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2011-02-09 00:27:01

Good job! It was a fun event! It became an enjoyable Summer Zepp tour.
Everyone had the best smiling faces!!

But, personally, I don't agree at all.

The live was fun.
I was able to smile with everyone, so that was fun!!


I thought, our band needs to totally skill up ((get better)).

Doing the musical performance, I got so irritated.

What the hell. This kinda guy? I thought.

I'm not like thaaat.

Because I'm not yeeet that kinda guy.

Aーh, it's mortifying.

I want to become a more skilled band.
We don't just captivate people1, I want a perfectly done performance that comes together like a hand fits in a glove.

The members are still beyond skilled.2
This kinda thing didn't come through ((in the performance)).

We gotta practice more and more.

I'll go play guitar.

Aーh, irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2011-02-08 18:27:34
Arena 37°C


At last the ViViD volume is on sale tomorrow!

It's this kind of feeling!!

Everyone, because it's one copy wholly of ViViD1, absolutely look at it!!

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2010-07-20 09:09:13
Sarouel are the best1

With Ryouga.

I'm talking with Ryouga now, so aphorisms came out.

"Your life is my life."

The members share a common destiny ((lit: are in the same boat))

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Because I depend on other people to point out ridiculously long posts that may or may not be interesting and I'm all Byou'd out for today. When we both stop making sense, it's time to switch Jrockers. x_X

Please enjoy Reno's freaking essay. WHO WRITES THIS MUCH AT SEVEN IN THE MORNING.

2010-07-20 07:11:22


Yesterday, good job, Yokohama! It was fun!

After today, it feels like a full-blown tour

Everyone from Sendai is hot ((passionate)) and good.
Because I'm looking forward to it

I mean, I'm changing the subject, but with Yuugiri-san, I was near a disorderly house
for about 5 minutes (laugh)

Yesterday we talked about going drinking after the tour finishes.

Before that, on the ferry ((from island to island in Japan)), we should drink together if we can.

This time's tour it seems like I've been able to make many friends! All of the artist-sans I'm becoming friends with are nothing but good-humored, kind people.

All of the staff-san also are nothing but good people.

From the bottom of my heart, the truth is that I think I've become blessed
I'm grateful.

The conversation has strayed off-topic, but the other day, while on stage, I had an argument with Ryouga.

But, thank you, and I'm sorry. And let's immediately reconcile.

I'm able to say thank you and
I'm sorry. I think saying those words is surely difficult to say for everyone.

But undoubtedly the most important words

being brave and unintentionally becoming completely stubborn and it's awkward and embarrassing, but

when you're able to say I'm sorry perfectly from the bottom of your heart

your companions will also understand. ((lit: companions will give you understanding, i.e., understand your POV and forgive you))

They are lovely words.

Therefore, during the live, among other things, all of you
bumping into each other, and burdening each other with troubles, and other things,
not noticing it myself, put an end to annoying each other; if you are careful with the surrounding people,

honestly, from the bottom of your heart, let's try saying "I'm sorry."

With being careful and heeding advice, there might be biting words, but, there, with the feelings of an adult, patience, patience.

Therefore, if you resist, you're only being angry at someone who would normally be angry with you. It's unsophisticated.

I think I'm saying it many times over, but, let's protect manners properly. For sure, protect manners.
Because after injuring ((someone)), well, it's too late.

If you don't know manners, read the atmosphere.

...even so, if you don't understand, that's deplorable. You're KY (laugh)

Weellll, the conversation derailed, but

the point is

thank you


I'm sorry

Saying that is called being honest.

Thank you for reading until here.

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2010-06-02 02:18:12
Feeling bad, among other things, I'm noーt!?

With saying that thing ((the title)), right now I'm alone as a greatly admired drunkard, but

I experienced a sense of isolation and loneliness
I called Ryouga.

It seems that guy was sleeping.

Close friends are lovely!

Calling at a time like this, thank you, Ryouga.
Taーke caーreー iーn thーe baーthー

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2010-06-01 02:47:14

As I thought, 69-II is good, huh.
I have a feeling that my costume and hairstyle personally suit me the best.1
It feels like they have thorns.2
Everyone, which do you like??

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2010-05-26 01:25:58
Much more, much more1


The end! Scream~...!




1 Could also be again again again again
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2010-05-25 11:41:49


I'm getting into a fighting spirit so I'll do my best!

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2010-05-22 20:58:40


For the time being, Kurama is hurriedly being hospialized.

Because we're coming again in July, absolutely come!!!

