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2011-02-03 05:21:05
Aki-san's birthday

After recording
with Team ViViD ((I went)) to Aki-san's birthday venue

With influential artist-sans and other people connected to the entertainment industry
I was amazed at Aki-san's well-connected-ness and popularity

"I've seen ((you/him/her)) on television"
I totally said something like that (laugh)

As expected!

During that ((celebration))

You're a muscular kid!
After that was said
in front of senpai I just met for the first time, for some reason, I was Abs Showtime IV-san (laugh)

And I did a bingo game
(I shrewdly got a gift)

I was able to have a terribly fun time
I took a breather and now i'll be able to do my best at today's recording


Afterwards, right,
I got Aki-san to say I'm like a younger brother to him, so I was truly happy
I also think he's like an older brother

I'm doing this a number of times, but
Happy Birthday!

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2011-01-21 05:20:41

The date was changed, but
after the in-store

Aki-san and Kenzo-san
came to celebrate our major debut!


I got to hear a lot of advice

ViViD entered with a fighting yell once again

We started how many years ago

always with the same five people

we do our best to be the source of everyone's smiling faces!

I'm looking forward to today's instore!

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2010-05-30 13:46:21
From Takeru-san

I received clothes!

He's an excessively kind senpai!

And then today
it seems people performed at something called PSC48 (=゜-゜)(=。_。)

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2010-05-25 09:50:43


Matching with Ryouga!

Even the size is identical( ̄∀ ̄)

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2010-05-21 23:06:03
Thanks for your hard work Sendai

Thank you Sendai!

It was fun

Next time it will be everyone's nth time coming and meeting us☆

And then in the dressing room

JanneDaArc-san's letters\(☆o☆)/
Immediately underneath, I also wrote my name(・_・;)cheeky

I am who I am today because of knowing Janne
Just seeing their name makes me happy

With this feeling, aiming at Tokyo ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛

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There were only a handful of these, so I might translate them. But this is the important one.

2010-05-17 00:04:26
Q: I want to try seeing IV-kun's naked upper body!

A: That feels like it's not a question( ̄□ ̄;) Moreover, that is John Reno's job ( ̄□ ̄;)

Next tiーme(☆。☆)It's a pledge

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Note: this post references the RAWR I HAS MUSCLES IV post directly before this.

2010-05-09 05:47:24
Yaーy big holiday

Weーll, today
is a big holiday.

this week's IV-san
did nothing but recording, and just like that, it seemed one week had completely passed.

Today, for the sake of tomorrow, from morning on, I think I'll come and fill it ((with other non-recording things))!

Which reminds me of the tsukkomi fully-loaded picture from some time ago1
Thank you for the many thoughts and impressions ((you sent))!

Fastened at my shoulders and attached to my trousers are suspenders
Normallーy, I tried hanging them from my shoulders2
Besides, from that it became a witty pun (*´σー`)

My dream of the near future is to be a bodybuilder
That's a lie (laugh) Now is my dream of the future3
Since I was a child, I had the syndrome of wanting to become strong
so every day I did weight trainiーng and martial artーs and boxiーng aーnーd whether my height stayed the same, I have doubts
By the way, my older brother is 180 centimeters ( ̄_ ̄ )

In that caーse, let's try imagining it (*´σー`)


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2010-04-30 22:02:53
Sportsman IV


I exercised for the first time in a while

Because on tour I wasn't able to at all

Sweating is great

Boxing is also wonderful

Tomorrow is Ko-ki's birthday

Congratulations, let's celebraーte!!!1

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And now the one year posts of all the ViViD members are complete \o/

2010-04-19 09:20:53
First anniversary

Up until now we've been officially active for one whole year!

Saying that is still surprising!

The setlist one year ago
3てててTakeoff // Ta-ta-ta-takeoff
4J-ギルド // J-girudo // J-guild
It was that!

RENOTHIGHS and king are looking and feeling good
I'm going to sleep wearing an eyemask(=゜-゜)(=。_。)

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2010-04-17 23:05:25
Great job at the live

Good joーb thanksgiving!

It was super fun

All the members
wore female clothing☆
By the way I think I was a lolita!1.5
Just before the live I had a high opinion of Don ◯hote(・_・)2

Anyway, we
were able to see various types of cosplay and our tension roseー!

Because Vol. 2 will also happen☆I want you to come again!

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Because I am absolutely desperate for pics and information about ViViD's cosplay oneman, I'll translate anything they post about it EVEN IF THEY ARE GIANT FUCKING TEASES. -.-

2010-04-17 09:29:22

I wonder what I'm wearing (・◇・)?
ViViD, as I thought, wants to go to that place where there's an important sense of unity(・◇・)

I wonder, everyone, what will you come wearing?

At any rate,
it appears that ((the live)) comes when showing a compilation of approximately one year!
The title is
That", but

I'm serious!

Today's cellphone picture
whether to send it out somehow
I'm in the middle of deciding(・_・)

Well, well!

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2010-04-14 18:07:38
In the equipment van

In the equipment van I'm gaming with Ko-ki \(☆o☆)/

I was drunk (-_-#)

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2010-04-11 05:29:15



"Just as I thought"

that single word (laughs)

What the hell?! Senpai!!1

By the way, today I had pizza from catering with Shin☆

I'm ignorant of pizza potato chips but the genuine article2
was amazingly delicious

Well, tomorrow as well I'll try my best.

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2010-04-10 00:01:25
I am IV!

This was today, or rather, yesterday


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2010-03-22 15:42:51
Me me


Today the weather is good, isn't it

I want to read Jump soon1

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2010-03-17 17:27:26
Ero image


RENOTHIGHS and Shin's leg \(☆o☆)/

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