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Today (actually, yesterday, because two of these posts was enough in one day for me x__X) marks the One Year Anniversary of this translation journal--well, of the LJ version of it. I don't actually remember if I started translating the day I created it or if I wibbled and waited to actually do anything, since I usually end up back- or forward-dating everything. XD;

Anyway, to celebrate the end of my one week off from work (sobs, NOT ENOUGH TIME, MORE SLEEP IS STILL REQUIRED), and to celebrate the anniversary, I thought maybe it would be super awesome if I (finally, JFC) finished one of my ginormous projects.

Also Known As Kouki's Ridiculously Long and Occasionally Redundant Q&A That Had Me Near Tears Because I Don't Really Know Japanese. Let me tell you, it is really not fun coming back from 5 months of not even thinking about Japanese and doing his run-on sentences.

There are literally well over 200 questions, and they took me days and weeks and hours of my life I will never ever ever get back SOBS, so please leave a comment if you read them. ♥~

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2010-05-21 22:14:26
Zeroー! [3689]


Ate sushーi (laugh)


I'm getting nutrition so I can go tomorrow to Osakaー!

By the way, what is zero?

That is ((how much)) I conversed with Minase-san (laugh)


=Middle-aged-couple Kouki=

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2010-05-21 21:47:32
Finished at the studioー! [3688]


I'm finished I'm finished!

In the considerably hot studio, the heat was dangerous!

Because we're departing for Osaka tomorrow, I'm looking forward to itー!

We'll be people waving for about one month, right?1

What kind of legs does this doll have?

After this, sushi with Minase-saーn!

=Burning Kouki=

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2010-05-20 22:10:44
Children's song! [3685]




Gua! Gua! Gua! Gua!
Gerogerogerogeroga! Gua! Gua!1

These crying voices, I'm harmonizing with theーm!

=A mind like a child Kouki=

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2010-05-20 01:09:12
Returning Home Report


Today became a meaningful day!

I wonder if Hikachuu's guitar concert is a luxuryー??

Today I picked up the chords of a melody and I'll be able to sleep soundly with this!

Soon I want to sing for youー!

=Composing Kouki=

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2010-05-19 21:10:54
Dessert! [3681]



Mountain of doughnuts☆

Dessert is good isn't iーt (laughs)

Hikachuu is playing guitar☆

=Fully enjoying it Kouki=

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2010-05-19 21:06:15
Feast! [3680]


While receiving a meal at Hikachuu and Minase-san married couple's home, we had a business meeting☆

I think I want to receive a high level of nutrition today!

=Replenishment Kouki=

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2010-05-08 02:13:18
Team Sai, Emergency Meeting☆ [3640]

I'm home!!

Today I really went to and came back from hot springs☆

Furthermore, it was with Canzel's Haku-kun and Yukimin!!

Naturally, it's naked socialization1

There was only a little time but we were able to talk together!!


The most recent gathering's bad...Irokui.'s Haduki-kun, will he at last be the target of expulsion?? Lol2
It's a crisis!!

Today I'll be able to sleep soundly☆


=Team Saitama Kouki3=

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2010-04-22 23:26:29
Kouki-spirit ~moment of ninja arts underground technique~ [3562]1

I saw this shot from last time at the Roppongi liveー!!

As I thought, I vanished...

Here is that conclusive video!!


After disappearing, I'm not there!!

I'm a strong man!!

↓↓For my Ameblo profile, if you're are only receiving waiting time ((taking a long time to load)), here are Kouki-spirit restricted admission images↓↓

And record this address to access ((them))!!

=Head of Kouki Spirit Cram School Kouki=2

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Video - can't embed b/c Ameba uses Java, so, click the thumbnail to watch :D Membership not necessary

2010-04-19 20:46:29
Hikachuー Dance [3445]


Hikachuー dance!

Is everyone also dancing?1

=Kouki onii-san=

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2010-03-29 23:12:36
Nagoya out-store! [3351]


I finishedー!

Then I ate at my heart's desire, Wakashachiya☆1

Today at what is called Nagoya's first outstore, able to enjoy a talk, a mini-live, and a pancake gathering, and all sorts of things over a period of two days!

After this, in Tokyo I have previous arrangements and stuff that I have to do, so I'm going backー☆

The one-man tour of Western Japan is over, which is lonely but...
Tokyo, Kobe, Takamatsu, Fukuoka, Nagoya, thank youー!

Sapporo, Sendai, and Osaka are waiting!

