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Since there continue to be tsunami warnings and more earthquakes and violent aftershocks, I know that there's the giant list of awesome but everyone likes to know if it's super duper up-to-date, and how they know, yes? Or maybe that's just me.


Vistlip: Rui confirms that all members appear to be safe. (Nau, 8AM EST)

DaizyStripper: Rei arrived home safely (Nau, 5PM EST). Yuugiri arrived home safely (Nau, 3PM EST).

D=OUT: Reika is safe (Nau, 11AM EST)

BORN: Ryouga is addicted to re-tweeting everyone under the bloody sun. He's almost as bad as

Miyavi: spammy mcspamspam at its finest.

And now it's time for me to go to bed. Working while obsessing over Twitter and Nau and being on 2 hours of sleep = time to crash!

I'll tackle some earthquake posts tomorrow. If anyone has any specific requests (namely of bands I don't usually translate--so, the non-vistlip/SCREW/D=OUT bands), ping me.

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2011-02-16 00:00:33
To everyone important1

It was a long interval, I'm sorry for having kept you waiting.
Thank you truly, then for waiting.

We're most sympathetic, having lost an important colleague whom we relied on.

Even now, I won't forget the time we were introduced to her, our manager.

After this, I believe our manager is watching over us.
Sometimes when I go to meet her2, it seems like she's worrying about us with an "Are you okay?" feeling.

I . . .
while continuously thinking of her circumstances, I want to keep going on with vistlip.

Therefore, I think I want to return ((recover)) to the vistlip she loved.

I'm exhausted and a little miserable, but is it okay if the reckless, devilish vistlip returns? Will you support us again?

I will never forget her.
But, getting everyone who supported us before to rise up, I don't want you to show sad faces.

I'm turning back to my original self, so I think I want smiling faces and voices from everyone.

Thank you so much for the many, many messages while you were waiting.
I was always encouraged.
Because of everyone's support, I think I'll be able to begin walking forward again.

For the minutes I made everyone wait, I'll recover with all my might.
Even before it was said,

she gave vistlip the dream of trying to be.
That is the current vistlip's dream.

If we can aim at that dream together, I'm happy.

vistlip Rui

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Um. This post was on everyone's blog. The photo was on Tomo's.

2010-08-02 19:46:03
To everyone.


To everyone

For all of the support we've received, thank you very much.
This time, because there was an accident while driving, we were a huge bother to everyone and caused a lot of worry, and we humbly and deeply apologize.
For vistlip, having lost a very important staff member, we're feeling deep sorrow.
All of the members have minor injuries.
Doing this properly, to all of the fans, all of the staff, again, for bothering you and making you worry, we apologize.
From now on, concerning our activity, we'll notify you shortly.
If it pleases you, we humbly hope to receive your understanding.
Anyway, we have the privilege of apologizing and reporting ((even if it is done)) in haste.

  all of the vistlip members and staff

Comments from the members


To begin with
all of the fans throughout the world
all of the staff and management
I'm very sorry for causing you worry
I was in the passenger seat and my injuries were light enough to call minor injuries.
I think it's truly a miracle
however, it seems as though a heart won't continue on
above all, an important manager,
the woman who should be sharing in the band's existence and living with us, I want to grant her dream
now, for that, I think I want to take ((receive)) just a little time


All of the fans, all of the staff, having burdened you with worry, I'm deeply sorry.
I only had stitches under my eye((s?)). There's no need to worry about my body.
And then we lost our important and beloved manager.
Shaving away at her time, pouring her love and passion into vistlip, she is the best manager.
All the fans, you worried. Sorry. Please, just a little time.


I'm truly sorry for having burdened you with worry.
Concerning my injuries, around my head and shoulder muscles, I seem to be a little injured, and because of a blow, my memory must be a bit strange.
We lost our most understanding and closest person, our manager. I don't know what I should say. Words are not coming together.
After this I think I want to ((receive the time to)) consider the things we'll be able to do, that we should do.


With the sudden accident and causing you worry, I'm terribly sorry. And then, reporting on it so late, I apologize repeatedly.
From the very anxious fans, staff, senpai, friends, and family members, I am truly supported by your words.
Thank you very much.
I had the honor of speaking with the manager's family, they knew well how much she cared for vistlip.
Her dream was seeing vistlip
That is the dream of all five of the current vistlip members.
Please wait, until the day when we can get close to that dream.


