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2011-02-16 00:00:00
I'm home

I thought, "I'm home," would be what I said immediately to everyone I meet, but . . .

I'm home

Even besides wanting to say that directly, next I'll say to everyone, there will be a time when we'll be able to meet

I totally kept everyone waiting a long time, huh

After this, because of everyone, let's go make the most important memories of a lifetime with vistlip

There are many things I want to say, many things I want to write, but they don't seem to be collected, so now, in this area

Thank you for waiting

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Um. This post was on everyone's blog. The photo was on Tomo's.

2010-08-02 19:46:03
To everyone.


To everyone

For all of the support we've received, thank you very much.
This time, because there was an accident while driving, we were a huge bother to everyone and caused a lot of worry, and we humbly and deeply apologize.
For vistlip, having lost a very important staff member, we're feeling deep sorrow.
All of the members have minor injuries.
Doing this properly, to all of the fans, all of the staff, again, for bothering you and making you worry, we apologize.
From now on, concerning our activity, we'll notify you shortly.
If it pleases you, we humbly hope to receive your understanding.
Anyway, we have the privilege of apologizing and reporting ((even if it is done)) in haste.

  all of the vistlip members and staff

Comments from the members


To begin with
all of the fans throughout the world
all of the staff and management
I'm very sorry for causing you worry
I was in the passenger seat and my injuries were light enough to call minor injuries.
I think it's truly a miracle
however, it seems as though a heart won't continue on
above all, an important manager,
the woman who should be sharing in the band's existence and living with us, I want to grant her dream
now, for that, I think I want to take ((receive)) just a little time


All of the fans, all of the staff, having burdened you with worry, I'm deeply sorry.
I only had stitches under my eye((s?)). There's no need to worry about my body.
And then we lost our important and beloved manager.
Shaving away at her time, pouring her love and passion into vistlip, she is the best manager.
All the fans, you worried. Sorry. Please, just a little time.


I'm truly sorry for having burdened you with worry.
Concerning my injuries, around my head and shoulder muscles, I seem to be a little injured, and because of a blow, my memory must be a bit strange.
We lost our most understanding and closest person, our manager. I don't know what I should say. Words are not coming together.
After this I think I want to ((receive the time to)) consider the things we'll be able to do, that we should do.


With the sudden accident and causing you worry, I'm terribly sorry. And then, reporting on it so late, I apologize repeatedly.
From the very anxious fans, staff, senpai, friends, and family members, I am truly supported by your words.
Thank you very much.
I had the honor of speaking with the manager's family, they knew well how much she cared for vistlip.
Her dream was seeing vistlip
That is the dream of all five of the current vistlip members.
Please wait, until the day when we can get close to that dream.


This occasion, being such a heavy burden, causing so much worry, I humbly apologize.
All of the fans, I'm sorry.
An important person losing their life, in regards to this, I can't find the words.
Now, I still can't figure out what to do, until I'm able to think about it, please, a little time.

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2010-05-18 22:43:45


Today also, I was in time for BrainStein!


Mikaru-kun, Takuma-san, Gin, Megane, me can be checked off in the artist picture!!

Gin is a really close friend, truly

A how-many-years-have-passed-since-we-became-friends type of friend

Next for sure!!

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2010-05-17 10:57:52


I was surrounded by the BrainStein members

Because Takuma-san sent the picture to me toーo

Takuma-san and Gin mailed it to me especially, which is kind

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2010-04-29 17:13:17

Look, looーk

I was injured by the friction of the strap of costume I wore at this time's thanks-to-you-live

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2010-04-21 09:48:13


Sendai has good weather

Today is warm!!

From the bath, "Ah," like that it's Tohya's voice...

Perhaps the shower is hot, I'm thinking

It's like "Ah, hot"?

The hotel shower's temperature control is difficult, you know

Next is Sapporo

I'm waiting, okay

Today as well, with a smiling face I'll be able to happily pass the day


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2010-04-19 00:53:58

Matching with Yuugiri

Good job, Roppongi!!

Today was ridiculously fun!


