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2010-03-17 22:40:15
Q&A Corner ①【3285】

Thank you for the crazy amount of questions☆1


• If you had one month off, what would you do?
I'd return to my parents' home, and after that I'd go overseas ☆ If I can do that, then a warm country is good!!

• What fetish does Kou-chan have?
Hair, or perhaps I should say hairdos ☆

• When you receive them, what refreshments at instores make you happy?
Today Healthya Water and cornflakes makes me happy ☆ Just having you come makes me happy, so I don't really pay too much attention to ((the refreshements they receive))!

• When Kouki-san is nervous, what does he do to relax?
Before a live, I take deep breaths and get slapped on the back, and become injected with fighting spirit! On the contrary, I look forward to tension!

• I want to come and be Kouki-kun's fan, so what clothes are the ones you say I should have?
I wonder if the thing I said was cosplay?If it was, now, my favorite clothes are the ones that suit you, so whatever you have on now is good ☆

• In Gintama, who is your favorite character?

• At in-stores, is it okay if I participate together with my mother? 3
It's totally okay ☆ I'm waiting!!

• When Kou-chan was in high school, did he study and try really hard?
I went to prep school and the library, but I did study ☆ 4

• Kouki-san is okay at horror-style?
I'm really weak at it!!5

• I love Kou-tan so much but how should I say it?
Love me to the bones!!6

• What kind of animal does Kou-chan like?
Dog ☆

• I really like you, I have great respect for you--are these heavy sorts of things okay to say?
That's way heavy, but it's okay!!

• I wonder what Kouki-kun thinks of Lolitas (´・ω・`)
Doll-like and cute, I think!

• I just bought your music, so I won't go to your live--do you hate these kinds of fans? (;_;)
I truly don't hate them at all ☆ The faces who are there, I like, and it makes me happy!!

• What color and hairstyle does Kou-kun like?
A bob in yellow-green I wonder? If it suits, then that is my favorite, I think!!

• What food do you dislike?
Bell peppers! Cucumbers! Pickled vegetables!

• Your one man tour is beginning, but, I want to hear ardor and enthusiasm.
Get ready for my plans to love you to the marrow!!

• Who would Kou-chan choose between Bakuman's Azuki-san and Miyoshi-san?
I'd choose Aoki (laugh).7

=Respondent Kouki=

If you want Japanese, scroll up and click the link. It's too fucking long, I can't believe there are 12 of these. Can I kick him? >.>;


1 mechakucha can mean UNREASONABLE, EXCESSIVE, PREPOSTEROUS, ABSURD, EXTREME, and SENSELESS. I would like to say IT IS ENTIRELY APPROPRIATE TO DESCRIBE THE NUMBER OF QUESTIONS SPREAD OUT OVER THESE ENTRIES. Dear Kouki, please feel free to exercise your option of NOT answering them all. -.- Free will, enjoy it. It can also mean confusion/disorder/mess/wreck. Can you tell I bitterly translated this sentence last? At least he thinks it's a batshit amount, too. But then he answered them all, so I'm inclined to give all my sympathy to myself, because I have to translate them. Yes, these notes are going to be all about me.

2 You should all know that Kouki is a giant freaking otaku. I am so pleased I can use google. Gintama. Katsura--scroll down or ctrl+F it.

3 This question could maybe also potentially be "is it okay if mothers participate," like, older women fans or something. Maybe. Hahaoyan is a more formal word that I thiiiink(????) can be used for not only your mother but other mothers as well. MAYBE? I couldn't find anything except the level of formality....

4 Prep school is for your ronin year, so basically, if you fail your high school entrance exams, you go to prep school for a year. I believe he is saying here, that even though he went to prep school and the library and studied, he didn't get in. High school isn't mandatory in Japan (but the school years work out such that, like the US, at least, IDK about other countries, your mandatory schooling ends at 16--17, if you do prep school for a year).

5 This was kind of an awkward/grammatically lacking question. It could be okay with, or okay at, and he either says he sucks at it, he sucks at tolerating it, or he dislikes it. I went with the most diplomatic options since there's no way in hell he'd ever turn away a fan unless they were like, going aggro and tearing off his clothes or something. IDK why they ask, since obviously he's going to be like I LOVE YOU HOWEVER YOU ARE RIGHT THIS SECOND [STAR] no matter what. Oh you insecure teenagers. get over it so I don't have to translate it

6 Lit: To the marrow, give me love. Love me with your everything, etc.etc.etc.

7 Bakuman is a shounen manga, what we manga fanatics call a harem manga (one protagonist, many people of the opposite gender to choose from--i.e. Fushigi Yuugi or Ouran). Azuki, Miyoshi, and Aoki are three females in it. Link has character descriptions for the curious. Kouki fubared the kanji for Aoki--it's 蒼樹 (Aoki) for her manga-ka last name, 青木 for Aoki, her real last name)

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