This occasion, being such a heavy burden, causing so much worry, I humbly apologize.
All of the fans, I'm sorry.
An important person losing their life, in regards to this, I can't find the words.
Now, I still can't figure out what to do, until I'm able to think about it, please, a little time.

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2010-06-02 07:00:29


Yesterday evening I went on a dinner date with Angelo's Kohta-san (*´_`)

He's a really kind and gentle dai-dai-daisenpai!1

It was a little early, but I congratulated Kohta-san for his birthday!

It was fun.

Thank you very much!


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2010-05-11 01:26:52
I want to eat cake.


Thanks for your hard work.

Today, right, I tried to stop my grown out bangs from curling.1

For some reason it was emotional lol

Today, right, was ultra fun.

But you know, it seems like the energy was dull or something, from my perspective...(´_`)

I'm just a little down! lol

But, however.

It seems like my ability to make someone believe ((in my performance onstage)) is lacking!

It's like I'm still not able to show my feelings well onstage yet.

Next, I'll do my best!

For next time, I'm becoming amazing. Yeah.


I love lives!


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Natsuki's post about it is translated here

2010-05-04 22:44:50
I was sleepy but I wanted to drink.


During the hour I returned, among other things, I went drinking lol

LittleーNatsuーit's been a whiーle hasn't it.1

Today let's drink!


Irokui. Natsuki LittleーNatsu-kunーisーwiーthーRuーiーsuー(´_`)→blog
[May 4 23:30]

Rui @Irokui. Natsuki ChiーNatsuーDrink more→blog
[May 4 23:30]

Rui →blogAt last I understand how to do these linksI get to teach Nacchi
[May 4 23:30]

Rui For people who don't know, I'll lecture. →I just wrote it in katakana in my blog
[May 5 00:30]

Rui That's rightI can do it I can do it
[May 5 00:30]

Rui Nacchi nau
[May 5 00:30]

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2010-05-04 21:55:25
The temperature is good.


Work is over.

Good work today, konabe1(*´_`)

Work finished, so I ate dinner with Tomo and Tohyaー.

By the way, the picture is from when I had yakiniku with Tomo-chan some time ago.

I think I'll go home.


P.S. I was forced to bump into Yukke-san2

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2010-05-04 18:24:47
A title didn't come to mind.


Those who came and were on their way just now even though we immediately finished, sorry...(´_`)

The time was limited ((so we could stick to our schedule)).

Turning back to work.


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2010-05-04 11:59:17
Ruisu is in time ((for work))


Just barely safe...(´_`)
When I thought I was late, it turned out that I wasn't late!!(*´_`)


It's worktime!


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2010-04-25 13:47:50
Futility time 2


That's really Ultraman Zero? I wanted to shake hands, but, I really didn't have time to stand in line so I left(´_`).

From here we're returning to Tokyo.


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2010-04-25 13:43:43
Futility time


It seems Umi wanted to go no matter what, and because I didn't hear it when he brought up the topic, we went together to the Ultraman store(´_`)

I'm worn out.


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2010-04-25 12:14:52


For some unspecified reason, I've gone to Kawasaki with Umi(*´_`)

Business is finished, so we strolled lightly.

Kawasaki is a nice town!

I've come here a few times, but this is the first time I've really walked around.

After eating, I'll come backー.


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2010-04-20 22:31:09
It's said the ring finger is important.

Sendai, good job on your hard work today~.1

Today I was allowed to leave it to our long time top batter.2

Time without commotion.

Umi was about to blow his fuse for some reason, so I loosened my hairdo. Laugh3

To tell you the truth, the bandage on my finger, it's disobedient, but it's only on the middle finger. ((instead of both, like he had it before))

So I wondered what to do.
It came down to it that my fourth finger can be used, so, thanks to you, before today, playing did not come easily.(*´_`)

Well, but Atari Maeda crackers (old), however, as I expected, my usual way was different ((from how I can currently play with my finger)), so it was imperfect.4(´_`)

I want to heal quickly!

I'll drink milk.

With this state of health, I'll look forward to Sapporo

Thank you, Sendai!

At any rate, when I met Kazuki again, he was an idiot, ya know.5

He's fun. Laugh.


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2010-04-19 01:59:45
It was mortifying but it was awesome.


Good work today, Roppongi.

For the time being, one, the result of trying to do the live.
Honestly, it was bitter.

I'm not frustrated with getting the injury.

