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This is just a sticky post for things the guys say all the time that don't translate well into English and I don't feel like c/ping the same footnote all the time.


cheki - a small, instant camera. AKA, a small polaroid camera. Usually it refers to the actual polaroid photos that the guys take and sign and write all over and put in their blog then sell as merch at their shows.

ikemen - a stylish, cool, good-looking guy. Possibly also energetic.

Team Sai - [various members of Canzel, Irokui, DAUTO] - Team Sai (彩) refers to Saitama, the capital of Saitama prefecture. A bunch of cities merged to create Saitama in 2001 (the original Saitama, called Sakitama, is in the city that is now called Gyouda). An additional city merged with them in 2005. When the first three cities merged together, it was decided that they needed a new name, and they decided on Saitama. There was a government poll decided how Saitama was to be spelled (埼玉市, the original spelling from Sakitama that is also pronounced as Saitama; さいたま市, Saitama in hiragana; 大宮市, Ohmiya; or 彩玉市, Saitama, which has a different kanji than the original Saitama--this kanji means 'colorful'). (市 is shi, a suffix meaning city). Though 埼玉市 was in first place, the government went with the hiragana (2nd place). 彩玉市 was last place. This is what Team Sai is--supporting the 彩玉市 spelling of Saitama. Phew. Long-winded.

puchime - short for puchimeeru (petit mail), which I think might have been an actual service at one point, but now mostly refers to the short fanmail sent by email (so, going through the OHP of the band to the fanmail links, and usually there's a form you enter stuff into? that).

アンド/AND/& - Ken

Kennichi-wa Konnichi-wa (hello/good day) + Ken


Ore-kon. Short for his blog title, 俺はこんなもんじゃねぇ (ore wa konna mon ja nee). Literally, it's "I'm not this (kind of) person." I found a different source that gives the more figurative meaning of: “you ain't seen nothing of me yet”, something a guy might say after messing up royally at work, being yelled at by the boss in front of all his co-workers, and shedding some hot, frustrated tears in a bathroom stall. It's also the name of a band. They abbreviate it as OWKMJ. Ore-kon, then, literally, is I-this (or, more coherently, this is me, but that doesn't really match the blog title/his slogan so...yeah), but I'll just leave it as Ore-kon and now you know what he's saying.

ファフョー (fafyoー) currently unknown. At this point it's just a weird sound he makes.


Highball In this instance, it's an alcoholic beverage sold in cans. Whiskey and soda water, or sherry and soda water are the two flavors. Whiskey is currently popular in Japan, and it's common to drink whiskey and soda in a highball glass, so Suntory decided to sell it pre-made.

vistlip - Rui

ブイーン (Buiーn/Bween) - a humming type of whirring sound, also used as sound effect for a vacuum cleaner, or a blender, things like that. Rui uses as his version of Bye/see you later. Maybe he vanishes with a suctiony humming vanishing sound. I have no idea.

ViViD - Reno

Otsukareno Otsukare (good job today/thanks for today) + Reno.

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