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2010-03-29 14:07:07
Third work process ☆ [3350]


Yay ☆

=Store Manager Kouki=

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2010-03-29 14:04:21
Second work schedule☆ [3349]


Making batterー☆

=Shop manager Kouki=

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2010-03-21 00:36:00
Models Kouki, Minase ☆【3310】

Our modeling appears in the issue of Cure that's out this week ☆

I wonder if you looked at it?? I'm sure there were people who looked, right-!!


I thought it didn't suit me at all, but the cropped jacket surprisingly looked good ☆


This one has a really chic feeling, not really for everyday appearance, so it was fresh!!

Tomorrow to the bookstore I'll go-go ☆


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2010-03-18 20:46:08

Well then, I kept you waiting--sorry!

I think until tomorrow's preparations I want to respond to even just a few ((more))☆
Sorry for not being able to do them all at once...

• If you were able to plan going on a trip with fans, where would you want to go (・∀・)?
Rather than thinking about the place, I’d probably think about the contents ((i.e., what they’d do on the trip))! Because it’s fine to go somewhere nearby when it takes a lot of trouble ((to plan/put together/etc)), shouldn’t we spend as much time together as possible?? At onsens and places like that because bus tour guides already totally have the authority of rank lol

• What are you trying your best at doing lately?
I’m trying with all my might at everythinーg!!

• How can I become interesting ´ω`*?
Listening to me, the slippery bandman . . . lol For now, get over the tension!!

• Other than a musician, ignoring whether you actually have the qualifications, what type of job would you want to try to do or what would you want to try becoming o(*´∀`*)o?
Prime Minister!!

• Please tell me your favorite male and female characters in One Piece (*^ω^*)
For the male, it’s Shirohige (Whitebeard) and for the female of course it’s Hebihime (the Snake Princess).

• For Kou-chan, what items can you not do without?
Right now it’s everythinーg. Even being without one thing, it seems like I’ll totally crumble and that’s scary…. If it’s something nearby, right now it’s the bath☆ I love soaking!

• How much do you respect Sakurai-san? What is your favorite song by Sakurai-san? ((Sakurai Kazutoshi of Mr. Children))
It’s everythinーg. On the contrary, I think it’s thanks to Sakurai-san that I’m able to write song lyrics for songs like these, so I thought I’d even quit music ((if not for him)) lol. I like all his songs, but with one thing or another, when I feel down, I’m listening to My Life☆

• Next time, I’ll send a letter, so will you reply?
I can’t promise that I’ll definitely write but I always really want to reply!! Up until now, I continuously replied so . . . if I have time, I’ll write with pleasure!!

• I’d like to be able to play a musical instrument, but what would be good for a beginner?
If you start anything, that’s good, so for a beginner, I think you should do what stretches you the most!

• What’s Kou-chan’s method of dieting?
I wonder if it’s watching my eating habits☆ And being patient in the evening! ((no midnight snacks))

• I’m not able to go to lives or instores, but is it okay if I’m a fan (ёωё`)?
Even if it’s that’s the case, if you are loving DAUTO, I’m awfully happy!

• If you like, please tell me the most delicious thing you ate in Taiwan♪
Chaahan☆ ((Chinese-style fried rice))

• What songs have become well-liked from the start for Kouki-saーn (・∀・)?
Chage and Asuka have songs that I grew to like right from the start☆

• What song from CARNIVAL Ukiyo do you most want people to listen to?
I can’t decide on a real argument ((for which one you should listen to)). . . Right now I’m often listening to Taion!!

• At lives, I don’t know the furi ((the hand choreography the fans do)), but is it okay if I act wildly/violently m(_ _)m!???
Having said you want that, you must absolutely not do it, and because you’re not doing things like that, just be yourself and have fun☆

=Respondent Kouki=


I HAVE NO NOTES \O/ because I just put them all in the questions. I'm a liiiitle uncertain about the exact wording of a couple of these (namely, the Chage and Asuka question--the kikkake in it is throwing me off--and the bus tour guide thing, I think there's a joke in that that I'm not getting or I just totally fubared the translation), but I swear half of translating Japanese is interpretation which means all of these could be totally wrong and I fail at guessing the implied parts alakdjfl and all of my clarifications FAIL.


