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2011-01-21 14:54:17
Because of everyone

Yesterday I got to celebrate with Aki-san and Kenzo-san

I want to become that sort of senpai, I obediently thought

I thought too much like a great kouhai, so I became completely overly passionate

Thank you very much

After this kind of behavior, I think I'll go show my thanks


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2010-05-31 20:20:19
Tribal Arrival

Today I got to laugh at Reno

I laughed until I cried

Getting to do this for the first time in a while, I felt like my shoulders lost strength and thanks to you ((Reno)), tomorrow my abdominal muscles will probably be sore

And then yesterday

Yesterday I stood onstage with many senpai, so I was happy

During that, Aoi-san performed as a surprise, and I was rooted to the spot on stage

Doing the live in Tokyo, it somehow felt like it had been a while?

I don't really understand why, but I have one thing I understood yesterday

The kind of assembly hall was spacious and warm, and I felt like you were close

I realized you were facing straight ahead and with what seemed to be enjoyment, in my innermost thoughts, my tension rose

Although Tribal happened, that connection disappeared

Yesterday until our turn ((to perform)) I was able to speak with many senpai, and the time instantly passed, so one day went by quickly

You are fans of the senpai who think of their kouhai

I'm not able to express how amazing ((they are)) in words

After this, because we'll send our feelings out with the best music, steadily react to it

To you whom I love

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2010-05-22 23:36:21

I talked about taking a two-person photo with Reno today, but

A picture from some time ago is a picture from working today

Reno being gachigire is a joke (laugh)

But because all of you look ((at this blog)) and I get to hear your impressions like this and how you didn't think ((Reno was gachigire)), I was really happy

I love you who are always letting me hear your feelings1

Fucking idiots


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2010-05-22 20:07:08

Yesterday, good job at Sendai

During the day, I was able to eat beef tongue and I think that area was not reluctant, but...

In July we'll absolutely have revenge

Yesterday, we had no choice except yesterday, and the people that we were yesterday were that kind of people, because we had no choice ((but to be like that)), so it was regrettable, and I thought the musical performance that I wanted to express ((was not there))

With that, yesterday SHOXX went on sale, but did you properly look?

Those who haven't looked yet, because Reno is gachigire, be careful

Gachigire Reno

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2010-05-17 18:50:28

If this morning happened, it walked right past me1

Personally experiencing the season's turning point completely feels fresh, I like ((it))

And you?

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2010-05-15 16:08:59

As usual, the weather is good, so today has a good feeling

Today for the first time in a while I'm going out on an outing

I forgot that it's Saturday, but are there many people ((who also did))?

During a pre-arranged meeting, I went in search of a present with Shin

We thought we'd take a break, and the restaurant we entered was one that we hadn't been to for a while, it was a place of memories

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2010-05-09 02:17:34
Mother's Day

Are you already sleeping?

Some time ago I received perfume from my father

It seems like I haven't used it yet, but I was excessively happy

On that topic, today is Mother's Day

I wonder if days like this are all about spreading filial piety?

I wonder how we'll pass this kind of day?1

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2010-05-08 03:12:14

"I'm home"

"Welcome back"

"Do you want to take a bath? Have you eaten? Or..."

Some day I want to try and do it

While thinking worthless things, I'm about to slowly rest, but

The music I want to convey

With music, my feelings are able to be communicated

Hot feelings that won't lose to anyone, having self-confidence,

in this way, the blog continues, but I get to know many people, I get to listen to them, so I feel happiness

But that kind of thing, I shouldn't think that it's natural1

As for me, that can't be turned over ((conveyed))

That feeling is shut in my mind, so when I get into bed, surely it will become bright2

It's not much longer until morning, but

if we were able to meet tonight in a dream, would it be good?



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2010-05-06 03:57:12
Wishing on a star

Today it's feels like at last I'm in bed

Surely many people are already sleeping?

However, I still want to go drinking at this time

Until morning comes, nothing but drinking

If it's night, I feel like I can do anything

If it's night, I can't help feeling that wishes come true

It's like "wishing on a star"

Does this seem like evening talk?

