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Q&A Corner②【3286】

• Next week to the Takamatsu one man participating, but what does Kou-chan think of Takamatsu ★
From Hika-san, I heard that people of Shikoku are shy, but it was actually really different!! It was really hot!!1

• When I'm in class, a girl who says, "Aaah, it seems I'm getting a crush"--what kind of girl is that?
That's difficult...despite someone's usual true character, dozing off unexpectedly happens and it becomes moment-by-moment, or something like that?2

• Please tell me advantages of being that tall.3
On a crowded train, you don't suffocate!!

• When Kou-chan like someone, how does he approach them?? Can you ask them out for a meal?!4
I think we want to know more of that kind of person in order to become that kind of person I think, so that even we can ask people to meals and call them and stuff and talk about various things ☆

• Even though the instore is on Saturday, I'm already nervous, so what should I do?
Be at the convenience store sensation (laugh)

• When I get to celebrate my birthday, what kind of part do I want?
House parties and things are good, if you want to make noise with family and friends and people like that who are important to you!!

• Do you like iyokan?
It's my favorite fruit of all!!I like it enough to get a whole box ☆ 5

• Having excitement (or perhaps I should say--how should I said it?), what sort of thing do you say about someone who gets nosebleeds from it? 6
I have not yet experienced this!!

• In Jump, which character do you like?
Now it's a Whitebeard!! 7

• My bangs grew, and I don't know whether to cut them to a Pattsun or part them and let them fall to the side and I'm worried about it, but what do you think I should do? 8
Fall to the side~☆

• Will you come to Takasaki at some point?
It's already decided~(laugh)

• What do you want everyone to call you?
Make it Kou-chan!Or Koutarou...

• I long to become a singer, but is it too late...?
I don't know your age but...if you want to start, age doesn't matter!!

• Do you like Hokkaido?
I loooove it!!Though it's usually cold, which I'm weak at...

• For Kouki-san, what are the members like to you?
We're already family ☆

• At the instore, if you had to scold us, what would you say?
I'll angrily chastise you!!

• When you write song lyrics, how do you start??
I start in my room, and take a walk outside, but without paying very much attention to details and things, and then I can write!!

• What kind of woman do you like!?
Someone who never stops smiling ☆

• What kind of behavior does the woman your heart seems to spontaneously start pounding for have?
With someone who has a smiling face and who works and stuff, I fall badly in love when I see their figure ☆

• As for Kouki-san, what good qualities do Saitama and Kobe have?
The streets and things are in perfectly good condition!Without being too prosperous or without declining, their balance is good!!

〓Respondent Kouki〓


You want Japanese, you scroll up and click the link.

1 Hika-san is Hikaru. Hot could also be, like, enthusiastic/passionate. But Shikoku is hot in temperature as well.

2 I think he means that no matter how grounded/intelligent a girl is (i.e., whatever her true character is), everyone daydreams about crushes, so you have to take it on a moment-by-moment basis (i.e., taking the annoying daydreaming parts with the rest)??

3 Actually, with the phrasing used, they technically asked how is it possible to be that height. XD Because Kouki is epically tall for a Japanese guy and I think he might actually lie and say he's shorter than he really is by a cm or two. But Kouki talked about advantages instead, so I interpreted the question that way.

4 Asking someone straight out for a date is way ballsy in Japan, FYI.

5 Iyokan is a type of citrus fruit between an orange and a grapefruit

6 The word for excitement was er, sexual excitement. Stimulation and agitation and arousal and such. :D

7 Jump = Shounen Jump, boy manga magazine. Whitebeard is someone in One Piece (though the kanji for his name is actually White Mustache XD).

8 Pattsun bangs are short, blunt, straight across. Like baby bangs, (i.e., the blunt straight across bangs the punk/rockabilly/goth females tend to like) though not necessarily short. Wiki. Basically, she wants to know whether to cut them into bangs or let them grow longer and frame her face.

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Date: 2010-03-29 09:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
D-Dauto translations * A *I've been freaking looking for some in a looooong time. I'd love to read Ibuki or Hika though but spamm-ey Kouki and his morning pancakes would do~ as long as there's Dauto :D

Thanks so much for these~

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Date: 2010-03-29 03:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I swear to god that like two years ago, maybe two and a half, there was a D=OUT blog translation comm (back before they katakana'd their name). But it seems to have vanished. I would post these at the main Dauto comm but there is a stupid thing called MODERATED MEMBERSHIP and it like, takes months to get approved. -.- Ooooo moderated membership for a regular band comm just pisses me off, especially if the mod is going to be all absent about it. Rawr.

Dies, one Kouki is like, enough for three translators, seriously. This man posts like, up to 10 times in one day AND THEY ARE NOT TINY LITTLE THREE LINERS. I want to break his cell phone, seriously. >.>; Just for like, a month. Or two. Or something. I've done one Reika post. Kouki pretty much camwhores/talks about them all, so I feel that by doing his, I am sufficiently making for the fact that I don't even follow Minase or Ibuki. _A_; I have too many spammers on my Amenba list. And Kouki's Q&A posts are each, like, 20 questions, and there are like 15 of them. Cry. I calculated, I think I'd have to do 20 posts of Kouki's every day for a year in order to not only do them all, but be up-to-date with him. T_T SOBS. But if you see a specific entry that looks interesting, you can drop the link and I'll translate it.

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Date: 2010-03-30 09:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know right? To be honest, I barely even checks his blog, unless I'm already done skimming the other's and I don't have anything more to read or look at. He could match up with Yuh's blogging powers. Or even more. He has what, 3000+ entries. It's scary.

Oh, I definitely will. At least I finally found someone who's willing to translate their entries :)

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