Links for all posts:

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2010-03-18 10:57:03
Q&A Corner 10【3294】

• What brands does Kou-chan like?
Louis Vuitton, And A, goa☆

• What are your best 3 recommended spots in Saitama?
Saiko, Roger's, Roger's1

• What's your favorite PV?★

• Did you take a bath?
Of course I did lol

• Until now, what kind of jobs did you haーve(=°ω°=)?
At a pizza shop, with a moving company, and a salesboy at Koshien ((Koshien Stadium, where the Japanese National High School Baseball Tournaments are held))

• Of the members, who is the most interesting/amusing?
Me and Minase-san's two-top2

• What's an area you like in your hometown?
It's surrounded by mountains and beach, and the streets are passed over by prosperity3

• What flavour do Kouki-san's lips have?
The flavour of attractive candy lol

• When lives are in Kansai, there's an image of you staying at your parents' home, but don't you spend other nights in the Kansai area in hote~ls?
Basically, if I'm able to commute, I stay at my parents'~ If it's Kyoto, then I stay in a hotel in Kyoto☆

• I listen to music and want to try doing a something like a musical performance, but I'm unable to step forward ((with this plan))...I wonder how I should step forward?
Thinking about wanting to do it isn't doing it, since you're regretting it, so rather than regret, try doing it~!!

• In the whole town, was "Is that Kouki-san?" ever said? Also, if it was said, how did you respond?
Lately, with this hair color, "It's Kouki-san, isn't it?" like it's already decided ((that it is me)), is what the voices sound like. When it's said, I respond, "Yes"☆

• Dog clique or cat clique?
Dog clique!!4

• I've been planning on dying my hair two-toned black and dark pink for about 6 months, but what colors does Kouki-san like for two-tones?
I think that is good☆ Instead of black, what about just a little light brown--that, I like!!

• Your make-up now, if you had to do it yourself, without a make-up artist, about how long do you think it would take you?
Wouldn't it be three hours? If I divide it5, an hour and a half, I wonder!!

• How many piercings do you have?
Now it's 3!

• Once and for all!! The members' secrets that only Kou-chan knows....
I only know Minase-san's affairs lol

• Yesterday was my graduation ceremony, but I didn't receive a response to my ((love)) confession, so I ran away. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to meet that person at the announcement of high school successes6, but if it were Kou-chan, would you go to meet them?
I'd go~ However, don't don't don't leave it uncertain as it is7

• When Kouki-san has conversations, does he normally use Kansai-ben ((dialect))?
If it's not keigo ((formal speech8)), it's Kansai-ben!! But it's a little at a time9, and this way of speaking is eroding my words. Crap~!!

• When CARNIVAL Ukiyo was under construction, there was insomnia and binge-eating (bulimia) and anorexia, are you really okay? (´・ω・`)
Now I think I'm living a nicely regulated life☆ Thank you for worrying!

• For a maid costume, which do you prefer: black or pink?
I prefer the pink~!!

• What do you do when you get a stomachache?
I don't get stomach aches . . . I wonder if that was expected? I guess, relying on medicine or rushing into the toilet at the last minute? On the contrary, I asked...((instead of answering the question))

• What kind of love have you personally fallen in up to this point?
A love like a winter sonata . . . ?? lol

After this, I have to do preparations in the studio, so, later~☆

=Respondent Kouki=

1 Saiko is a lake, Roger's is a cheap shopping center. Kouki uses the wrong kanji for 'sai' on purpose, part of that Team Sai thing where they support using 彩 (sai) for Saitama (ironically, this was the least favorite choice when the people of Saitama prefecture voted on which kanji to use XD)

2 I think he means the two of them as a pair, like a comedy duo? But not the manzai kind, with the boke/tsukkomi, otherwise he would have said so. In English a two-top is a restaurant table that seats two. >.>;

3 I don't think Kouki meant to say Kobe was broke....I feel like there might be a typo in there and he meant to have a double negative--as in, there are no places that don't prosper (aka, everywhere is awesome in his hometown). Since Kobe is a stone's throw from Osaka and Kyoto, it gets a decent amount of tourist traffic, so it should be prospering compared to, say, Hokkaidou's tourism industry.

4 being in a 'clique' or team means you prefer something. i.e., Team Sai prefers the spelling of Saitama with 彩, the dog clique, or Team Dog, prefers dogs over cats as everyone should *runs*

5 also: if I give a clear explanation. XD;;

6 ((people who passed their high school exams--probably high school entrance exams, since otherwise they'd call them college))

7 naku nai yan?! SERIOUSLY? triple negative? wtf. I think I translated it somewhat correctly....augh....THE MESSAGE IS THE SAME EVEN IF THE LITERAL EXACT TRANSLATION IS WRONG (I think) >.>;

8 Keigo refers to the levels (yes, multiple) of politeness above regular politeness. It's what people use for customers or clients and, IDK, when you meet/speak with someone many steps above you on the social/work ladder. It's more polite than regular polite speech. ALTHOUGH, I have seen verbs used (by Kouki and others) that have been categorized as keigo, specifically used in Kansai. (i.e., haru over nasasu). But I think, even so, keigo probably tends to be more uniform across the country since you can't contract it like you do with polite/casual speech. Maybe? I haven't delved too heavily into keigo, especially the humble, I don't think this footnote means anything to anyone except me--sorry ^^;

9 He means he's not consistently going full out on the Kansai-ben with verbs and everything all at once, it's just bits and pieces here and there (which, after translating 28374928374298374 questions and various other entries by him, I can support), so he's losing it. Acha, obviously, is Kansai-ben.

