Lol

• What should I do to become a Kouki-san-ish vocalist??
You shouldn't become like me~ However you do it, you must do it as only as your own style☆

• Writing the lyrics for Fender on CARNIVAL Ukiyo, what thoughts or feelings were you writing about to be able to create this song(*゚v゚*)?
Inside me was an encouraging song of the highest level, but when deciding on song lyrics as they are, they are common/ordinary8a, and to that effect, with the attitude of making a supportive song, we also decide to enter the song-making process, so they are the lyrics I wrote8b

• I want to become tall but what should I do?
Consume a lot of dairy products☆ Because of that I grew up to here lol

• I received a reply to a fanletter from Kou-chan only once after carefully waiting, so when I don't feel well I re-read it. . . . after this, even if it's sometimes it's okay, will I be able to receive replies sometimes?
Of course I want to write a reply! Now I'm super busy so I can't write and that's the way it currently is . . . I'm sorry I can't write . . .

• On the album, which song do you have the most emotional attachment to?
They're all my pride's children, so I can't decide . . . seriously!!

• In this world, what does Kou-chan dislike the most9\(゜□゜)/?
Cucumbers and bell peppers are seriously impossible!!

• There's a person I really really love, but they can't look over their shoulder ((at me)). If it were Kou-chan being attacked, what kind would he be surprised by?
Spending time with that person I see, rather than calling it an attack, a person showing a relaxed, open attitude10 makes me happy☆

=Respondent Kouki=

1 As in, they needed another guitarist and went hunting and checking out the local scene and stole/lured/seduced Ibuki away from his band. Or waited until his band broke up and swooped in and took him away.

2 I think this is referring to how he has multiple lives--his public life that he blogs about, and his personal life, that we know nothing about. And, IDK, maybe a third one, or maybe 3 is just a generic number they life?

3 ageha-kei is like, pretty, high-maintenance, trendy young women (NOT teenagers). It sometimes can have a princessy loligoth image but usually refers to super high maintenance hair and makeup and trendier, more expensive (designer) clothing. Resources here, here, and here.

4 puchime = petit mail = short little emails like that are sent on the phone, I think. Basically, fanmail.

5 w or www is the same as ha or hahaha (w for warau, to laugh)

6 Basically, Kouki says yes it’s okay to scream out the band guys’ names.

7 Also, a person who falls badly in love with something

8 TBH, this answer is very rambly and run-on and doesn't too much sense to me. The best I can get is that either A) management paid a song-writer and Fender is a song that DAUTO didn't actually write so Kouki is spouting a lot of rambly distracting words; or B) when they write songs, they do it collaboratively as a group all at once and he doesn't remember Fender specifically; or C) he misunderstood the question (or felt it was too personal to answer) and is saying something about how he writes crap [common/ordinary = boring] lyrics until they all get together as a group and make the song and he writes the lyrics to the music, rather than writing music to suit the lyrics. I think it's probably C, but they're all viable options.
9 alternatively, what are you poor/weak at doing?

10 also, a natural posture (esp one used in judo)

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