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Q&A Corner④【3288】

• Until now, DAUTO released CDs, and despite working on them the most and being Kouki-san-ish, were any difficult? If you think any were difficult, but are worried about profit, please say so.1
This time I was worried about CARNIVAL ukiyo!2 Or perhaps, I should say I fell ill (laugh) From the melody to the song lyrics, time and time again I rejected things because I thought over it thoroughly☆

• I'm a parent, but is it okay to like Kou-chan(´・ω・`)?
Of course I'm grateful☆ Like me more!!

• What is your recommendation for getting rid of sleepiness?
I'm sorry! I also want to know that. Only when it comes to sleeping, I'm never able to win...

• What side dishes do you like? ((with rice))
After chicken, fried tofu☆

• What do you think of fans addressing you without honorifics or using casual talk? If it's a time to have good taste, it's unpleasant, isn't it?
I don't mind at all being addressed without honorifics and I'm also not bothered by casual speech, but I don't like this sort of talk from superiors!!3

• If Kouki-san were a woman, what member would he want to go steady with(*´ω`*)?
Ibu-san☆ Because he's the most fun!!

• Recently where something is, I feel there is no place ((for me)) and now in my head it's sloppy and in moments like this, what is the best thing to do?
Generally speaking, when I feel like that, I become defiant☆ It might be mere bravado, but when tension rises, I'm able to enjoyably surmount ((that feeling))!!

• I noticed I've never had a long-term boyfriend! How can I find love in the real world? (laugh)
Because I think almost certainly when you go out, if you are able, you can't do anything without making ((an attempt)), and I think that's good☆

• In DAUTO, for the on-the-spot filming edition of Evangelion, who was what role?4
Of course, one way or another, Shinji is probably good!!

• The haunted house of Fujikyuu highland, would you be able to enter it alone?
Going inside is not--or I should say, I wouldn't!! I'm the type that only goes up to the entrance and comes back!!

• What area's specialty is your favorite(´ω`)?
Right now it's Nagoya's curry udon☆

• Please tell me Chiba-ken's image(^ω^) (laugh)
Only the image of the Lotte Marines...after that, it's Makuhari Messe☆6

• "I'm tsundere"--have you made a song like that?(`ω´)
Ibu-san is in charge of titles☆

• Basically, when it comes to desserts, what is okay?
Except for Mount Blanc, everything standard is okay. I have a seriously weak sweet tooth!!5

• How do you reduce stress?
With doubt, stress is created, and with DAUTO, stress is released☆7

• This spring, I'm advancing to Tokyo, but has Kouki not yet advanced?
Indeed, I haveーn't (laugh)8

• If you have a favorite or at least preferred clothing brand recently, please tell me!
Recently, especially if I'm pleased with it, it feels like I've been buying it. and A and things like that, I feel have a stylish standard☆

• I often send messages and things but do you even remember them(*´ω`*)?
Sending mail every day is fine and impressive and I remember~☆

• For Kouki-san, which of the following applies to your image of the other four members? Family (father, mother, older brother, younger brother, older sister, younger sister, etc.), pet, friend, lover
I→older brother Hi→younger brother Re→grandpa Mi→mother9

• Tattoo's opening intro? lalalaーlaーlala lalalaーlala♪ gashin gashin is that sound like the sound when a casette tape stops?10
That demo status, as it is, it was really used☆ ((he means yes))

• What song on this album is Kou-chan most pleased with?☆
This time I'm pleased with all of it, but according to the occasion, it varies! Now it's Taion! Before that, it was Satellite TV

• Today I have a peta from Kouki-kun, do you return petas every time(゚ω゚) (laugh)?
When I have time, I try to☆

• Kouki-kun often makes nabe for one person, but if you're sharing rooms with three people, do you make nabe together?
Because I don't . . . it's one person . . . damn it~!!11

〓Respondent Kouki〓


1 Meaning, if he's worried that saying some were tough could be damaging on sales/reputation.

2 CARNIVAL浮世, track 1 on their new album. Translates to "Fleeting world of a Carnival." Fleeting, floating, transient, etc. Like ukiyo-e, only carnival-ukiyo.

3 Casual speech is informal--da and plain form verbs. Kouki doesn't approve of superiors (in work, etc.) using it ((because in Japan this is perceived as arrogance)).

4 They're talking about the Evangelion videos for SC24 that Kouki and vistlip!Yuh and others do, I think. You can find them at [personal profile] kusamochi, but they're sort of incomprehensible unless you know Eva well.

5 Mont Blanc is a dessert made of cream and chestnut.

6 Lottte Marines are a baseball team. Makuhari Messe is a convention center.

7 This is a pun, since ダウト = doubt in English, and also DAUTO/D=OUT the band (yes, I still haven't adjusted to the name spelling change >.>;) D=OUT creates stress, and doubt creates stress. But it's all good, because D=OUT releases stress.

8 I have no idea what this means. It's advance/step forward. Maybe love-related? I have no clue. OH. OR POSSIBLY he's still not living in Tokyo and commutes back and forth by shinkansen. Where do the Speed disk bands usually live? (He was Speed disk at the time of posting this) Are they a Kansai-based label? No, wait, vistlip is in Tokyo aren't they . . . .hn.....

9 I = Ibuki, Hi = Hikaru, Re = Reika, Mi = Minase.

10 At 0:05-0:06 in Tattoo, that clicky sound. FOR THOSE OF YOU TOO YOUNG TO KNOW BETTER, yes, that is what it sounds like when you stop a casette tape. Man I feel old.

11 Nabe is any dish made in a nabe pot (large pot on an electric burner, made at the table)--stew, sukiyaki, shabushabu, etc.

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