For an example of how Kansai-ben can differ from English:
Normal Japanese (Tokyo-ben): Watashi wa kamawanai kara ii'n da...
Kansai-ben: Uchi wa kamawahen ya kedo ee de...
English: I don't mind so it's okay...

I filched that from a message board that someone else wrote, so, no credit to me for failed Kansai-ben. >.>

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DW: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 (end)

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Note: I think by this entry I've foot-noted puchime 948 times (even though I don't even have that many entries, ha ha...ha >.>). Therefore, I'm officially adding it to the sticky glossary thing I've got for words that are basically much easier for me as a translator to leave as romanized Japanese [Check the links section].

2010-03-18 10:24:35
Q&A Corner ⑨【3293】

• I want to know what names you call the rest of Dauto (*^_^*)
Ibu-san, Hika-san, Torii-san ((Shinto shrine archway)), ●●-chan

• If I want to love compleーtely, there is a person I'm thinking of, but does Kou-nyan think it will be for eternity?
As a person who thinks there is no eternity, because for sure nothing is eternal, regarding ((loving someone)) entirely, now you're able to ((do so)) carefully if you want to do it, don't you think1

• What's the most embarrassing story up to this point?(´ω`)
I dunno if it's the most, but some time ago, until Minase-san was behind me, so when I was talking to the person behind me, ((when I turned around)), it was a totally different person and I'd been mistaken ((about who was behind me)) for some time...

• Give me a nickname please!!! (laugh) My name is Miku!!(*´ω`*)
Miku-Miku!! I'm using the trend of repeating ((words/names)) twice as the basis lol

• The things called Hanshin ((baseball)) cards (or stickers?((fan's question, not mine))), who did you haーve?
It's Fujikawa!!

• Are there plans for a one-day revival of Kouki-san's previous band(s)?
At present, there really aren't lol. However, it's good even if it's just the studio, and gathering everyone together so we can play ((old songs)), I want to try doing it, so it will have that ((revival-ish)) feeling!!

• Kouki-san's always been blond(?), but what about doing other hair colors? I want to try seeing black hair (laugh)
I've had light brown and pink-beige!! Look at me properlーy!! (cry) Black hair basically doesn't suit me, so . . .

• Do letters and supplies and things properly reach you?
It's being delivered properly to the staff-san, so that's a relief!

• A companion is interested in me, but I don't have passionate/loving feelings for them. Do you think two people of the opposite sex shouldn't have dinner?
I think you'll make them have a strange hope ((that there's something more)), so if you think it won't completely develop ((into something more)), I think not going is for your companion's sake!

• Very soon the choices for high schools getting noticed in high school baseball try-outs will be revealed--which high school do you want to support?
The high school attached to Kobe International University, because it's my home town☆

• Including yourself, giving examples for the members, which characters of One Piece are you? ((TN: For side-by-side comparison for non-fans))
Me→tense!Luffy Ibu-san→Zoro Hika-san→Chopper Torii-san→Sanji Minase-san→the Bone guy lol ((Brook))2

• Do you prefer having 『Kouki』 screamed with death voices or blooming voices3?
I like either one!! Scream my name with a big voice okay!

• Going to an instore, if I ask you to stwoke my head, will everyone do it?
I'll stroke you4

• I'm thinking about covering a song in band, but which song is the easiest to do?
I don't do instruments so I don't know what's easy to play . . . SUNRISE is cool, right??

• Next time will you come to Fukushima?
This year we'll definitely come! I promise!

• How do you pay attention to fashion?
I can't not wear clothes, so I wear them!! I'm not very decorative~☆ ((I think he means accessories or dangly sparkly shit on clothes which can get to be a trend over there?))

• For example, a story/joke that never bombs, right heーre☆
Changing it to a story that does bomb! Secretly Nosing Around for Nosegold, BY Yamcha5. Locked up in Pilaf Castle, so, firing out this gag ((joke)), he's the best mood-maker, is he not?

• One thing I enjoy about lives is having cheki6, but....beloved, beloved Kouki-san's cheki never appear...last time, I bought 20, but ((this time)) there wasn't even one of Kouki-san, so I was considerably shocked...I wonder, next time, can ((someone/Kouki)) try to properly make sure that some ((polaroids)) of Kouki-san appear?
Hmhmhmhm!! Perfectly requested lol.

