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2010-05-19 23:08:16

I'm home

Did you listen to the radio?

From my destination, I wasn't able to hear it, but people who listened, did you chat well for Haku-san lol?

Sorry, that guy who was obstinately talking about egg whites and egg yolks is a cell phone radio person

Yukimin-kun-chan-san-senpai wrote about it in detail in his blog, so go try checking it out

Incidentally, it's just au-ish

I'm going to go boil in the bath

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2010-05-17 23:18:38


Now I'm going to drink with high school classmates for the first time in an unreasonably long time

This alcohol is super delicious

It's alcohol with peach and Red Bull but it's called Cow of Mountain Peaches Peaches Peaches Peaches or something1

Try saying it

It seems next year there are plans for marriage

Incidentally, at that time2, his nickname was Country Ma'am3

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2010-05-14 16:24:56

I went and got a navel piercing

When it was pierced, for some reason, with terrible force, I became hungry

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2010-05-10 23:33:14


I'm not patient so I went and bought some

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2010-05-10 19:44:37

I'm home

Congratulations on your hard work, Yume-chan

Today as well that guy had way too much partiality

I'm doing a live soon tooー
Anxiously waiting for the 15th

Now I want to eat an earth-shattering amount of ice cream.

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2010-05-10 17:56:31


I went to see roadie Yume-chan's live

After this I'm eating ramen

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2010-05-08 01:11:35


Team Sai went and had a meeting

The members were Kouki-kun-chan-san-senpai and Yukimin-kun-chan-senpai

Three people went and boiled in the hot springs

We passed the time in the bathhouse in happiness

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2010-05-04 20:43:35

One of yesterday's guy again

I must color my hair again soon

I want to cut it too

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2010-05-04 00:34:56

I ate ramen so now I'm returning home

Ah, June 25th's oneman presale tickets rapidly sold out in minutes


Everyone who wasn't able to get them and isn't able to go, wait for the general sale ((tickets))

Today was beyond fun too

At the end a person was hot ((temperature)) so they were exhausted and had to be carried out and it was tough, but

Doing too much shaking and really standing ((the whole time)), I thought I'd die lol

If I observe shaking, just in my heart, please put an end to it lol

The recent future for a while had notes of good feeling

Next, let's meet again on the 15h

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2010-04-10 22:13:19


Today, because it seems it was the rare three brothers, it's a polaroid taken in commemoration with Rui-kun and Rei-sama

It's not for sale, it's completely personal property, lol

By the way, Rei-sama is the topmost (oldest) brother and Rui-kun is the next son ((jirou)) and I'm the plump son ((tarou))1

I'm so happy I'll always keep it in my wallet, lol

Some time ago, I was perfectly synchronized with Yukimi-kun, so it was a big surprise

For posting an interesting Haku-ish thread, thanks2

Everyone, freely use it and enjoy it

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2010-03-16 22:42:17

I received messages like sing Aoi iro, but it's ((the setlist)) already been set!

I wonder if it's different because of the location

Well, if it's transmitted, I guess it's alright1

I was thinking about a tongue twister with Icchi-san

Icchi chotto acchi ni iccha dame2

Trying saying it 10 times

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2010-02-15 19:13:26


I received it from Mioーnu-san

Today I'll play with this

Icchi-san is energetic

The same as always lol

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2010-02-06 23:27:54


Well, I slept

The Cafe Talk business meeting finished so when I went and returned home, when I realized it, I'd fallen asleep

Good morning

Iccho-san and Mioーnu-san are also sleeping lol1

A spell of sleep and so on

Thank yoーu for yesterday's letters and presents

Thank you also for the Valentine chocolate

Rokumeiー ((Rokumeikan--venue)) was fun!
But it became a place where the ceiling was near and the oxygen was low to the point of death lol

Next is finally our one-man on the 21st

Guitar-playing Mio-san and singing Icchi-san are coming back ((recovered from illness)) and therefore we're a perfectly complete Canzel, so look forward to it

It seems like I won't be able to sleep until morning

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2010-02-03 15:29:48

Yesterday, Sai's nabe ((party)) was carried out, but it was beyond delicious

When it's cold, nabe is the best and stuff

That's right, Cafe manager Isshii-san who assists us with Literalmans seem to be doing an Ameblog so I went and followed it lol1

Super heartening

My hair was refreshed

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2010-01-13 17:48:08

Sorry for the delayed update

I got to be allowed to rest a little bit so this is a comeback

I'm already okay

The notification related to the sound source, I'm sorry it became a disappointing report for everyone again

It's like I betrayed everyone looking forward to it, about the notice, it was really irritating and painful

I'm sorry

But Icchi-san and Mio-san are forcing themselves to overdo it so much that they aren't able to produce good things, and above all else, when two people's condition deteriorates that much, there's not much meaning, and like that we arrived at a decision

Now two people are fighting in order to become healthier and make a comeback, so wait

Instead of delivering music to everyone as planned, but it will become earlier ((than we anticipated)), because without exception, with five people we build the best works, wait and look forward to it

A little while after this, with everyone supporting us and more, it's probably burdening you with an annoyance, but because the remaining members are doing as much as they can, the New Year has just started, but with your assistance, please continue to take care of us

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2010-01-02 02:02:10

This is not really late, but good job Roppongi and AREA1

Our first time doing a live on New Year's Eve, the amount of time was short but the participation was good

I was trembling with nervous excitement, and if it was fun ((for you)), I don't know, but I had fun

When DAUTO-san did a countdown for the instant the New Year began, with my stage sleeves ((costume)) I waited for orders and opened((the curtains/door/sth on stage)) lol

When I realized it, New Year's Day was already over
While drinking with Icchi-san and roadie Yume-kun until morning, we chatted, and today, since waking up, I'm drinking lol

By the way, when I woke up today, it was about 7 o'clock in the evening lol

Completely staying at home on the New Year's holiday

Weeelll, it's good, isn't it

I want to go sail

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2009-12-27 16:22:47

Yesterday I got to do commemoration photography of Rui-kun wearing a Pooh-santa ((costume))

I guess it's good

When we're voyaging together, he seems to become a musician

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2009-12-23 23:16:30

Congratulations on your hard work, Mioーn-san and Nobu-san

After this, I'm going home

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