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2011-01-21 14:54:17
Because of everyone

Yesterday I got to celebrate with Aki-san and Kenzo-san

I want to become that sort of senpai, I obediently thought

I thought too much like a great kouhai, so I became completely overly passionate

Thank you very much

After this kind of behavior, I think I'll go show my thanks


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2011-01-21 11:32:30
Beloved people


Yesterday Aki-san and kenzo-nii-chan came to celebrate!

They're our beloved senpai ( ´ ▽ ` )

Because it was truly blessed circumstances ((the debut + the senpai coming to celebrate)), it appears that I must do my best even more.

Let's go and play again ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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2011-01-21 05:20:41

The date was changed, but
after the in-store

Aki-san and Kenzo-san
came to celebrate our major debut!


I got to hear a lot of advice

ViViD entered with a fighting yell once again

We started how many years ago

always with the same five people

we do our best to be the source of everyone's smiling faces!

I'm looking forward to today's instore!

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January 20, 2011


2011.03.23 ON SALE

It's thanks to you and your support that we're able to release a CD again.

Thank you.

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January 18, 2011

I had the privilege of conversing with Mao-sensei.

I'm grateful for Sensei coming to Tokyo especially ((to see me)).

I'll help search for the thing, so please come to Tokyo ((again)) soon.

I'm waiting with bated breath.1

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January 10, 2011
No longer accepting questions

Thanks for the many questions.

After this, we're recording.

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January 10, 2011
Byou satsu hi wa1

Today, when I return to Tokyo, I'm recording ((the radio thing)).

It's the first one of the new year, so I'm taking questions.

((go)) To here,

Take care of me.

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January 09, 2011

MonHan is interesting?

With watching Rui-han play it at midnight for 26 hours already, it's on my mind.

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January 08, 2011
raw radio appearance

FM802, the kids are saying without fail.

I'm being careful about words that are banned from being used on air.

Asai-san, please take care of me.

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January 08, 2011
15 ice creams

Gotou-san bought them.


Thank you very muーch.

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January 08, 2011
First shot of the New Year

was the LIVE on the 7th in Nagoya.

Because this year we're making a comeback in Nagoya.

I still said it in the MC, but I feel like I want to start off April 3rd's one-man with a kiss.

Thanks for the nure-masks1 and cigarettes and presents.

I'm lying down and reading ((your)) letters.


I'm wearing a hair-tie ((around my wrist)) so should I try pumping my fist?

My bangs are at an annoying stage so should I try pushing them up?2

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January 02, 2011

First of all, while looking forward to just being able to do a one-man tour, in this way, it's Byou.

I'm seizing happiness because of everyone.


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January 01, 2011

This year as well, please take care of meー.

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Dear f-list,


I saved this picture and I have no clue where it's from. It's definitely from Ameba, and I saved it in July.

Any of you who religiously stalk Ameblos know who it is, because I sure don't, and I obviously want to, otherwise I wouldn't have saved it.

My better half and I have determined that it's not vistlip, ViViD, or SCREW. Or Golden Bomber. We think. And I don't thiiiiiiink it's V-last or Canzel. But who knows. Wouldn't it be terrible if it was from a deleted blog? I'd be sadface.

If anyone knows, I will be eternally grateful. ♥

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2010-08-14 22:07:22
Welcome. Kyoto.

Good job today.

First Kyoto live in a while. It was our first time at the live hall called Fan-J but with the stage that felt open, it was fresh.
Because lately it's livehouse-type places again and again.
Everyone who came to see, how was it? The little stage was far ((from the audience maybe?)), but I wonder if was able to be enjoyed.

I want to go to Kyoto again.
Sometime around next week is Osaka and I'm looking forward to iーt.

Well then. I'm waiting for things like your impressions ((on the live)).

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2010-08-14 13:09:29
Welcome. Kyoto


FANJ1 various beautiful things.

Because of the heat, let's be careful of heatstroke.

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2010-08-14 01:23:26

Today I'm in Kyoto.
When I was in high school I often went and played and saw movies and shopped ((here)), so somehow or other, my presence of mind is restored.

When I went wandering around1, I discovered The King of Gyouza ((a restaurant?)), so I went in by myself.
Among these, just one is my cell phone strap...
Sometimes it's said the bill is "Big", so it was a miracle and I felt relieved. ((meaning, his bill for the gyouza was small))


And after the meal, at Starbucks I ordered a caramel something or other, and on the warm terrace, somehow I was a space caーーーーーーーーse.

Nice temperature, Kyoto.
It's my home ground.
Since it's the first time at tomorrow's live house, I'm looking forward to it.

Today for the first time in a while I want to plan on sleeping with all my might.

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2010-08-13 16:30:17


Yesterday, yakiniku together with Kra-san.

Deliciouーーーーーーーーーs. It was.

I was even able to congratulate Yuura-san on his birthday.

As I thought, there's nothing better than meat.

I wonder what I should eat today.

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2010-08-13 12:19:32
All Things in Nature drinking water


I received water.

It's limited to Kanazawa.

In summer, if the amount of sugar absorbed increases a lot, I become sluggish, so the amount of water and Pocari1 I drink is high.
Canned coffee ((the amount he drinks)) is also reduced.

And things that are eaten in Kanazawa.

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