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2010-03-17 23:17:34
Q&A Corner③【3287】

• I'm in a band and I play a green 5 string bass. If you like, would you choose a name?

• How did you grow to that height?
I ate yogurt every day and grew (laugh)

• Has Kouki-san ever been to Nagano?
I have! Kurobe Damー☆ Is that correct?1

• If I do One Piece cosplay, who should I be?
Bon-chan! (laugh) He's not a swan, is he (laugh)2

• In one day of living, what is Kouki-san's favorite moment?
When we do a live, and when I sleep☆

• When is the next time you're coming to Okayama for a live?
At present, we usually don't, but this year we are! Promise!

• What perfume do you use?
Bvlgari pour homme and things like that

• What are you recently observing about bands and musicians and things?
Tokyo accidents

• What color of underwear do you like?
I wonder if it's standard black☆3

• Do you like bath powder and things like that?
If it's burning type, my tiredness disappears, so I like that type!4

• When I go to your next live, should I wear a uniform?
Absolutely you shouldー!!I'm waiting☆

• What beverage do you likeー(*`▽`*)?
Healthya Water ☆5

• Does Kouki-san like fat girls?
Because I don't judge tastes in appearance, liking both, hating both, it's not possible to say, right~☆

• Does Kouki-san respect other vocalist-sans?
I don't possess a foundation, so people who possess this, I respect and show interest in.6

• Even when I study, I definitely want to listen to music!! Saying this, what DAUTO songs are Kouki-kun-like?
For motivation coming out, let's say Hanasaku Beauty and SUNRISE and songs like that☆

• What are Kouki-kun's recent hobbies and diversions^^?
Singing☆ Particularly recently, singing has become terribly fun☆

• Are fans older than Kouki bad?
Not at allー☆ Whatever the age, it's good, riーght☆

〓Respondent Kouki〓

As always, long Q&A's don't get original Japanese c/p'd.


1 Kurobe Damー☆ It's actually in Toyama Prefecture, which borders Nagano prefecture to the northwest. XD

2 Bon-chan = Bon Clay/Bentham/Mr. 2 Bon Clay

3 I wonder if he means for wearing on himself or his ladies. *_*

4 Bath salts. Burning type is probably some kind of energizing salt.

5 This one seems to be a great favorite of the VK guys lately. It's a brand.

6 I believe he's talking about like, your body/core foundation, and the proper way to carry yourself that you receive from vocal training. Stuff with the diaphragm.

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