• I'm becoming JD but I should be like JD on the inside at last! If something like that is said, please teach me (*´ч`*)
Seriously, discovering that you want yourself to be exactly like JD on the inside, to head towards that ((goal)), you should live life! Because I totally sort of skipped school and played truant, because I'm regretting it . . . because just being able to skip university as much as you want to without regretting it ((is being JD)), right ☆ By the way, JD is Jumbo Daikon ((Japanese radish)), right? ((JD = juvenile delinquent ^^;))

• Every day I think Kou-chan's experiences ((via blog and stuff) are totally cute, and I'm growing to like you, but does Kou-chan like this kind of me (´;ω;`)? And, is it okay if I shout much love by puchime to Kou-chan? Lol
It's still not enough~ Like me more and more☆

• When is the last volume coming out? ((probably for One Piece?))
They're announcing it very soon!! I'm looking forward to it☆

=Respondent Kouki=

1 Basically, he's saying nobody lives forever, so it's not possible to love for eternity, and, knowing this, it's better to love carefully/with value (i.e., appreciating every moment and doing it fully because your moments are finite).

2 Could also be translated as tricky/know-how/ropes guy, which I guess could be Usopp, but I'm pretty sure he means the skeleton musician Brook, because Minase needs to eat a freaking burger or 5 and he used the kanji over katakana, which supposedly means something. HA.

3 Death voice = growly rawr voice, and you know what, it is bloody hard to do for girls without screaming/being exposed to cigarette smoke for several hours, unless, like whistling, you're naturally able to do it. It is a SKILL. Blooming voice = annoyingly high-pitched voice, usually to call out band members names, while also blooming, aka opening your hands in front of you or while lifting your arms (i.e., "blooming" outwards with your arms. Because your love for So-And-So the hot vocalist/guitarist/bassist/drummer-chan-sama-hime-kun is also blooming--yes, really. There's probably sexual connotations there too but I could just be contaminated by years of Georgia O'Keefe metaphors). Blooming/blooming voices are frequently frowned upon or banned by certain bands or livehouses, because the more aggressive/rawr/psychotic fangirls will use "blooming" as an opportunity to hit/shove/injure those around them, either to move closer to the band (thus violating the Unspoken Official Fangirl Hierarchy Rules of Japan--no really, they have them, fangirls are crazy) or just to be bitchy/aggressive. Blooming/blooming voices are usually seen in lives for more oshare kei bands. So, like, ViViD instead of Born.

4 First, she uses baby-talk in the question for stroke/gently brush, and a derogatory word for head (my dictionary offers 'noggin' but that just sounds . . . weird and awkward). SECOND. This is not really supposed to have sexual connotations (personal/friendly, yes, but lover-intimate, no)--it's stroke/pat, not stroke/caress--and the way he words it has connotations of him doing her a favor. Like, I'll do it, but only because you asked and because I'm such a nice guy (but not in a condescending asshole tone of voice). BROTHERLY. That's the word I'm looking for. BROTHERLY.

5 Because blowing your nose in public is considered to be rude in Japan. Also, 'yamcha' = tea. And a character in DBZ. Let me try to explain THIS INCREDIBLY LAME OLD MAN JOKE (aka, word pun). はなくそ (hanakuso) = nasal discharge (aka, mucus/boogers/snot). 'Hana,' with a certain kanji, means nose (it can also be flower, , but with a different kanji). なくそう (nakusou) = volition form of 'to lose sth/someone, to get rid of sth' (volitional = I will/Let's/etc. expressing intent to do something). Kouki writes はなくそう (hanakusou), thus making it punny, because now the verb contains the word 'hana' as in nose. It turns the "title" from (literally:) Quietly Getting Rid of Nasal Discharge to Nosing Around Secretly for Nosegold. I chose 'nosegold,' derogative/slang for boogers, because it's got the same repetitive wording and lame schoolboy humor. Kouki, KAT-TUN's Junno called and says he does it better ♥ (/_^;)

6 small instant camera--basically, those small behind-the-scene/candid camera polaroid pics you see in the magazines? Those are also sold as merch at lives.

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2010-03-18 09:57:21
Q&A Corner⑧【3292】

Morning! Today at last is the last day in the studio before our one man tour starts tomorrow☆

We're finally confirming everything so I'm psyched and I think I want to enjoy myself!! With saying that, until the time comes ((for me to go)), I continue from where I left off yesterday!!

