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2011-02-16 00:26:36

To all of the people of a six-month-future, from us who jumped the space-time continuum,1a


it's the vocalist of the band called vistlip,

I wonder if the half-year was long for everyone

or if it was short

I grew a year older

for me, it was a time to reaffirm the band's size

and then for making an important person part of me

it's okay even if they're broken fragments

I'm an unclean vessel, but I want them to dwell in me

Because this voice is a voice you loved without fail

I want to show you the scenery I see without completely leaving it behind

Being able to reply and even being able to come as far as this point ((it's thanks to:)),

the family members2

all of the staff,

my family,

my friends,

the ((band)) members,

the fans who never stopped supporting us,

because your hands were at my back,

because many sorrowful tears were shed,

after this I'll be full of smiles

I'll make ((the world?/you)) full of smiling faces so that I'll shed tears of happiness

After today, I'll return to being Tomo

It's deplorable that during the last half-year we weren't able to meet fans who thought we would be able to meet

For example, people who were students are now working adults

There were various reasons for this ((absence)), but I think it's disappointing

I want to go and return the minutes of sadness that we gave with twice the songs and smiling faces

Next time for sure, while we're comrades next to each other at the same time

That is a picture of our smiles, so white and sublimely proud that they can't be polluted, and we'll make trails of happy tears that glitter

You follow in my shadow

and I follow in yours

If we turn over the next page, just like in those days, we'll come together and blame each other, and break down crying in grief

Like the seasons that repeat, we're going to do it over again

I wonder if there's really a meaning ((to this))


Having a meaning isn't the point

Rather, what kind of things there will be

If two people aren't always comrades standing next to each other

If that's not the principle

I'll go draw our moments in that picture book

Because even now, I'm slovenly3

and therefore, I'm totally late

I wonder if you're waiting

even if rain and wind rust your bodies together

however bravely

I wonder if you're waiting for my return

At the promised meeting place from before, mouthing the words I want to mouth directly and continuously, now in my mind I think I'll whisper them

-I'm home-

-I'm sorry-

-Thank you-

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Um. This post was on everyone's blog. The photo was on Tomo's.

2010-08-02 19:46:03
To everyone.


To everyone

For all of the support we've received, thank you very much.
This time, because there was an accident while driving, we were a huge bother to everyone and caused a lot of worry, and we humbly and deeply apologize.
For vistlip, having lost a very important staff member, we're feeling deep sorrow.
All of the members have minor injuries.
Doing this properly, to all of the fans, all of the staff, again, for bothering you and making you worry, we apologize.
From now on, concerning our activity, we'll notify you shortly.
If it pleases you, we humbly hope to receive your understanding.
Anyway, we have the privilege of apologizing and reporting ((even if it is done)) in haste.

  all of the vistlip members and staff

Comments from the members


To begin with
all of the fans throughout the world
all of the staff and management
I'm very sorry for causing you worry
I was in the passenger seat and my injuries were light enough to call minor injuries.
I think it's truly a miracle
however, it seems as though a heart won't continue on
above all, an important manager,
the woman who should be sharing in the band's existence and living with us, I want to grant her dream
now, for that, I think I want to take ((receive)) just a little time


All of the fans, all of the staff, having burdened you with worry, I'm deeply sorry.
I only had stitches under my eye((s?)). There's no need to worry about my body.
And then we lost our important and beloved manager.
Shaving away at her time, pouring her love and passion into vistlip, she is the best manager.
All the fans, you worried. Sorry. Please, just a little time.


I'm truly sorry for having burdened you with worry.
Concerning my injuries, around my head and shoulder muscles, I seem to be a little injured, and because of a blow, my memory must be a bit strange.
We lost our most understanding and closest person, our manager. I don't know what I should say. Words are not coming together.
After this I think I want to ((receive the time to)) consider the things we'll be able to do, that we should do.


With the sudden accident and causing you worry, I'm terribly sorry. And then, reporting on it so late, I apologize repeatedly.
From the very anxious fans, staff, senpai, friends, and family members, I am truly supported by your words.
Thank you very much.
I had the honor of speaking with the manager's family, they knew well how much she cared for vistlip.
Her dream was seeing vistlip
That is the dream of all five of the current vistlip members.
Please wait, until the day when we can get close to that dream.


This occasion, being such a heavy burden, causing so much worry, I humbly apologize.
All of the fans, I'm sorry.
An important person losing their life, in regards to this, I can't find the words.
Now, I still can't figure out what to do, until I'm able to think about it, please, a little time.

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2010-05-21 20:02:13


Nails, right

The colors changed

Summer image is light blue and orage

Sky and sun, right

I seemed to have put on Mitsuru's ring and just realized it

Actually, the size isn't right

Usually I'm not able to wear it, hah

Working on various things

Because I want to bring him with

He's important

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2010-05-11 20:15:36
Posting an intensely ero image.


