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This is mostly for my own convenience. In case I forget. Or to guilt-trip myself when I get distracted. >.>;

★ ダウト Kouki Q&A (6/11 done) ☆ AND - Ken 1 2 crotch shot 4 5
☆ SCREW Rui Nau★ D=OUT - Ibuki 1 2 3 crotch shot 5
★ Byou blogs☆ AND - Kiri
☆ Manabu blog

★Completed Projects★
D=OUT/ - Kouki: Q&A
SCREW - Rui: Q&A
ViViD - Reno: Q&A

Feel free to request things. :D Because I'm masochistic and have no real concept of how much time I actually have to do this sort of thing. >.>; Also, if you're a graphic-y person, I would totally love to trade icons for translations or something. :D?

Things I'll doThings I won't
★ anything related to bands I've already translated or I follow on Ameba (see tags or list below)☆ song lyrics
☆ Q&A posts (any band), extended profiles on websites/Ameblo rooms★ scanned magazine articles (<--will eventually change one day in the future)
★ anything that mentions or has pictures of other people in the same band or people in other bands
☆ any post with pictures of hot guys. Yes, I'm that easy

Who I follow on Ameba (alphabetical):

ACTOR [Narimiya Hiroki, Sato Takeru]
as.milk [hisui]
Canzel [Haku, Yukimi]
Catastrophia [Ryu]
DAUTO/ダウト [Kouki, Hikaru, Reika]
D'espairsRay [Zero, official band blog]
Hi:BRiD [Jill, Zero]
Luzmelt [zig, kaie, asuka]
Para:Noir [official band blog]
Sadie [Mao]
SCREW [all]
SID [Mao]
VelBet [official band blog]
Vidoll [Shun]
vistlip [all]
ViViD [all]

I don't follow everyone in a lot of bands because Rui Kouki Kiyoharu Mao Ko-ki IV some people are/can be ridiculously spammy. I randomly look at the other blogs but I don't really pay that much attention to it. If you follow someone's blog in the same band (i.e., Minase) and there's a post that looks like it could be interesting, I'll translate it. Or if I didn't translate something that's already listed here (like Sato Takeru), ping me here, and I'll try to do it.

I also don't consistently follow any of the bands that blog off-Ameba (DaizyStripper, Vani;lla, etc.) because I am of the fail. But I'll translate those, too, if someone wants. But if I'm the only one that wants, I'll just skim and hoard it for myself :P

I translate Byou and Manabu for [profile] screw_blogs, so those sort of get the highest priority unless there are really amazing camwhoring/posts elsewhere, but after those, I'll do whatever.

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