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I thought about putting this in the [profile] screw_blogs site, but then I felt weird because it's not a real translation of anything, it's just spotty translation + summary. Anyhoo. Spread the word or something.

As you may or may not know, there was yet another earthquake a couple of hours ago, and there are more tsunami warnings. DON'T PANIC. EVERYONE IS FINE. FOR NOW.

I'm just going to briefly spot-translate/summarize Twitters and Naus for the boys:

Rui on Nau (14 hours ago/3:45 AM EST aka after the first earthquake): I'm confirming that all of the SCREW members, managers and staff are safe.

Rui says on Twitter (4 hours ago/1:45 pm EST aka after the tsunami): I wonder if the members have returned home? I wonder if they're okay? The email connection is bad but I'm worried.

Two hours ago (3:45 PM EST) Rui says on Nau in English: All of foreign countryI safely Please do not worry.

♥ I love Engrish. ♥

Kazuki said (post-first earthquake) on Nau that he is calm, thanks for worrying.

Manabu has confirmed that he and where he lives and his home area are safe (also post-first earthquake, so that might have changed in the wake of the tsunamis).

Meanwhile, Byou and Rui are currently (like, right now) on Twitter, Rui is also on Nau and says that everyone should rest their bodies (hello, go to sleep like the rest of your band), and Jin also hasn't updated Nau or Twitter since 15 hours ago after the first earthquake to say (on Nau) that he was safe, and he'd received an email (text) from Byou saying that Byou was safe.

Anyway. So ends your brief update. Everyone appears to be alive and asleep. Except Manabu and Rui, who I don't think has slept at all since the first earthquake.

Shall translate earthquake blog posts tomorrow, after I sleep.

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2010-08-14 22:07:22
Welcome. Kyoto.

Good job today.

First Kyoto live in a while. It was our first time at the live hall called Fan-J but with the stage that felt open, it was fresh.
Because lately it's livehouse-type places again and again.
Everyone who came to see, how was it? The little stage was far ((from the audience maybe?)), but I wonder if was able to be enjoyed.

I want to go to Kyoto again.
Sometime around next week is Osaka and I'm looking forward to iーt.

Well then. I'm waiting for things like your impressions ((on the live)).

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2010-08-14 13:09:29
Welcome. Kyoto


FANJ1 various beautiful things.

Because of the heat, let's be careful of heatstroke.

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2010-08-14 01:23:26

Today I'm in Kyoto.
When I was in high school I often went and played and saw movies and shopped ((here)), so somehow or other, my presence of mind is restored.

When I went wandering around1, I discovered The King of Gyouza ((a restaurant?)), so I went in by myself.
Among these, just one is my cell phone strap...
Sometimes it's said the bill is "Big", so it was a miracle and I felt relieved. ((meaning, his bill for the gyouza was small))


And after the meal, at Starbucks I ordered a caramel something or other, and on the warm terrace, somehow I was a space caーーーーーーーーse.

Nice temperature, Kyoto.
It's my home ground.
Since it's the first time at tomorrow's live house, I'm looking forward to it.

Today for the first time in a while I want to plan on sleeping with all my might.

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2010-08-13 16:30:17


Yesterday, yakiniku together with Kra-san.

Deliciouーーーーーーーーーs. It was.

I was even able to congratulate Yuura-san on his birthday.

As I thought, there's nothing better than meat.

I wonder what I should eat today.

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2010-08-13 12:19:32
All Things in Nature drinking water


I received water.

It's limited to Kanazawa.

In summer, if the amount of sugar absorbed increases a lot, I become sluggish, so the amount of water and Pocari1 I drink is high.
Canned coffee ((the amount he drinks)) is also reduced.

And things that are eaten in Kanazawa.

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2010-08-13 11:37:05
Kanazawa AZ

Good job yesterday, Kanazawa.

Here at the most recent Kanazawa it was the most fun.
It felt like a live live, and as expected, I like it and it feels like it suits SCREW.
Everyone who came yesterday thank yo一u

After tomorrow it's western Japan
Please try to get fired up.

