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Since there continue to be tsunami warnings and more earthquakes and violent aftershocks, I know that there's the giant list of awesome but everyone likes to know if it's super duper up-to-date, and how they know, yes? Or maybe that's just me.


Vistlip: Rui confirms that all members appear to be safe. (Nau, 8AM EST)

DaizyStripper: Rei arrived home safely (Nau, 5PM EST). Yuugiri arrived home safely (Nau, 3PM EST).

D=OUT: Reika is safe (Nau, 11AM EST)

BORN: Ryouga is addicted to re-tweeting everyone under the bloody sun. He's almost as bad as

Miyavi: spammy mcspamspam at its finest.

And now it's time for me to go to bed. Working while obsessing over Twitter and Nau and being on 2 hours of sleep = time to crash!

I'll tackle some earthquake posts tomorrow. If anyone has any specific requests (namely of bands I don't usually translate--so, the non-vistlip/SCREW/D=OUT bands), ping me.

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2010/4/11 Sunday 2:16:11
Feeling refreshed☆

We arrived in Osaka so I took a bath and now I feel refreshed (o`∀´o)

Even though I met ((hang out)) everyone some time ago, I already want to meet them again!

I'm looking forward to being able to meet them today☆

The picture is the three bassist brothers☆

It's a polaroid of me and Haku-tarou and Rui-jirou! lol

This is the only rare polaroid I have of the three brothers! lol

I think I'll have to carry it around very carefully (o`∀´o)

And then before the tour I'm drinking collagen so I'll sleep (o`∀´o)

Good night☆

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