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Note: I think by this entry I've foot-noted puchime 948 times (even though I don't even have that many entries, ha ha...ha >.>). Therefore, I'm officially adding it to the sticky glossary thing I've got for words that are basically much easier for me as a translator to leave as romanized Japanese [Check the links section].

2010-03-18 10:24:35
Q&A Corner ⑨【3293】

• I want to know what names you call the rest of Dauto (*^_^*)
Ibu-san, Hika-san, Torii-san ((Shinto shrine archway)), ●●-chan

• If I want to love compleーtely, there is a person I'm thinking of, but does Kou-nyan think it will be for eternity?
As a person who thinks there is no eternity, because for sure nothing is eternal, regarding ((loving someone)) entirely, now you're able to ((do so)) carefully if you want to do it, don't you think1

• What's the most embarrassing story up to this point?(´ω`)
I dunno if it's the most, but some time ago, until Minase-san was behind me, so when I was talking to the person behind me, ((when I turned around)), it was a totally different person and I'd been mistaken ((about who was behind me)) for some time...

• Give me a nickname please!!! (laugh) My name is Miku!!(*´ω`*)
Miku-Miku!! I'm using the trend of repeating ((words/names)) twice as the basis lol

• The things called Hanshin ((baseball)) cards (or stickers?((fan's question, not mine))), who did you haーve?
It's Fujikawa!!

• Are there plans for a one-day revival of Kouki-san's previous band(s)?
At present, there really aren't lol. However, it's good even if it's just the studio, and gathering everyone together so we can play ((old songs)), I want to try doing it, so it will have that ((revival-ish)) feeling!!

• Kouki-san's always been blond(?), but what about doing other hair colors? I want to try seeing black hair (laugh)
I've had light brown and pink-beige!! Look at me properlーy!! (cry) Black hair basically doesn't suit me, so . . .

• Do letters and supplies and things properly reach you?
It's being delivered properly to the staff-san, so that's a relief!

• A companion is interested in me, but I don't have passionate/loving feelings for them. Do you think two people of the opposite sex shouldn't have dinner?
I think you'll make them have a strange hope ((that there's something more)), so if you think it won't completely develop ((into something more)), I think not going is for your companion's sake!

• Very soon the choices for high schools getting noticed in high school baseball try-outs will be revealed--which high school do you want to support?
The high school attached to Kobe International University, because it's my home town☆

• Including yourself, giving examples for the members, which characters of One Piece are you? ((TN: For side-by-side comparison for non-fans))
Me→tense!Luffy Ibu-san→Zoro Hika-san→Chopper Torii-san→Sanji Minase-san→the Bone guy lol ((Brook))2

• Do you prefer having 『Kouki』 screamed with death voices or blooming voices3?
I like either one!! Scream my name with a big voice okay!

• Going to an instore, if I ask you to stwoke my head, will everyone do it?
I'll stroke you4

• I'm thinking about covering a song in band, but which song is the easiest to do?
I don't do instruments so I don't know what's easy to play . . . SUNRISE is cool, right??

• Next time will you come to Fukushima?
This year we'll definitely come! I promise!

• How do you pay attention to fashion?
I can't not wear clothes, so I wear them!! I'm not very decorative~☆ ((I think he means accessories or dangly sparkly shit on clothes which can get to be a trend over there?))

• For example, a story/joke that never bombs, right heーre☆
Changing it to a story that does bomb! Secretly Nosing Around for Nosegold, BY Yamcha5. Locked up in Pilaf Castle, so, firing out this gag ((joke)), he's the best mood-maker, is he not?

• One thing I enjoy about lives is having cheki6, but....beloved, beloved Kouki-san's cheki never appear...last time, I bought 20, but ((this time)) there wasn't even one of Kouki-san, so I was considerably shocked...I wonder, next time, can ((someone/Kouki)) try to properly make sure that some ((polaroids)) of Kouki-san appear?
Hmhmhmhm!! Perfectly requested lol.