For the time being, everyone ate ridiculous amounts of beef tongue (laugh)

Sendai's good, I like you, Sendai.

Well, then, You peta-peta'd me! Thank you!

I'm not gachigire

See you later


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2010-05-20 15:57:22
Replies 4

The last one is going!

☆ How do you remember faces and names?

That's right, at lives, when they're full ((of people)), I gradually remember faces, but for remembering names, the handshake meet and greets, letters, like a photograph, remembering is easy, maybe (laugh)

☆ Which season do you like?

For all the members, its' said that we're men who summer suits best (laugh)1

☆ What is is your ideal date plan?

It's lengthy...

First of all, in advance, making reservations at a favorite French cuisine restaurant and going...driving to the house by car to pick ((her)) up. 2
Eating French cuisine course meal and then while strolling, going towards a bar.
((At the bar)), drinking to the atmosphere of good jazz

The mood of two people also becomes good
Going to a place with good scenery...

Checkmate (laugh)
Well, it's ideal (laugh)

☆ Under your costume do you wear a T-back ((thong))?

Nope. I'm naked♪

This time it's this feeling! (laughs)

Were you able to enjoy it?

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2010-05-20 15:38:16
Replies 3

There's still some way to go and I'll totally try my bestー

☆ How do you relax?

With friends, drinking drinking drinking drinking drinking alcohol and then...

drinking. And more ((drinking)).

☆ Are you the type who can compose songs in one sitting?

If it occurs to me, for the time being, I'm the "do an audio recording and from there, add to it" type.

☆ In the studio, what kind of practice do you do?

For four hours, we do nothing but perform songs repetitively. Yes. I'm a Sparta Leader.1

☆ Do you have a recommended shampoo?

Recently I discovered a good one! Next time I'll introduce it in my blog.

☆ How many piercings do you have?

In my ears, just 3.
Rather than having a large quantity, they're few in number, so it's simply cool and stylish! It's not quantity, it's quality.

☆ "Resenting a person because your heart is dirty" often saying that but, because of this image I'm coming to resent my classmates. Is my heart filthy?

It's that, huh. I don't know if your heart itself is being corrupted. Because the circumstances are what they are. However, speaking of that, showing your hand when you reciprocate with malicious things to your companions, that is you carrying the same heart as those people.
Everyone feels irritated or sick and is resentful and envious.
However that's what being human is.

It's okay. Those guys also feel it. I'm only in the area with my blog and music, but I'm your ally. So you should have peace of mind

After cloudiness, clear weather
After rain, clear weather
After storms, clear weather

Absolutely, it will clear up some day.

It's okay. Because you have us.

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2010-05-20 15:12:21
Replies 2

With my cell phone, because I'm making noodles by hand, I'm simplifying the contents of the questions, but doing that with love and respect☆

☆ I lost the lottery on the Sprinkling Festival ((cosplay live))...please comfort me. For the rest of this time, what were the contents?

That's regretful... Be patient until AX. The contents...I'm still unable to talk about, but it sill be a really big surprise, I think (laugh) If it's a fan thanksgiving maybe like that thing or this thing (laugh)1

☆ What should I do to get Reno-san-ish quivering lips?

Mm~My lips were quivering since birth (laugh)...coat them excessively with gloss! (laugh)

☆ What perfume are you using?

Recently it's Ultramarine, GUCCI, BVLGARI, I think?

☆ Very soon it's your birthday, but are there things you want?

I'm full of things~...I want clothes and accessories and things~!

☆ Do you usually show your thighs?

There's no reason to (laugh) It's like a crime ((public indecency)). Usually I wear FUGA and Buffalobobs, I think?

☆ Do you not have a lip piercing ((anymore))?

I might again someday? It's not yet become clear.2

☆ Do you like sweets?

Lately I don't really eat them by choice~ But I eat snacks that go with alcohol (laugh)

☆ I like Reno-sama so much I transformed, but will it be allowed?

This transformation is do-M-ish!!3
...I guess I'll allow it.

☆ You treat your parents with care, but did Reno-kun ever have a rebellious age?

I really did. Walking around town together was unpleasant and my tone of voice was bad. I said cruel things, too.
But becoming an adult, I've recognized their importance, and I think I've come to treat each with a little more filial piety.
By the way, the other day, for Mother's Day I sent a beautiful bouquet.

☆ Composing during the day, or during night, which do you make more progress with?

If I'm diligent, at the same time is it in the middle of the night?
When it's boiled down, on the veranda ((balcony)) while the night wind is blowing, while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes, I like resetting like that.

