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I thought about putting this in the [profile] screw_blogs site, but then I felt weird because it's not a real translation of anything, it's just spotty translation + summary. Anyhoo. Spread the word or something.

As you may or may not know, there was yet another earthquake a couple of hours ago, and there are more tsunami warnings. DON'T PANIC. EVERYONE IS FINE. FOR NOW.

I'm just going to briefly spot-translate/summarize Twitters and Naus for the boys:

Rui on Nau (14 hours ago/3:45 AM EST aka after the first earthquake): I'm confirming that all of the SCREW members, managers and staff are safe.

Rui says on Twitter (4 hours ago/1:45 pm EST aka after the tsunami): I wonder if the members have returned home? I wonder if they're okay? The email connection is bad but I'm worried.

Two hours ago (3:45 PM EST) Rui says on Nau in English: All of foreign countryI safely Please do not worry.

♥ I love Engrish. ♥

Kazuki said (post-first earthquake) on Nau that he is calm, thanks for worrying.

Manabu has confirmed that he and where he lives and his home area are safe (also post-first earthquake, so that might have changed in the wake of the tsunamis).

Meanwhile, Byou and Rui are currently (like, right now) on Twitter, Rui is also on Nau and says that everyone should rest their bodies (hello, go to sleep like the rest of your band), and Jin also hasn't updated Nau or Twitter since 15 hours ago after the first earthquake to say (on Nau) that he was safe, and he'd received an email (text) from Byou saying that Byou was safe.

Anyway. So ends your brief update. Everyone appears to be alive and asleep. Except Manabu and Rui, who I don't think has slept at all since the first earthquake.

Shall translate earthquake blog posts tomorrow, after I sleep.

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I'll probably wait until I can get actual dates for his most recent tweets. It bugs my OCD when I have to guesstimate the time he posted them in Japan. ^^;

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Augh. I'm still kicking myself for not having saved any of June's naus. :((((((((((( FOR ANYONE. :((((((((( Here's July's though. I'm pretty sure Manabu is copypasting half of these, lol.

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Why Ameba's maintenance is a good thing: because it happens for most of the day on Tuesdays and reminds me that Oh hay, you haven't translated Shou's Twitter for over 24 hours. Oh shit.

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Fell asleep in the middle of translating these last night. :X God, let's not get any more behind than we already are.

I saw on Shou's Twitter that mou_ichido is translating his tweets. I'm torn over whether to keep doing them. She/he misses some of them sometimes, not sure whether that's intentional or not. I don't know. A lot of people are following them so, maybe my translating them is pointless? :/

At any rate, now that he's mastered the art of properly re-tweeting with a comment, I will probably translate fewer of the tweets that he's replying to, unless something was cut off or something. But especially for the random fans.

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Today, one of Shou's tweets from last night turned into this giant clusterfuck with TMR and Yoshinori Sugimoto (I know I'm saying it backwards, but ever since this magazine spread that had it in that order, I always think of it Western style x_X;) and Tatsurou. So I'm isolating that into its own little clustery thing.

Actually, let's just say that everything is going to be MOSTLY chronological. For the sake of comprehension, I'm going to group threads and re-tweets between Jrockers with each other. If I include some random tweet that's not @Shou, it's there because someone else posted it and Shou responded.

I guess I'll be doing Saga's as well then, until one of you tells me NO, SOMEONE ELSE IS DOING THEM ON LJ/DW, YOU CAN STOP NOW. Clearly I am way too masochistic for my own good. Now I'm sort of relieved that Aoi said the rest of Gazette has no plans to use Twitter. And by sort of, I mean immensely. XD;;;

And maybe I'll even use a cut this time :O )
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So basically, I'm translating his twitter like right the hell now. >.>; While trying to convey the difference between plain, casual, and supah honorific speech, even. Let's see how this goes, eh.

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Er. This post is about Zill (bassist of Moran, formerly known as Saburo, ex-KuRt), who died last week. :| This is not a good year for Jrock.

2010-07-25 01:37:43

This evening I only had one glass ((of alcohol) while I was out with people

I should have been struck strongly ((surprised)), but, as one would expected, I was ridiculously effective ((was able to go about my business as usual)), ((I'm an)) idiot.

But, I've been down for the last hour.

It ((the news)) hasn't sunk in very far yet, my handle ((understanding) of it, it seems?

Before the live, I didn't drink much alcohol, but, today after pouring down one glass just to strengthen me, I'm sleeping.

But by myself like this, alcohol is dull.

So to that extent, starting from tomorrow, I'll do my best again.

Is it not angering that I'm only crying this much this time?*

Because ((he)) was loved enough by many people, there is peace of mind.*

((He was loved)) so much that I'm envious.

Sabu-chan, thanks.

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Hm. No b-day post from Byou still, but then I remembered I could translate Rui's, too. XD

2010-07-22 04:36:04

Good morning

I thought I would send an email to Jin-chan at midnight, but I dozed off and there was a delay of dozens of minutes

Today Jin-chan is the lead actor for today!

Today even though it's early in the morning, I didn't fall asleep easily, but I came to the end of some nice trains of thought, so I think I might try to sleep again.

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2010-06-23 01:39:01

Today is not easily becoming satisfactory to me (゚_゚

I'm resting with K-on ((anime))

Everyone, did you send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY fanmail to Manabu-kun? (^_^)

I did at 0:00.

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While I'm catching up on birthday posts...

2010-06-23 00:01:19

Manabu-kun, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (^_^)

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I was going to go attack my Manabu and Byou backlogs, but when you see a subject like this, it demands attention. Especially when it's only two words. XD

2010-06-04 01:35:56

Happy birthdaーy

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2010-06-02 17:43:05
For the first time in a while

I tried taking a picture ((of myself))

Today, please treat me favourably!

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2010-05-27 00:37:37
Please have a good night

Today there's already been so much activity

Today at Bookstore-san, I discovered Men's Knuckle, but as I thought, me being at Bookstore-san mysteriously felt happy and embarrassing

In commemoration, I tried to buy a book.

I'm always happy when I have the privilege of doing interviews with music magazines, but immediately being able to see it, as I thought, is amazing!

I want to see the new Evangelion Shin Gekijouban: Ha DVD ((Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Breaking))!!!

Many people are obtaining it, aren't they.

I saw it in theatres 3 times, so I mostly remember the contents, but, I want to enjoy it in my house.

Well, today is perfectly silent.

Please have a good night

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2010-05-23 21:18:55

Last night I did my best and tried painting my nails.

A long time passed!

Even saying that, I only did my best on the index and ring fingers...… (゚.゚)

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2010-05-23 15:35:38

After make-up.

I'm looking forward to the event!

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2010-05-10 16:12:08

Toda-D, hello!

Boots are good boots are good boots are good boots are good boots are good boots are good boots are good boots are good right (^_^)

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2010-05-06 16:19:20

Thank you very much!

I've already gathered the clothes I received into my repertoire.

I'm having relaxation time with a green tea latte.

Jun-kun is drunkenly playing bass.1

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2010-05-04 15:56:12

It's beyond hot, so both moisture intakes ((his daily 2L of water)) are extreme.

Let's go make the live hotter

Cooldown prohibition.

Skipping out ban.

Soon, speech ban.1


Big voices, required.

Fists, required.


We'll draw a lot of sweat, so please combust.

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Long time no see. >.> Did someone break their phones for me? I haven't even been checking Ameba...x_X;

2010-05-04 11:15:10
Plain clothes1

Today is a summer outfit.

It's hot, isn't it.2

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