• I'm becoming JD but I should be like JD on the inside at last! If something like that is said, please teach me (*´ч`*)
Seriously, discovering that you want yourself to be exactly like JD on the inside, to head towards that ((goal)), you should live life! Because I totally sort of skipped school and played truant, because I'm regretting it . . . because just being able to skip university as much as you want to without regretting it ((is being JD)), right ☆ By the way, JD is Jumbo Daikon ((Japanese radish)), right? ((JD = juvenile delinquent ^^;))

• Every day I think Kou-chan's experiences ((via blog and stuff) are totally cute, and I'm growing to like you, but does Kou-chan like this kind of me (´;ω;`)? And, is it okay if I shout much love by puchime to Kou-chan? Lol
It's still not enough~ Like me more and more☆

• When is the last volume coming out? ((probably for One Piece?))
They're announcing it very soon!! I'm looking forward to it☆

=Respondent Kouki=

1 Basically, he's saying nobody lives forever, so it's not possible to love for eternity, and, knowing this, it's better to love carefully/with value (i.e., appreciating every moment and doing it fully because your moments are finite).

2 Could also be translated as tricky/know-how/ropes guy, which I guess could be Usopp, but I'm pretty sure he means the skeleton musician Brook, because Minase needs to eat a freaking burger or 5 and he used the kanji over katakana, which supposedly means something. HA.

3 Death voice = growly rawr voice, and you know what, it is bloody hard to do for girls without screaming/being exposed to cigarette smoke for several hours, unless, like whistling, you're naturally able to do it. It is a SKILL. Blooming voice = annoyingly high-pitched voice, usually to call out band members names, while also blooming, aka opening your hands in front of you or while lifting your arms (i.e., "blooming" outwards with your arms. Because your love for So-And-So the hot vocalist/guitarist/bassist/drummer-chan-sama-hime-kun is also blooming--yes, really. There's probably sexual connotations there too but I could just be contaminated by years of Georgia O'Keefe metaphors). Blooming/blooming voices are frequently frowned upon or banned by certain bands or livehouses, because the more aggressive/rawr/psychotic fangirls will use "blooming" as an opportunity to hit/shove/injure those around them, either to move closer to the band (thus violating the Unspoken Official Fangirl Hierarchy Rules of Japan--no really, they have them, fangirls are crazy) or just to be bitchy/aggressive. Blooming/blooming voices are usually seen in lives for more oshare kei bands. So, like, ViViD instead of Born.

4 First, she uses baby-talk in the question for stroke/gently brush, and a derogatory word for head (my dictionary offers 'noggin' but that just sounds . . . weird and awkward). SECOND. This is not really supposed to have sexual connotations (personal/friendly, yes, but lover-intimate, no)--it's stroke/pat, not stroke/caress--and the way he words it has connotations of him doing her a favor. Like, I'll do it, but only because you asked and because I'm such a nice guy (but not in a condescending asshole tone of voice). BROTHERLY. That's the word I'm looking for. BROTHERLY.

5 Because blowing your nose in public is considered to be rude in Japan. Also, 'yamcha' = tea. And a character in DBZ. Let me try to explain THIS INCREDIBLY LAME OLD MAN JOKE (aka, word pun). はなくそ (hanakuso) = nasal discharge (aka, mucus/boogers/snot). 'Hana,' with a certain kanji, means nose (it can also be flower, , but with a different kanji). なくそう (nakusou) = volition form of 'to lose sth/someone, to get rid of sth' (volitional = I will/Let's/etc. expressing intent to do something). Kouki writes はなくそう (hanakusou), thus making it punny, because now the verb contains the word 'hana' as in nose. It turns the "title" from (literally:) Quietly Getting Rid of Nasal Discharge to Nosing Around Secretly for Nosegold. I chose 'nosegold,' derogative/slang for boogers, because it's got the same repetitive wording and lame schoolboy humor. Kouki, KAT-TUN's Junno called and says he does it better ♥ (/_^;)

6 small instant camera--basically, those small behind-the-scene/candid camera polaroid pics you see in the magazines? Those are also sold as merch at lives.

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