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Sob. I was just going to start Part 7 of Kouki's Q&A and I noticed these. Whyyyyy.

2010-05-20 14:41:59
Replies 1

Well theeen, start.
(Because of circumstances, answering all of the questions isn't possible)

☆ Is there choreography for the new song?

There is! So look forward to it!1

☆ What alcohol are you addicted to lately?

Recently, it's Shandygaff!

☆ What type of woman do you like? (Specifically)

Specifically~. Lately, if it suits, if they're not gaudy2, I think anything is good. But miniskirt and knee-highs to this day are foul play (laugh)
I like hairdos that are something like dyed brown and long, but if a bob suits you, I like it too!
For contents ((personality)), I wonder if I like a person who is both a calm and kind child and an adult who's able to cook and settle down (contents, right).

Conversely, not having common sense, not observing manners, abusive of people and calmly gossiping maliciously behind someone's back, I dislike a person like that. Or perhaps I should say hate.

☆ Why is there so much ero?

It's often misunderstood, but I'm usually not very ero (laugh)
However, when I stand on stage and play guitar, my personality changes. It's just that.

☆ Why do you reveal your thighs?3

When I realized it, my thighs were ((already)) being shown.

☆ Do you reply to fanletters?

Ah, so it's that. Surely to me, if there are strong thoughts and feelings of love, I might reply to your mailbox ☆ After a long time, I want to write responses to everyone in my own handwriting.

☆ Is Reno-kun okay with having fans older than him?

Of course. They're warmly welcomed.

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2010-05-06 00:43:16

Now an OL-ish type person I passed ((said)) to a second person-san1

"That person's spine is beyond straight, isn't it (laugh)"


was heard ((by me)), but (laugh)

I mean, it's normal!

Ah, Ryouga is super hunch-backed (laugh)

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2010-04-28 13:40:41


After this morning, I'm doing a SHOXX personal photoshoot with Ryouga.

The edition goes on sale May 21, so look forward to it

So for this time, it's Japanese clothes.

Courtesan-ish...? (laugh)

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2010-04-27 00:18:30
Kimikoe is on karaoke?!

It seems like it will be available after May 18!

I wonder if I'll sing Kimikoeー? Doing my best to remember, I'll also try singing it at karaoke (laugh)

Even in karaoke, the instant it goes into the hook ((high point of the song)), will everyone jump~?
Since the rap part is like 'check it out~'-ish, it must feel good.

Little by little my health is getting better. Tomorrow, I should be cured, I think.
Usually my nose is stuffed up, but...(laugh)

And then today there was a photoshoot, but it felt good!
Usually I feel like my hairdo is not not all that, so I'm looking forward to this♪

Personally, I think I like this one?

Weーll, tomorrow is the live at EAST, so I'll sleep!!
I mean, steamed eyemasks are the best, right. My eyes will be totally cured.

As it is, I want to sleep

Oyasumi Hanuー

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2010-04-25 22:22:28
East, g'job, good joーb!


It was our first time at EAST. And, it was spaciouーs. It was fun! Thanks to everyone who came☆
Well, the day after tomorrow it All Things In Nature tour final, and it's at the same EAST, but (laugh)

My physical condition is not perfect.

Ah, did the girls who came to the live notice that my hair was different?

We have a photoshoot soon, so I did an image change.

But my hairdo until now, when I tried to restore the current length and color, and in the long run, it was impossible, so, there's charm (laugh)

My next costume is at Umaji Yabafoー
I think it feels cool, so
Look forward to it

For the time being, the All Things in Nature tour had various and competitive days, so absolutely, come drop by!

Now, I want more messages filled with love
Letters, emails, anything is okay. If they're short, it's also okay. As long as they're filled with love

.....the current me needs your feelings

Once in a while, is it okay to rely ((on you))?

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2010-04-22 01:55:15

I having trouble falling asleeーp

Next to me, Reno is completely fast asleep and...(laugh)

How can I sleep? Please teach me (laugh)

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2010-04-19 08:02:27
One Full Year


Today we're welcoming officially our one year anniversary

One year passes in the blink of an eye.
But in the space of one year, with various experiences and with coming into adulthood, I'm really happy.

In one year, people like this are also able to change, I think.

In addition to that, because everyone is definitely

always helping us, thank you.

And then, after this as well, I want you to help ViViD to become close to the best.

Like that, today was Kooriyama.
Being able to do a live on exactly one full year to the day is truly a blessing.

I'm off!

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