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2010-03-18 10:57:03
Q&A Corner 10【3294】

• What brands does Kou-chan like?
Louis Vuitton, And A, goa☆

• What are your best 3 recommended spots in Saitama?
Saiko, Roger's, Roger's1

• What's your favorite PV?★

• Did you take a bath?
Of course I did lol

• Until now, what kind of jobs did you haーve(=°ω°=)?
At a pizza shop, with a moving company, and a salesboy at Koshien ((Koshien Stadium, where the Japanese National High School Baseball Tournaments are held))

• Of the members, who is the most interesting/amusing?
Me and Minase-san's two-top2

• What's an area you like in your hometown?
It's surrounded by mountains and beach, and the streets are passed over by prosperity3

• What flavour do Kouki-san's lips have?
The flavour of attractive candy lol

• When lives are in Kansai, there's an image of you staying at your parents' home, but don't you spend other nights in the Kansai area in hote~ls?
Basically, if I'm able to commute, I stay at my parents'~ If it's Kyoto, then I stay in a hotel in Kyoto☆

• I listen to music and want to try doing a something like a musical performance, but I'm unable to step forward ((with this plan))...I wonder how I should step forward?
Thinking about wanting to do it isn't doing it, since you're regretting it, so rather than regret, try doing it~!!

• In the whole town, was "Is that Kouki-san?" ever said? Also, if it was said, how did you respond?
Lately, with this hair color, "It's Kouki-san, isn't it?" like it's already decided ((that it is me)), is what the voices sound like. When it's said, I respond, "Yes"☆

• Dog clique or cat clique?
Dog clique!!4

• I've been planning on dying my hair two-toned black and dark pink for about 6 months, but what colors does Kouki-san like for two-tones?
I think that is good☆ Instead of black, what about just a little light brown--that, I like!!

• Your make-up now, if you had to do it yourself, without a make-up artist, about how long do you think it would take you?
Wouldn't it be three hours? If I divide it5, an hour and a half, I wonder!!

• How many piercings do you have?
Now it's 3!

• Once and for all!! The members' secrets that only Kou-chan knows....
I only know Minase-san's affairs lol

• Yesterday was my graduation ceremony, but I didn't receive a response to my ((love)) confession, so I ran away. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to meet that person at the announcement of high school successes6, but if it were Kou-chan, would you go to meet them?
I'd go~ However, don't don't don't leave it uncertain as it is7

• When Kouki-san has conversations, does he normally use Kansai-ben ((dialect))?
If it's not keigo ((formal speech8)), it's Kansai-ben!! But it's a little at a time9, and this way of speaking is eroding my words. Crap~!!

• When CARNIVAL Ukiyo was under construction, there was insomnia and binge-eating (bulimia) and anorexia, are you really okay? (´・ω・`)
Now I think I'm living a nicely regulated life☆ Thank you for worrying!

• For a maid costume, which do you prefer: black or pink?
I prefer the pink~!!

• What do you do when you get a stomachache?
I don't get stomach aches . . . I wonder if that was expected? I guess, relying on medicine or rushing into the toilet at the last minute? On the contrary, I asked...((instead of answering the question))

• What kind of love have you personally fallen in up to this point?
A love like a winter sonata . . . ?? lol

After this, I have to do preparations in the studio, so, later~☆

=Respondent Kouki=

1 Saiko is a lake, Roger's is a cheap shopping center. Kouki uses the wrong kanji for 'sai' on purpose, part of that Team Sai thing where they support using 彩 (sai) for Saitama (ironically, this was the least favorite choice when the people of Saitama prefecture voted on which kanji to use XD)

2 I think he means the two of them as a pair, like a comedy duo? But not the manzai kind, with the boke/tsukkomi, otherwise he would have said so. In English a two-top is a restaurant table that seats two. >.>;

3 I don't think Kouki meant to say Kobe was broke....I feel like there might be a typo in there and he meant to have a double negative--as in, there are no places that don't prosper (aka, everywhere is awesome in his hometown). Since Kobe is a stone's throw from Osaka and Kyoto, it gets a decent amount of tourist traffic, so it should be prospering compared to, say, Hokkaidou's tourism industry.

4 being in a 'clique' or team means you prefer something. i.e., Team Sai prefers the spelling of Saitama with 彩, the dog clique, or Team Dog, prefers dogs over cats as everyone should *runs*

5 also: if I give a clear explanation. XD;;

6 ((people who passed their high school exams--probably high school entrance exams, since otherwise they'd call them college))

7 naku nai yan?! SERIOUSLY? triple negative? wtf. I think I translated it somewhat correctly....augh....THE MESSAGE IS THE SAME EVEN IF THE LITERAL EXACT TRANSLATION IS WRONG (I think) >.>;

8 Keigo refers to the levels (yes, multiple) of politeness above regular politeness. It's what people use for customers or clients and, IDK, when you meet/speak with someone many steps above you on the social/work ladder. It's more polite than regular polite speech. ALTHOUGH, I have seen verbs used (by Kouki and others) that have been categorized as keigo, specifically used in Kansai. (i.e., haru over nasasu). But I think, even so, keigo probably tends to be more uniform across the country since you can't contract it like you do with polite/casual speech. Maybe? I haven't delved too heavily into keigo, especially the humble, I don't think this footnote means anything to anyone except me--sorry ^^;

9 He means he's not consistently going full out on the Kansai-ben with verbs and everything all at once, it's just bits and pieces here and there (which, after translating 28374928374298374 questions and various other entries by him, I can support), so he's losing it. Acha, obviously, is Kansai-ben.

For an example of how Kansai-ben can differ from English:
Normal Japanese (Tokyo-ben): Watashi wa kamawanai kara ii'n da...
Kansai-ben: Uchi wa kamawahen ya kedo ee de...
English: I don't mind so it's okay...

I filched that from a message board that someone else wrote, so, no credit to me for failed Kansai-ben. >.>

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