Tomorrow at last Sutoba ((Strawberry Butterfly)) goes on sale

For us, it's already like an "old song," even feeling nostalgic, but right through everyone, crossing space and time, it's recovering radiance

It's like polishing dull silver

It's glittering, so surely the way it's heard won't change

Tomorrow I'll also listen together ((with you))

Every time we release, it's inevitable, I look forward to hearing the impressions of each one of you

I'm terribly tense but at the same time I have self-confidence

I'm waiting, okay

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2010-05-11 15:59:33
Posting an intensely ero image.



I'm not cureeeed

Immediately following the live, I was about to die from laboured breathing, hah

But it was awesome('ω'*)

My physical condition is badly overstrained but with all my might I dragged out ((seeing)) everyone's smiling faces

As I expected, smiling faces suit all of you

With those smiling faces, I'm able to be happy

Isn't sharing like this wonderful?


Today I'm working by myself

Collecting data

Because the theme is quite magnificent, it's like even the members are consenting, I'll try making the words dance in air

I want to reliably catch that for writer-san

Because this time there's also a picture, look forward to it

As a matter of fact, I chose Umi as today's assistant

I want to leave behind the appearance of that aesthetic sense that never changes

From my hairdo to the layout, all of it

How is it

I guess there's pressure

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2010-05-06 13:12:26
Posting an intensely ero image.


'Morning ('ω'*)

Today we're recording new songs again

My physical condition isn't that great but I wonder if it's a cold?

"Idiots don't catch colds" is the phrase and the meaning is "I'm an idiot, so I don't realize when I have a cold" but interpret it as you please

Because I'm not an idiot

I want to think and I want to wish that that's so

By the way, catching a cold is the members' fault

Because three of the members caught colds so I think they infected me


Today, you know

the other day I took applications from everyone on "Despair"

I'm going and laying down a recording of this

Surely there must be people who carry the heart-breaking bygone days with them

I made you remember them for my sake

Thank you and I'm sorry


for this song at any cost "Despair" was needed

Therefore, carefully, carefully I think I'll go and record

Once more

Thank you

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2010-05-04 18:25:09


Nonchalantly standing in line, my autographed banana remained unsold, hah

Despite being 90 yen!

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2010-05-04 17:14:21
Urgent notice


Now vistlip is working at Independent Record Club('ω'*)♪

Come ((see us))

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2010-05-04 03:44:44
Solution vistlip!

vistlip is resolving everyone's troubles!

Each member wants to solve them so please send your worries one after the other.
Even if they're small troubles, even if they're big troubles, we'll almost certainly resolve them!

※ Until May 4th at 11 AM, in the official home page, please send fanmail.

Rapidly send themko~(o・v・o)1

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This refers to the previous Tomo post.

2010-04-30 17:44:14
By the way

Those phrases as they are will be on the CD

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2010-04-30 17:41:33
In the middle of recruiting.


Ruisu completely went crazy

Honestly, right

Consulting beloved darling fans

It's titled

"Your words, spread ((them))."


"Your words, please."


It doesn't matter what('ω'`*)

This time while recording a song, at one part, with a broken state of mind, words scatter, and intently whispering at that part

When everyone was swallowed up by despair and panic

I'm wondering what kind of phrase and scene it appears to be?

I want to know that

I can't do it alone, I want to experience the viewpoints from around the world

Without changing that scene I want to try whispering it

Please take care of me

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2010-04-29 02:13:42
Posting an intensely ero image.


Tour over

This time we got to weave together two tours, however

being able to taste tasting delight and anguish simultaneously was a blessing

The good-for-nothing self-confidence of we who made great strides

reality's calling card to us who didn't grow at all


Various things happened

I must try harder and harder

Finally it was a "starting point"

Recently, you know,

somehow I feel estranged from society

I feel distant from everyone

I wonder if I lost my way in a place like this

I took a walk in emptiness1

Quickly, catch me

I am here

Faster, faster

I'll vanish like a cloud

Love paused

Faster, faster

Before the balloons can no longer be seen

Reel in the thread and come near2

I'll sing of love

like in those days

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2010-04-26 14:50:03
Continuation ((of the last post))

For peace of mind

It's water-based ((the marker))

Really, thank you very much (hah)

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2010-04-26 14:43:34
SPECIAL Posting of an intensely ero image


MUCC's Tatsurou-san applied his personal make-up to Ruisu (hah)'s the genuine article...hah


The writing ((on his forehead)) isn't ((eye))liner, it's magic marker

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2010-04-26 00:55:19
I'm becoming the first man


Cartilage anniversary

Today, huh

It's the first time in my life I've gotten my cartilage pierced

Incidentally, because I also put another piercing in my earlobe, in both ears, the collective total has become seven

Right 3, Left 4

I often ask, so I'm preparing to write

I collected the dragonballs

The quality of my ears is high, so I never felt pain ((when I got them pierced))

Good ears

Now I'm just out of the bath, so I'm in a good mood

What kind of piercing should I get?