• Recently what things are you especially anticipating?
One Piece and darts☆

• Where did you meet DAUTO's member-sans?
I was introduced to the others before and I scouted Ibu-san lol1

• Is it convenient or inconvenient living the lives of 3 people?2
Convenience is having every day not being lonely and being a field trip! It's truly not inconvenient!

• Please tell me about today’s fashion!
Now I’m still in pajamas lol. It’s only the studio, so I think it’s good to have
ease of movement☆

• Does Kouki-sama hate ageha-kei3 girls? (´;ω;`)
I don’t hate them at all☆ If the style suits you, it’s not a question of liking the appearance!

• If I’m totally irritated/nervous and crying, how does Kouki-san deal with times like that (>_<)?
Today I think things like what, and that’s bad, so I’ll quickly go to sleep! The next day is a reset!!

• Until now I thought sending puchime4 was an annoyance, so I didn’t send any, but is it okay to send them every day (´・ω・`)?

• Is it okay if I get to know Musshu-san (^ω^*)?
No good~ lol Musshu is DAUTO’s☆

• Who is a comedian you like? (^ω^)lol
Nankai Candies’ Yama-chan is awesome and I admired his skillful talking!!

• As DAUTO’s vocalist, what kind of things does Kouki-san pay attention to to express the band’s philosophy?
It’s truly freedom lol However, related to song lyrics, I take care in order to not be an ordinary diary, in order to not gather ordinary words.

• At the Astro one-man, is it okay to yell out, “●-sama”? If you hear it, and say it’s good, are you now validating those screaming people? W5
I’m validating it for eternity!!6

• What kind of feeling does your (dream) type of woman have?
A person who isn’t constantly smiling, or a person who puts their heart into something7 ☆ Being able to mutually encourage each other is good, right!!

• When Kou-chan was 20, what kind of feeling was iーt?
I never really paid attention to age, so it was always the same lol

• I want to hear the story of Kou-chan’s first love ><
I’m sure it was the kindergarten teacher lol

• Regarding letters and supplies ((cigarettes, other small gifts, etc.)), who should they be delivered to?
The merch staff will take care of letters, etc.☆

• Now, belonging to Speed-disk-san, how did it feel when it was arranged for you to belong with them?
It’s not really on the level of belonging to a business or office so I don’t have that feeling☆ However, I thought I wanted a broader scope of people to listen to our CDs so I requested that they circulate and stuff and with a huge amount of assistance, it happened and Speed-disk is the best!! Lol

• What should I do to become a Kouki-san-ish vocalist??
You shouldn't become like me~ However you do it, you must do it as only as your own style☆

• Writing the lyrics for Fender on CARNIVAL Ukiyo, what thoughts or feelings were you writing about to be able to create this song(*゚v゚*)?
Inside me was an encouraging song of the highest level, but when deciding on song lyrics as they are, they are common/ordinary8a, and to that effect, with the attitude of making a supportive song, we also decide to enter the song-making process, so they are the lyrics I wrote8b

• I want to become tall but what should I do?
Consume a lot of dairy products☆ Because of that I grew up to here lol

• I received a reply to a fanletter from Kou-chan only once after carefully waiting, so when I don't feel well I re-read it. . . . after this, even if it's sometimes it's okay, will I be able to receive replies sometimes?
Of course I want to write a reply! Now I'm super busy so I can't write and that's the way it currently is . . . I'm sorry I can't write . . .

• On the album, which song do you have the most emotional attachment to?
They're all my pride's children, so I can't decide . . . seriously!!

• In this world, what does Kou-chan dislike the most9\(゜□゜)/?
Cucumbers and bell peppers are seriously impossible!!

• There's a person I really really love, but they can't look over their shoulder ((at me)). If it were Kou-chan being attacked, what kind would he be surprised by?
Spending time with that person I see, rather than calling it an attack, a person showing a relaxed, open attitude10 makes me happy☆

=Respondent Kouki=

1 As in, they needed another guitarist and went hunting and checking out the local scene and stole/lured/seduced Ibuki away from his band. Or waited until his band broke up and swooped in and took him away.

2 I think this is referring to how he has multiple lives--his public life that he blogs about, and his personal life, that we know nothing about. And, IDK, maybe a third one, or maybe 3 is just a generic number they life?

3 ageha-kei is like, pretty, high-maintenance, trendy young women (NOT teenagers). It sometimes can have a princessy loligoth image but usually refers to super high maintenance hair and makeup and trendier, more expensive (designer) clothing. Resources here, here, and here.

4 puchime = petit mail = short little emails like that are sent on the phone, I think. Basically, fanmail.

