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Wed, February 16, 2011 00:00:06
I'm home

I'm home.

I'm sorry for making you wait for such a long time.

The family members, all the fans

and all the staff, and my family, and my friends,

I caused an enormous amount of trouble for many people.

I'm full of the feeling that it's inexcusable, and I'm truly sorry.

Even so, the band called vistlip,

many people continue to wait ((for us)),

and thanks to many people watching over and supporting us,

we're able to meet everyone once more.

Carefully putting away the thoughts of she who has no substitute in my chest,

together with important colleagues who have no substitute,

to the houses of everyone who has no substitute,

once more we'll go and deliver the music that is only us.

As for vistlip's Tohya walking out

after this long journey,

I want to go walking together.

Thank you for waiting.

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Um. This post was on everyone's blog. The photo was on Tomo's.

2010-08-02 19:46:03
To everyone.


To everyone

For all of the support we've received, thank you very much.
This time, because there was an accident while driving, we were a huge bother to everyone and caused a lot of worry, and we humbly and deeply apologize.
For vistlip, having lost a very important staff member, we're feeling deep sorrow.
All of the members have minor injuries.
Doing this properly, to all of the fans, all of the staff, again, for bothering you and making you worry, we apologize.
From now on, concerning our activity, we'll notify you shortly.
If it pleases you, we humbly hope to receive your understanding.
Anyway, we have the privilege of apologizing and reporting ((even if it is done)) in haste.

  all of the vistlip members and staff

Comments from the members


To begin with
all of the fans throughout the world
all of the staff and management
I'm very sorry for causing you worry
I was in the passenger seat and my injuries were light enough to call minor injuries.
I think it's truly a miracle
however, it seems as though a heart won't continue on
above all, an important manager,
the woman who should be sharing in the band's existence and living with us, I want to grant her dream
now, for that, I think I want to take ((receive)) just a little time


All of the fans, all of the staff, having burdened you with worry, I'm deeply sorry.
I only had stitches under my eye((s?)). There's no need to worry about my body.
And then we lost our important and beloved manager.
Shaving away at her time, pouring her love and passion into vistlip, she is the best manager.
All the fans, you worried. Sorry. Please, just a little time.


I'm truly sorry for having burdened you with worry.
Concerning my injuries, around my head and shoulder muscles, I seem to be a little injured, and because of a blow, my memory must be a bit strange.
We lost our most understanding and closest person, our manager. I don't know what I should say. Words are not coming together.
After this I think I want to ((receive the time to)) consider the things we'll be able to do, that we should do.


With the sudden accident and causing you worry, I'm terribly sorry. And then, reporting on it so late, I apologize repeatedly.
From the very anxious fans, staff, senpai, friends, and family members, I am truly supported by your words.
Thank you very much.
I had the honor of speaking with the manager's family, they knew well how much she cared for vistlip.
Her dream was seeing vistlip
That is the dream of all five of the current vistlip members.
Please wait, until the day when we can get close to that dream.


This occasion, being such a heavy burden, causing so much worry, I humbly apologize.
All of the fans, I'm sorry.
An important person losing their life, in regards to this, I can't find the words.
Now, I still can't figure out what to do, until I'm able to think about it, please, a little time.

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Mon, April 26, 2010 06:50:35
1758th, close friend


IN Sapporo☆

Messing around with Manabu-kunヾ(‘Д,)ノ

So Manabu-kun will play with Yanmar, please take care of this rumor(o・v・o)haha

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