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2010-03-18 20:46:08

Well then, I kept you waiting--sorry!

I think until tomorrow's preparations I want to respond to even just a few ((more))☆
Sorry for not being able to do them all at once...

• If you were able to plan going on a trip with fans, where would you want to go (・∀・)?
Rather than thinking about the place, I’d probably think about the contents ((i.e., what they’d do on the trip))! Because it’s fine to go somewhere nearby when it takes a lot of trouble ((to plan/put together/etc)), shouldn’t we spend as much time together as possible?? At onsens and places like that because bus tour guides already totally have the authority of rank lol

• What are you trying your best at doing lately?
I’m trying with all my might at everythinーg!!

• How can I become interesting ´ω`*?
Listening to me, the slippery bandman . . . lol For now, get over the tension!!

• Other than a musician, ignoring whether you actually have the qualifications, what type of job would you want to try to do or what would you want to try becoming o(*´∀`*)o?
Prime Minister!!

• Please tell me your favorite male and female characters in One Piece (*^ω^*)
For the male, it’s Shirohige (Whitebeard) and for the female of course it’s Hebihime (the Snake Princess).

• For Kou-chan, what items can you not do without?
Right now it’s everythinーg. Even being without one thing, it seems like I’ll totally crumble and that’s scary…. If it’s something nearby, right now it’s the bath☆ I love soaking!

• How much do you respect Sakurai-san? What is your favorite song by Sakurai-san? ((Sakurai Kazutoshi of Mr. Children))
It’s everythinーg. On the contrary, I think it’s thanks to Sakurai-san that I’m able to write song lyrics for songs like these, so I thought I’d even quit music ((if not for him)) lol. I like all his songs, but with one thing or another, when I feel down, I’m listening to My Life☆

• Next time, I’ll send a letter, so will you reply?
I can’t promise that I’ll definitely write but I always really want to reply!! Up until now, I continuously replied so . . . if I have time, I’ll write with pleasure!!

• I’d like to be able to play a musical instrument, but what would be good for a beginner?
If you start anything, that’s good, so for a beginner, I think you should do what stretches you the most!

• What’s Kou-chan’s method of dieting?
I wonder if it’s watching my eating habits☆ And being patient in the evening! ((no midnight snacks))

• I’m not able to go to lives or instores, but is it okay if I’m a fan (ёωё`)?
Even if it’s that’s the case, if you are loving DAUTO, I’m awfully happy!

• If you like, please tell me the most delicious thing you ate in Taiwan♪
Chaahan☆ ((Chinese-style fried rice))

• What songs have become well-liked from the start for Kouki-saーn (・∀・)?
Chage and Asuka have songs that I grew to like right from the start☆

• What song from CARNIVAL Ukiyo do you most want people to listen to?
I can’t decide on a real argument ((for which one you should listen to)). . . Right now I’m often listening to Taion!!

• At lives, I don’t know the furi ((the hand choreography the fans do)), but is it okay if I act wildly/violently m(_ _)m!???
Having said you want that, you must absolutely not do it, and because you’re not doing things like that, just be yourself and have fun☆

=Respondent Kouki=


I HAVE NO NOTES \O/ because I just put them all in the questions. I'm a liiiitle uncertain about the exact wording of a couple of these (namely, the Chage and Asuka question--the kikkake in it is throwing me off--and the bus tour guide thing, I think there's a joke in that that I'm not getting or I just totally fubared the translation), but I swear half of translating Japanese is interpretation which means all of these could be totally wrong and I fail at guessing the implied parts alakdjfl and all of my clarifications FAIL.


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