5 w or www is the same as ha or hahaha (w for warau, to laugh)

6 Basically, Kouki says yes it’s okay to scream out the band guys’ names.

7 Also, a person who falls badly in love with something

8 TBH, this answer is very rambly and run-on and doesn't too much sense to me. The best I can get is that either A) management paid a song-writer and Fender is a song that DAUTO didn't actually write so Kouki is spouting a lot of rambly distracting words; or B) when they write songs, they do it collaboratively as a group all at once and he doesn't remember Fender specifically; or C) he misunderstood the question (or felt it was too personal to answer) and is saying something about how he writes crap [common/ordinary = boring] lyrics until they all get together as a group and make the song and he writes the lyrics to the music, rather than writing music to suit the lyrics. I think it's probably C, but they're all viable options.
9 alternatively, what are you poor/weak at doing?

10 also, a natural posture (esp one used in judo)

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2010-03-18 00:19:52
Q&A Corner⑦【3291】

• In the PV, Ibu-san's ransom of 2 million yen is not cheap is it?
What, it's expensive, an extraordinary cost!!1

• Kou-chan, what is your approximate pitching speed(゚-゚)?
Perhaps now only about level 125 I think...2

• Why did Kou-chan decide to go from baseball to being a musician and a vocalist?
It wasn't when I was in high school3...I was invited ((to be in a band)) by a classmate and that was my chance ((opportunity to become a musician))☆

• What does Kouki-kun think of a woman who's skilled at cooking(≧∇≦)?
Considerably charming☆

• Is an 18-year-old an object of romantic interest?? I love Kou-chan(*´`)
If someone is liked, whether they're older or younger, it doesn't matter??

• Things like petit mail, fanmail, fanletters, when do you read them?
Doing things like moving ((in the car going from one tour location to another)), after returning home, it's a nice feeling on my mindv

• What supplies are okay to send you?
Healthya ((brand of water)) and cornflakes lol

• Who is an idol you like or liked (`・ω・´)?
I don't really have an interest in's still actresses☆4

• At in-stores, is it okay to give you a photo-album to sign ((instead of a photo/CD/etc))?
It's totally OK☆

• Usually when I'm energetic, I'm high tension, but how are you able to be high tension and energetic every day?
Honestly, I don't think I'm that high tension lol

• Kouki-kun has a labret (lip piercing) but if a girl has one, do you dislike it? After, please tell me what hair color you like on a girl★
I don't dislike it~☆ As for hair color, I guess it would be something bright☆

• Kouki-san what is a DVD that you'd recommend (^o^)?
A certain band-san's break-up live DVD! Right now it's terribly motivating.

• When Kouki-san's tension is low, what does he do to make his tension rise?
Being the boke to Minase-san makes my tension rise!

• Please tell me a trick for singing songs skillfully.
A trick, or perhaps I should say, am I not a person who puts in a lot of effort??5

• I'm often using official goods, but do all of the members pack and ship them?
I don't know if it looks like we're not thorough but...not only the official goods, all of the members put their love into them ((the packages of goods they help pack))!

• Osaka will be my first time at an instore, but if I'm embarrassed to talk...what would be okay to talk about?
Welll, how about talking about your current interests☆ BY Miscellaneous Knowledge King

• Heavy love or deep love, which do you prefer?
About this, if it's not both, then there it probably has no meaning☆6

• Even though I'm a woman, I want to be like a Kouki-sama-ish pretty type of young man, I yearn for it(>_<) Is this sort of strange?7
Don't worry too much about what is correct, and what is strange, okay? Even though I'm visual kei, I like baseball and going snowboarding, and I don't know if people say that's strange, but, wellll, good grief, don't worry! Yay!!

At last I finished one-third of the replies8☆ I omitted the ones that were duplicates but answering them is fun9

After this I'm going to work a little on one-man stuff so...but I know there are many people who sent in questions, I'm terribly happy☆

The time says it's already a little past tomorrow, so I'll answer the rest properly then☆
Really, thank you!!

=Grateful Kouki=

1 About halfway through the Making of Carnival Ukiyo sei, Kouki "kidnaps" Ibuki (he's gagged alkjlakjlkzj) and demands a ransom of 2 million yen. (like 30k in USD, about, I'm not using a currency exchange thing, just guesstimating). The other three members don't seem be concerned. Reika's biker-esque costume is much more fascinating to them. XD

2 My baseball knowledge does not extend to this. 125 km/hr maybe? That's only 60sth mph, which is pretty slow. Compared to Major Leagues pitchers, who can do 80+.

3 He did baseball in high school. He became a musician after high school. So he didn't switch from one to the other.

4 Idols in Japan are boys. I.e., JE guys. Kouki is not interested in non-DAUTO boys. XD

5 He's teasing, because he's saying they implied that he must have some kind of special trick/knack rather than working hard at it.

