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I thought about putting this in the [profile] screw_blogs site, but then I felt weird because it's not a real translation of anything, it's just spotty translation + summary. Anyhoo. Spread the word or something.

As you may or may not know, there was yet another earthquake a couple of hours ago, and there are more tsunami warnings. DON'T PANIC. EVERYONE IS FINE. FOR NOW.

I'm just going to briefly spot-translate/summarize Twitters and Naus for the boys:

Rui on Nau (14 hours ago/3:45 AM EST aka after the first earthquake): I'm confirming that all of the SCREW members, managers and staff are safe.

Rui says on Twitter (4 hours ago/1:45 pm EST aka after the tsunami): I wonder if the members have returned home? I wonder if they're okay? The email connection is bad but I'm worried.

Two hours ago (3:45 PM EST) Rui says on Nau in English: All of foreign countryI safely Please do not worry.

♥ I love Engrish. ♥

Kazuki said (post-first earthquake) on Nau that he is calm, thanks for worrying.

Manabu has confirmed that he and where he lives and his home area are safe (also post-first earthquake, so that might have changed in the wake of the tsunamis).

Meanwhile, Byou and Rui are currently (like, right now) on Twitter, Rui is also on Nau and says that everyone should rest their bodies (hello, go to sleep like the rest of your band), and Jin also hasn't updated Nau or Twitter since 15 hours ago after the first earthquake to say (on Nau) that he was safe, and he'd received an email (text) from Byou saying that Byou was safe.

Anyway. So ends your brief update. Everyone appears to be alive and asleep. Except Manabu and Rui, who I don't think has slept at all since the first earthquake.

Shall translate earthquake blog posts tomorrow, after I sleep.

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2010-05-20 23:17:46

Today is my nephew 弥祿 (Miroku)'s birthday.

It's the first birthday that I'm blessing him from a distance!

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2010-05-18 14:06:05

It had been 49 days since Milk left.

It's like that guy paused once, I guess.

In this capsule, are the remains of the part of Milk that was the most painful.

Therefore, on tour and other such things, every day we'll always be together.

Milk keeps living in kazuki

Thank you for the happy words

Okay, today the weather is also good and I'll go do my best!

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2010-05-13 21:35:34


As a matter of fact, yesterday Aoi-san treated me to dinner again!

I can't believe it's two days in a row!

Super high quality!

It was absurdly fun!

There's totally some way to go, however, someday I want to become a senpai who's admired by kouhai!

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2010-05-12 18:32:31
Kazuki loses the first round

Yesterday I got to be invited by Aoi-san, so dinner became his treat!

High quality!

I was deeply moved by the delicious liver!

The number of sticks ((with cooked meet/liver on them))

Kazuki x 4

Aoi-san x 2


It's inexcusable, I'm so sorry.

Until I was allowed to go home, and I had the privilege of playing 艶~en~!1

I was unreasonably happy!

Thank you so much!

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2010-05-12 18:00:01

This is late, but good job!

It was a completely good time!

I saw when fists rose in the assembly hall so I felt good!

In the LIVE, because I wanted to see everyone's faces, I couldn't see as well as I usually do, but I thought, I'll play ((my guitar)).

But it's difficult.

I feel a shortage of true strength.

After finishing the live, with Ruisu and Reka-chan I got foーoーd!

I became a drunkard...

This year I'll have a toast with Reka-chan in Hokkaidou on my birthday!

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2010-05-08 09:52:04

Jin is such an idol today!


Today, please take care of us Sendai!

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2010-04-28 21:50:12
EAST Dressing room

IV-chan is cute, huh!

When I was taking the picture, he just came in!


I also was ivvu'd by IV!

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Fiiiiinally Kazuki blogs something that's not boring c/p'd tour crap. \o/ I apologize in advance for my plethora of perverted side-commentary. >.>;

2010-04-26 22:14:03
Tension BANG

Today's me is spontaneously flying!1


From Aoi-san I received a G-FORCE (multi-effector)!2


I'm so happy I won't be able to sleep tonight!3

I want to quickly put it in my rack!4

In order to be able to master it, I'll try hard!4

Truly, endlessly, thank you very much!