After going to Sendai and Sapporo again

It was seriously fun




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Fun fact: the other month, on the equivalent of the visual kei hashtag on Nau, Reika and Yuh both said "today I'm doing dirty things with Yuugiri." On the same day. >D (Well, they used a OO equivalent that is used specifically for implying dirty sexual things 8D). SOMEONE IS GETTING AROUND DESPITE NOT BEING ON AMEBA. So approved. He is a fine fine fine short man. *__*

Also, I'm moderately bummed that Yuh is not nearly as tall as I thought he was. He's only 171 cm, and I thought he was the tallest in vistlip. Or second tallest by a tiny tiny number of centimeters. I'm taller than him. Augh.
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And Sadie!Mizuki 8D

Interestingly, while Rui uses keigo and polite language even in his Naus and blogs and when talking about the other members and kinda made a big deal about shifting from polite to casual speech in his Q&A, he speaks casually with Yuh and Yuuri. ^^

Also, these aren't exaaaactly chronological--the Yuh/Rui and Yuuri/Rui and Yuh/Yuuri threads overlap a tiny bit, so to reduce confusion, I separated them out. They're mostly chronological though. Hopefully it's not confusing.^^;

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2010-03-26 22:15:50

With all the members of BrainStein aaand Mikaru-kun

Everyone in BrainStein is a man wearing sunglasses

Does it feel like you can't tell who is who?

My sunglasses are strange

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Reika Remembering an old song nau

Reika In make-up nau

Umi is beyond hunger and my stomach is boiling.

Reika @Umi

Yuh @Umi WTF!!1

Rui @Umi

Umi @Yuh Suddenly using that word is wtf

Reika Accidentally pressed a button and erased it lol

Reika @Umi

Reika 'morning panda

Reika Waking up early and passing by

Reika Today at noon I'm departing for Taiwan but none of my luggage is put in order yet lol

Reika Without being in a hurry, let's go

Reika Taiwan's time difference is what?

Reika It seem the time difference is 1 hour, it's subtle lol

Reika Passports are everyone's duty because carrying them is a serious responsibility

Reika After losing at jankenpon, I became passport-kei ((instead of visual kei))

Reika Taiwan's famous product is what, I wonder?

Reika Aah. Vivian Hsu, isn't it.

Reika It's pocket-vis-something-or-other.

Reika That's it. Black-vis-something-or-other.

Umi @Reika Ooo, that, huh. blackvistlip.

Reika The reply from Uminchu is the same as ever, however my thing ((reply notification)) is not displayed lol Perhaps it's bloodyvistlip lol

Reika Taiwan is only for two nights so a small size is OK

Reika When I thought I should put my luggage in order it was a big mistake

Reika Let's Taiwan communication.2 I am an ordinary Japanese person

Reika I was sleepy but MUCC-san put me on their follow list so my eyes woke up lol

Reika With one thing or another it's Narita Airport

Reika Life's excursions are many lol

Reika →blog3

Ehhhh tired of c/ping and re-ordering these in Japanese. >.>;

1 どうかしてる is an expression used when something is not the way it usually is. The vistlip guys say it allllll the time. ぜ gives it emphasis (masucline speech). Yuh is saying it because Umi says his stomach is boiling (also the word for his intentions). He probably meant rumbling/gurgling (with hunger). XD At any rate, I'm translating it as wtf/wth.

2 It was in katakana so I left it as failEngrish. :D

3 He linked to his main blog page, but I'm guessing he linked to his last Japan post since he didn't use Nau again until he came back from Taiwan.
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2010-02-04 14:47:45

Yuuri & Koyuki-shi & Yuh ((Yuu))

Koyuki-shi was put between double Yuu-s1

Today was a day where I struggled with written music and background music

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2010-02-04 14:31:58

I was healed by Koyuki-shi

Afterwards, when work is finished, I guess I'll send out an Ame-restricted three-shoーt

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2010-02-04 12:19:39

Yuuri and Koyuki-shi are in a daze from the artist 彡W*'ω`*Wミ

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2010-02-02 22:00:05

Me with Okada and Koyuki-san

at monomania-san

monomania-san was cuーte

The latest ((designs)) that are patterned all over are cuーte

Gooーd gooーd

And then the threads I bought with Yuuri


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2009-12-20 09:18:42

I'm being forced to worship Nyan-sama's bare legs 彡W*・ω・*Wミ

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2009-12-13 11:26:42


It seems the real-time me in the blog isn't neccessary

Today as well it's like I wasn't able to see benevolence...


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2009-12-08 22:27:07


I want hair like this you knooow1

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2009-12-08 10:46:06


Man of leisureー

Yesterday there was an instore and because I lost my color I'm sending this out--1

I wonder, was it a good color?

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