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2011-01-21 11:32:30
Beloved people


Yesterday Aki-san and kenzo-nii-chan came to celebrate!

They're our beloved senpai ( ´ ▽ ` )

Because it was truly blessed circumstances ((the debut + the senpai coming to celebrate)), it appears that I must do my best even more.

Let's go and play again ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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2010-05-01 21:04:20
Large gathering of bandmen


Birthday return gift is long-time-no-see layout.1

It's an herbivore-style image (laugh)

Yesterday was many people cane to celebrate my birthday!

From people from rival bands to daisenpai. . .2

Because it was the first time I got to celebrate it like this,3 I was deeply moved!

With this industry ((music industry)), I'm a total youngster, however, I've gotten to be terribly loved, so I'm truly happy!

If I'm ever able to have kouhai, I'll be kind and gentle!

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This one is for the AND fans. Fan. XD

2010-04-27 23:34:54
ヾ(゜ щ。)

Thanks to the band we collaborated with!

It was a fun tour(・◇・)

Additionally, I was supposed to take a photo with both AND's Suzune-kun and Ken-chan(*_*)

Well, it feels like this ε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛

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2010-04-27 23:19:40
ヾ(゜ щ。)With Kru-kun


Crazy drummer Kru-kun!

Super stylish and cool!

Besides drumming, we really speak the same language!

I love him (laugh)

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2010-04-27 23:14:02
ヾ(゜ щ。) With Tomo-san


On the top of vistlip's vocals, Tomo-shi!

The atmosphere is already good.

Many times over we got to mess around (laugh)

Thank you!

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2010-04-27 23:09:14
ヾ(゜ щ。) With Vell-san


With red-haired Vell-san!

It might be unexpected, however, we have a relationship (laugh)

Our hobbies and preferences matchヾ(゜щ。)

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2010-04-27 22:58:17
ヾ(゜ щ。) With Tohya-kun


With the greatly popular Tohya-kun!

It seems this pose is...

An interesting and quite profound relationship!

He's older but we've connected and become friends★

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2010-04-27 16:36:24
ヾ(゜ щ。) With Byou-san


With Byou-aniki!

This also...

Byou-san is kind and very interesting! I love him (°⃞°;)

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2010-04-27 16:28:38
ヾ(゜ щ。) With Kazuki-san


With Kazuki-aniki!


Kazuki-san is very level-headed, so this tour, I got to learn a lot!

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2010-04-27 13:39:18
ヾ(゜ щ。) With Jin-san


With Jin-san!

They're probably just boring pictures, so I'll add comments here and there (laugh)

I thought Manabu-san was a quiet, obedient person, but surprisingly, he's a talkative ikemen-san!

Rui-san is gently, calmly kind!

Jin-san, apart from being a drummer, has attempted various things! He's affectionate and amusing!

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2010-04-25 21:46:10
ヾ(゜ щ。) Shibuya


Thanks, Shibuya!

Our first time at EAST was fun!

I was bewildered by how huge it was!

And then there was equipment trouble!

It was a big surprise, though, this live!

Those waiting for us to come out ((after the venue--they wait near the backstage entrance)), and those waiting for us to enter ((the venue)), I was happy!
Because I'm shy, I don't really touch hands ((of the waiting people)), but I was terribly happy!

However, those waiting for us to go in and come out, it's bad spot, so you must not wait( ~っ~)/

If the rest of voices are huge, I'm psyched!

Therefore, when the SE comes on and we go on stage, I want to receiーve huge voices from everyone!
Okaーy (・◇・)?

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I have felt moderately guilty for never translating Ko-ki. And then I found something I wanted to translate \o/

2010-04-20 11:12:58


I'm putting on flashy underpants (laugh)

There's a pocket attacheーd!

Aren't they awesome!

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2010-04-19 20:38:21
One full year


It's already been one full year for ViViD.
It's really joyous!

But, after this, saying we'll do it freely for two years, three years, ten years, twenty years, the future is loーng.

I don't really immerse myself in lingering memories.

From this point onwards, please take care of ViViD forever.

Which reminds me, I changed my haircolor, and it's been really popular, so I'm happy.

Because I always wanted the color it was (laugh)

For the time being, this ((describing his hair)) is difficult to understand, so I put up a picture of a person resembling it--you'll have to come and see the real thing★

Kooriyama, thank you for today

Because my throat hurts, please heal me with your love (laugh)

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2010-04-13 15:20:53
On that topic


Today is probably the last time to be able to see my red hairε=ε=┏( ・_・)┛

Because, as you'd expect, I got tired of it (laugh)

A picture is usually a little permanent (‘o‘)ノ 1

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