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2010-04-26 17:31:26


Yesterday I got invited to dinner by Aoi-san!

I was treated to oysters!

The oysters were delicious, but, with Aoi-san I was able to talk about various things, so I was happy, and it was fun!

Thank you very much!

By the way, I ate the first oyster on the left before I took the picture (laugh)

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2010-04-23 00:00:00

It's the fourth anniversary of SCREW's formation!

Since forming, until now the members have changed and various obstacles have happened, but we were able to climb over them.

I think it's thanks to all the fans who have continued to support us.

Really, thank you!

Recently, Rui joined us, and after this, I think we bumped into various walls, but if everyone is with all five of us, then we're okay.

Therefore, after this, before going forward, I want the power of you pushing on five men's backs.1

After this, please continue to take care of SCREW!


Thank you!

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2010-04-18 16:03:08

Good work today!

Those who remained until the end, thank you!1

It was fun, though I wanted to do an encore.

We're coming again, so please take care of us!

Yeーah, I wonder what I'll do today.

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2010-04-17 16:24:25

From Reno and Ryouga, a lovely video arrived (laugh)2

Next time I wonder if I'll sleep with them (laugh)3

Today after waiting for a long time, I went to a musical instrument shop.

I will only use it as a makeshift!4


Niigata, please take care of us, okay!

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2010-04-17 14:07:19

Thanks for your hard work today!

I think I greedily wanted more voices.((to call his/SCREW's name))

I'm anticipating the next time.1

Let's meet again.

And then, I received a pick from AND's Ken-chan!


I feel a little like doing BASARA now.

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2010-04-16 13:36:41


Kanazawa, thanks for your hard work today!

It's been a long time since since we last came.

We were even able to do the encore, and it was fun!

Thank you Kanazawa!

For the flowers as well, thank you!

Today's Nagano is cold.

But I want the stage to be red hot and fun!

For the time being, in a dash, I'll restring my guitar!

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2010-04-14 23:42:06


Good job!

After such a long time, I wonder how SCREW was?

The set list and performance are in progress but we were able to make various discoveries.

It was fun!

After the LIVE, I ate with the company president and everyone.

It was the first time I ate at a restaurant with no sign!

Thank you for the food.

Let's look forward to tomorrow's Kanazawa.

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2010-04-19 14:48:07


Good job yesterday!

For coming during a hurricane, thank you!

Reflecting on the live, it was our first time being able to support Kagoshima's young fans.

I want to do my best at today's Fukuoka!

Take care of us, okay!

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2010-04-11 16:56:16
Stage left Guitar Shiーroー and, Marukin Saburo Zaemon the Big Bear Demon of Drums1


Manabu's steering wheel and Jin's hand.2

Jin is taking a picture of the person's finger on the right hand standing up, and I'm taking a picture of his something standing up.

Let's leave the something to imagination.

Well, later.

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Gah I meant to translate this ages ago, but then I forgot because I fail, until Kazuki mentioned it again.

2010-04-03 01:16:01
March 30th

After spending about 1 year and 6 months together, Milk began a trip.

Recently, for some reason or other, I wonder if it was gradual? However, that's the premonition I had.

I wasn't able to instantly accept reality.

But now the funeral service is finished, so my feelings have calmed a little.

From Milk I truly received many things I'm thankful for.

Every day that passed was a lifetime that I won't forget.

Therefore, everyone also please don't forget.

I want it to become proof of that guy's existence.

To Milk

When it was painful, sometimes sad, thank you for your smiling face.

For keeping company with me while grumbling about my relationships and alcohol, thank you (laugh)

For not being able to play with you recently, I'm sorry.

I'm left with the impression of you appearing to drink medicine with pleasure.

I loved your slovenly way of sleeping.

I wanted to spend more time together.

You made me cry so much at the beginning, you ass (laugh)

This was truly heart-breaking.

But, I was able to see your final sleeping face, so I was happy.

This has been painful for a while, so now I'll slowly go to sleep.

Milk, truly, thank you.

After this, we'll be together again.

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2010-03-26 23:58:03
It's like a reunion


It's fun!

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