I'm looking forward to it

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2010-04-25 00:42:03
I'm taking time, so I want to feel.



When Ruisu is sprawling, his form becomes like this

Yesterday we were supposed to stay overnight in Sendai, but spending time there wasn't really useful, so I spontaneously jumped on the last shinkansen and went to Tokyo

Because the deadline for song lyrics is drawing near

Because if I'm with the members, no matter what, I want to fully enjoy myself (hah)

When I peeked at everyone's blogs for the first time in a while, it seems like they're really having fun, and I was jealous, but after all, I wanted to work

The appearance of new messages as it is takes time

I want to take time

Thanks to you, when I'm able to harden my image, I think I'll go send out a melody

I'm looking forward to it

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2010-04-24 01:41:33
Always being allowed to have difference personal experiences


I'm going crazy with love at Sendai HOOK, the place we got to do last time's one-man. Among other people, R-shitei and other band-sans came, so I got to show my pass and I went and visited ((them))

Generally, getting to mix with the audience is rare and unusual

Aicle. Because their manager was awfully helpful a long time ago, right

He's a close friend

vistlip is a band liked by managers

Because I'm always getting the manager to various places' managers, hah1

Today, until you take out the alcohol, it was a little inexcusable, hah


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2010-04-24 00:06:56
Posting an intensely ero image? Hah


I'm sort of using Nau

I took this picture in Sapporo, that stray dog image was appropriate for this blogー

Leーt me see, what to talk about

First of all, right

The places I left behind and the tour I reserved my singing voice for, I wonder

Lately, right

Describing myself, the concept of "original intention"

I could ((say that)) safely and completely, I think

I am satisfied

Cameras and evaluation and things, it's not like that

With all my heart, I simply wanted to sing

When I don't want to laugh, I don't laugh, and when I want to smile, I smile

On the stage, I can't even lie about something like that

I want to show that

Compensation was paid

Each day I sing with all my power

I roar with all my power

My physical condition is bad and that's not a lie


Sapporo, to be honest, was intense

Therefore, I'm saying it now, but

that day was natural

but the moment that SE started playing

from which band everyone's huge shouts of joy made me smile

It's my physical condition, right

Today I'm already fine, so don't worry, okay

Above all, I have pride in myself, so I'm happy

Such happiness

Truly, thank you very much

It became a fantastic tour

One more thing

Our one-man tour final is also at EAST, so everyone will come and connect with the best of us, I think

To the end, take care of us, okay

I love you

Waaah, I'm sleepy

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2010-04-15 13:19:55
If I don't lose myself, I'll always come back


How is Kanazawa

What about Kanazawa

To tell you the truth, I'm writing this blog now and it's 3:22 AM on 4/15

That seems amazing

There are messages from the old me

Reading a certain fanmail, I suddenly remembered it


From the me from long ago, at last I remembered a performer I've always liked

Until now, I seriously forgot and responded half-heartedly, however, at last, from the bottom of my heart, I'm able to answer

Matsuyuki Yasuko-senpai

It was you

In the hotel I'm passing time without sleeping

Recently, because the single is wholly in demand, the environment is really good, however, where not being able to sleep is concerned, it's painful

Boring, huh

Writing that, after five minutes, I slept (hah)

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2010-04-14 11:07:30
Posting an intense ero image.


'Morni...I'm sleepy

Until here, members and staff
and everyone, truly, good job on your hard work

I wonder, is this becoming a fun tour?

I'm enjoying myself




The voices were so overly loud that the officials and staff were surprised and jealous, so it's been a really a happy and blessed event tour

Truly, thank you

I declared the theme to be a return to original intention live, but I'm a dim-witted person and a person who's starting to forget things, so I completely became dazzled

Certainly when we welcome the final live, I'll grasp that feeling

That's a beautiful thing, and I'm thinking that at our one-man we'll definitely be tied together

In the short term, even being able to grow 1%

Or having the prospect of growth

With this feeling of expectation, I'm able to have a smiling face

While a person repeatedly grows 1%, they become older, so they'll die

What about a growth period of 5% each time?

Living things become like this

I think

In each and every place, there is temptation, although without compromising, with one piece of music

When I ask "What should we do to enjoy ourselves today" and delightfully reply "Yeーah, a live, right" I want to exist

Well, it's that time, I

will see you later, Kanazawa

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