Becoming accustomed to the injury, after training and drilling counter-measures, despite not wanting the live to go badly, I thought I'd be able to ((do it)), and my optimism was regrettable.

Now, where the live is concerned, there were various flaws, I was thinking that I'm not going to go as much ((onstage)).

And yet all the fans who showed beautiful smiling faces; all the fans who couldn't come today but sent supportive messages; the gently encouraging staff, officials, friends, and then the members, who, thanks to you, it's the truth that I'm really able to enjoy myself.

Thank you very much.

Things like that right, over and over again I'm told I'm not alone, or perhaps I should say I don't entirely understand, and because I can't skillfully say what I'm saying, or maybe I don't know, however, I learned many different things in one day.

I absolutely must become stronger and stronger, and I must work harder and harder.

And then, more than anything else, I felt immense love.
I was happy.

Like this, everyone who is giving me love, I love you.

Thank you.

Somehow this became a little gloomy blog, but depression mode is already leaving. (laugh)

vistlip-ishly, me-ishly, I'm facing forward.
Because everyone letting me.

Because Sendai and Hokkaidou, with all my might I'll be trying hard!!

Take care of me!

So it seems today could have been an awfully good live, I think.

This was wordy, but, thank you!

So next time as well, completely have fun, okay! (laugh)


P.S Everyone got the quiz right! Lol


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2010-04-18 14:51:09


Full of friendーs(*´_`)


P.S. Quiz. Which one could be my hand. Lol.

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2010-04-17 23:42:50
Help yourself to Kuma-tan


Thank you for the many concerned mails.

When I say I'm not dented, it's a lie.
But, rather than dwelling on the things I can't do, I want to do the things I can.

I'm okay.

Because I am a capable man. (Laugh)

I was encouraged!

Thank you.


P.S. Like everyone, Yuh sent me a photo of Kuma-tan. Kuma-tan is not bad?! Lol.

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2010-04-17 22:49:19
Willingly proceeding.

Yesterday's live at Nagano.

Some time ago I wrote but, by the way, I collided with Umi and the finger on my left hand is wounded, today when I went to go to the hospital, fortunately it was a bone fracture, however, there were fine cracks, so for performing as usual, it's difficult, and as a result of meeting and speaking about various things with the members, starting from tomorrow's live, for the time being, lives will be done with a simplified phrase.1

After one or two weeks, there will be a complete recovery, so as much as possible, in order to be able to heal quickly, because I'll do my best, please look upon me favourably.

I'm really sorry.

My condition isn't perfect, and with things like that I feel out of place among other things, but, because I'll be trying hard, from tomorrow, let's have fun!


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I have decided that the reason Reika gets no love from Kouki is obviously because he and Rui are married.


Rui @Reika

Reika @Rui Why lol

Rui @Reika

Reika @Rui

Rui @Reika

Reika @Rui

Rui @Reika Eh? lol

Reika @Rui Eーh!! Let's keep the flow ((of naus)) up seriouslylol

Rui @Reika Eh Ah sorryI still don't know the correct ((emoticon to use))ー

Rui It's a disaster! I meant to take a 5 minute break, but it was 30 minutes

Reika @Rui Don't be sorry it was my mistake Rui-chu isn't at fault

Rui @Reika lol I'm turning back to workー later

Rui Later (*´_`)

Reika @Rui Ganbareika1

Rui @Reika Ganbaruisu2

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Decided to give some of these a shot. Hopefully they're formatted somewhat coherently.

Reika Reichel Nau

Rui @Reika There's no DAUTO on Piramekiino(´_`)No way

Reika @Rui Because it was only a one month contract, it can't be helped! lol

Rui @Reika No way! One more time!

Reika @Rui To the Television Tokyo-san's people, that opinion is...

Rui @Reika ENCORE! (」゜□゜)」 ENCORE! (」゜□゜)」

Reika @Rui Well next time at karaoke I'll sing you a songLaylaー

Rui @Reika Laylaー

Rui Reika and I really love Eric Clapton's Layla(*´_`) Layla

Rui Oh shit TV Tokyo-san's official Nau has been burdened with encore requests It's the result of other people's annoyance, so please stop soon I'm really sorry

Rui Everyone, thank you for your cooperation

Reika @Rui IT'S MーY LーIFE 1

Rui @Reika TUGGER (」゜□゜)」TUGGER (」゜□゜)」TUGGER (」゜□゜)」2

Reika @Rui DAUTO you

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