6 deep/serious/oppressed/important and deep/profound/close. Kouki means that if the love isn't both of these things, it's not love.

7 She said boku--which is soooooometimes used by girls, but much more often used by guys.


9 No. You're wrong. It's not. IT IS AGONY. FOR ME.

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2010-03-18 00:00:45
Q&A Corner⑥【3290】

• For the first time in a while, I've come to like someone, and we're absolutely not suited in love, but I think I want to try confessing to this person and when I do, Kouki-san, how should I convey my feelings?
Sometimes convey feelings as they are☆I think, don't decorate ((your thoughts)) strangely!!

• Will you give my goldfish a cool name?

• When you did the Kinema live, I couldn't do a birthday cake, so I left you birthday crackers, but I wonder how they were?
I ate all of it, and my jaw because sore (laugh) I was super happy!!

• I've never been to a DAUTO live(;_;) Is it okay if beginners come?
Coming is not at all a problem, it really isn't☆I'm looking forward to being able to meet you!!

• This time at DEAD ONE will you be photographing 6 people (ノ)^ω^(ヾ)? ((Dauto + fan, or Dauto + Musshu? I think))
I think it's not with 6 people☆ But I'm still discussing it with the shop people, so please wait!!

• Where did you get your color contacts, please tell me(´・ω・`)
Four Eyes and places like that☆

• Here is my enthusiasm for the 26th in Fukuoka!
Last time, five people weren't able to perform together ((I think Reika and also Kouki got really sick)), so at that part, including everyone, let's come together and from right in front, completely stop the opponent's charge!!

• I am currently attending nursing school, but very soon I'll begin training in a hospital, and it's difficult, so I feel crushed. Does Kou-chan like nurse-sans?
I like it when there aren't strange meanings!! When I suffered from a serious illness a long time ago, I had to be looked after to a terrible extent, so ((yes, I like them))☆1

• In the bath, where do you start washing first?

• Today I bought a mascot--is it okay if I name it "Kou-chan"?
Oh--happy~☆ We're brothers and sisters!!

• Please tell me Kouki-san's "I feel these 3 things are the best right now" ☆(」°▽°)」
Drum-style washing machine, the sequel to One Piece, dogs

• At middle school graduation, starting from Spring I'll be a high school student!! So I think I want to dye my hair, but what color do you think would be good?
A little reddish or light brown☆

• What do you want in a girl?(healing, kind, etc.)
Show me your true self

On the 3/19 Takadanobaba AREA oneman, I wanted to participate, but I was too late and it was hopelessly sold only buying the goods ((merch)) okay??
I'm disappointed that we won't be able to meet...but coming especially ((to buy goods)), thank you!

• On the street a voice welcomes you to Doraemon. Presented with dorayaki....will you eat it?2
I won't hesitate to eat it!!

• Does Kouki-san restrain himself from jealousy and things like that?
I don't restrain myself, I think I'm jealous, however, I would say I don't show that attitude ((he keeps it inside)) (laugh)

• Regarding female visual kei ((girls being in visual-type dress/makeup/etc)), what does Kouki-kun thing of this(T-T)?
Actually, right now, the band also is ((v-kei)), so I don't think it's a drawback!! In any case, if you do it, you'll be trying to do it better than DAUTO (laugh)

• Does Kou-chan like me??
(laugh) I love you!!

• This year's Hanshin ((baseball team)) because of Johjima, were they definitely able to win?
Frankly, I think that's severe!! However, because it's severe, for sure they'll aim for being effective, won't they?

• Do you have Dragonballs? How many more do you need to complete the seven? (laugh)
Of course!! 3 more (laugh)If they become complete, I'll change the world☆

• Usually I wear accessories--what should I wear??
Collaboration watch and powerstone bracelet!!3

• Kou-tan, for marriage, what's the best thing to do?(´;ω;`)
I throw with all my strength, so I must hit it (laugh) 4

〓Respondent Kouki〓

1 I think by 'strange meanings,' he's talking about how some doctors won't give news straight up (especially in Japan, because there's some superstition or custom about not telling bad news directly to someone's face or something like that) and will skirt the issue? I think I translated it correctly........?

2 Dorayaki is two slices of Japanese sponge cake with red bean jam in between.

3 Collaborations that Kouki (watch) and Reika (bracelets) did with $$$$ companies. Though the watch is fairly reasonably priced (if you consider inflation and the average price for a lower end designer--i.e., fossil, paul frank--watch in the US is about $65).

4 she might have been asking about marriage with him, but I don't think so. His reply is baseball-y, but I think he's saying that once you start that, you have to go through with it?

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