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2010-08-12 01:35:48
Niigata Junk

Thank you for today

Speaking of Niigata Junk, the lives always have an image of staying the course of a short-distance run with passionate energy.
This time was no exception.
Niigata, as expected, is energetiーc.
Wondering if everyone was able to see the stage perfectly, I'm worrying about it, but everyone was energetic so I was relieved.

I'm leaving out minor details, but thank you for the hot ((energetic/passionate)) live.

Tomorrow I'll be able to do my best for Kanazawa.

Well then, later.

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2010-08-11 15:08:10
New towel


The new merch towel is soft and fluffy and nice, huh?

A man who comprehends differently, Mana-san1

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2010-08-11 14:43:52
G'job, Nagano


Good job yesterday.
My impression of April's Nagano ((when they did their last tour in April)) last time was good, but.
You came with the feeling of looking forward to the live.
That being the case, as the live progressed, it steadily became totally fun.

Let's meet again.

And with that, I'm getting my make-up done at Niigata Junk((box)) nau.

Today, I'll do my max.1

Well, later.

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2010-08-10 15:51:16
in Nagano


with Jin-san

black shorts + black sandals
We totally matched.
These days it's nothing but shorts.

I'm getting ready to look forward to todaーy

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2010-08-10 00:05:10


At last I was able to do a Cinderella peta.
Every day, I tried going for it, but how many times already have I done 23:59 and 00:01 petas, but finally, I got 00:00 exactly.

Next, I'll try to be the first ((to peta Minase on that day)).

For the fans, it's bad1, but Minase-san received it.


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2010-08-08 17:20:38
From Sapporo's car window

Our last day in Sapporo was an instore and after doing 2 radio recordings, I explored Sapporo's streets a bit.

First of all, it's Rui-san, who was searching for a sushi restaurant on his iPhone.
Being able to look for things on an iPhone is beyond convenient, isn't it.


As expected, in the northern provinces, sushi was the best.


And then a Susuki ((zebra grass)) festival?'s1 activity and bustle was taken in, and many summer things ((traditional things?)) were experienced.
There were a lot of people, yeaah.


And for some reason, I impulsively bought sapica and tried riding the subway.
Going out in the area and taking the train was fresh. I felt like I was able to become familiar with what it's like living in Sapporo.
This time our stay in Sapporo was long and I was able to have the satisfaction of eating delicious things.

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2010-08-06 16:32:19
Instore is finishーed


It was like radio.

Truly, thanks.
The instore was also warm ((as in, congenial)).

Yeーah, I want to eat ramen again.

Incidentally, everyday I'm trying to leave Minase-san Cinderella petas here, however, everyday I'm late

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2010-08-06 12:16:47
Thank you for the second day, Sapporo

Thanks for yesterday.
There was trouble, but everyone gave their power, so it was gooーd.
I was overwhelmed with kindness.

And and and I'm in the middle of preparing for the instore.

I'll do my best

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2010-08-05 12:33:36
First day

Sapporo, thanks for the first day ((of the tour)).
Everyone was warm, so it was a good atmosphere.
I ate ramen and, today as well I slept a lot, so I'll be able to try my best.

Happy Birthday, Kazu-king.
I think cheerful Kazuki is the best.
Today, in everyone's heads is Kazuki Kazuki Kazuki Kazuki Kazuki Kazuki Kazu...with everyone caught up in this, take care of me.

In the hotel, the coffee that's being sold is Gyuunyuu ((Cow's Milk--a brand?)) and it's deliciousーーーーーーーー

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2010-08-03 22:13:02
Camera time


Giving me 30 seconds of camera time to photograph him, DAUTO's Minase-san.

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2010-08-03 22:12:02<
Eat itーーーー




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2010-08-03 20:01:27
Sendai, good job

Thanks for yesterday.

Yesterday also, more than minor details, with a feeling of wanting to have fun, with the feeling of wanting to get you to have fun, I carried it out in the amount of time I had.

How was it, everyone?

I wanted the town of Sendai to have fun for a little longeーr

Let's meet again, okay.
Truly, everyone, thank you.

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Augh. I'm still kicking myself for not having saved any of June's naus. :((((((((((( FOR ANYONE. :((((((((( Here's July's though. I'm pretty sure Manabu is copypasting half of these, lol.

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