Aah, I'm not making a mistake

I love that melody

And now, without thinking about worthless things, sleep

I included tomorrow in my wish, so I rested today


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2010-05-04 02:01:13

While bathing in the night wind, at a time like this

I became hungry, so I couldn't work

I like this amount of time

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2010-04-28 11:26:30


Yesterday was beyond crazy, so I was surprised

Well, if people are tired, I don't know what they think about, but it became something I want to say

But, however, even today, because it was early in the morning, it's really coming

Because of Reno's phone waking up, I immediately woke up

You guys must also think it, but if I have the chance, I'll wake him up

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2010-04-28 03:15:40

Let me see

Recently so many events have happened here that inside me that they're not easily put in order, and without being able to skillfully expressing them, however I existed

First of all, today, good job

With feelings like that, rain fell, but still, many stood at O-EAST, so I was able to see your faces, and it made me happy

It's like I was loved ((by the fans))

Our eyes meeting isn't a mistake or anything, because in reality they're coming together

Get ready to remember it perfectly

Because today was the tour final, fun and pain and sorrow, I was made to understand all these things, and I think I'm able to express them, but

how was it for you?

Even if you only came once to the tour, what did you think of it?

Actually, returning from Hokkaidou, I suddenly had a fever, so I caught a cold, and despite this, before the live I was truly surprised

Illness and accidents and things

I think I tried to personally experience it, but it was truly painful, you know

The way I was thinking, my body wasn't moving, and I thought it was mortifying

It really seemed that way to me, and I wasn't able to become healthy

But the live on the 25th, well, when I saw your faces, it's like I already went somewhere ((a place of healthiness)) like that

So there's no need to worry

But, now if there's a reason, if those guys ((fans)) aren't able to come to the live,

because I'll even be waiting until then,

if I discover people like that, smile at me with your whole face,

and then I'll be able to get healthy

As for the rest of the discussion of illness

Even if family and important people grow ill, when it's said to be for the remainder of one's years, how is that?

Is it one week?

I thought it would be uneventful

I wonder what you normally feel or think in that kind of time?

I seriously don't know

Just thinking, well, it can't be helped, but

because I can only do that1

Therefore, a request--I don't want anyone to become like that

So it's my request


but whoever it is, tomorrow there won't be things that become simpler, so carefully, carefully I must live today

Anyway, it became like a somewhat poetic blog, but, is it okay? (laugh)

At last, I'll be able to sleep

I mean, now, even if it's television, I'll talk for the remainder of my years

I won't watch so I can sleep

Because I write the blog with force, it's hard to read and I sort of don't understand this post either

Never mind

Tomorrow I'll pass the day with the most smiling faces


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2010-04-22 04:58:35


After last evening passed, I randomly fell asleep

I didn't even eat anything

Now I woke up

Next to me, Reno is fast asleep

After this, what should I do?

After taking a bath, I'll think about it

Yeah, I'll take a walk

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2010-04-21 06:05:32

Good job Sendai

Even though it was the first time, you were awesome

Because that's what ROCK should be, I think, everyone joining in the loving mood

When that's how it is, I enjoy myself

We're coming in again in May, so at that time, come with more and more seriousness

And then, today in the dressing room, I talked about many things with SCREW, but, as a matter of fact, I wore SCREW's bandana at the Kagoshima live, and that guy ((Byou)) is realizing it?

With that, I'll be able to sleep a little later

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2010-04-20 00:26:07

Good job, Kooriyama

ViViD was able to celebrate our 1 year anniversary here, so it was good

At the beginning of the live going to out to meet ((you guys)) things like this are the best, aren't they?

This day next year, I want to do a live

Today was the only day for many things

For me, what you're were thinking today, what you did, maybe these things don't come to mind at all1

What are you thinking?

From me, truly, thank you

I want to convey my thanks honestly

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, among you, if I picture it, with only that, I'm able to do my best

However, because I'm greedy, I always want you to convey how you feel as a message

Therefore, seeing those messages tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, energetically I'll be able to do my best

Because I receive smiles, returning your smiles twofold, I'm planning that, idiot

With a smiling face, I'll meet you again

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This post is long as hell. You have been warned. Ryouga talks almost as much as Reika's 3 year anniversary post. T_T Which I still haven't translated, because it's long. But I have told myself I'm not allowed to translate anything until I've closed all these tabs and I stupidly opened both of Ryouga's long posts. Cry.

2010-04-19 05:53:37
ViViD 1 year anniversary

Thank you for the many, many feelings you've sent

The truth is, I thought I would write a morning blog, but I want to convey this now

Since then, it's already been one year?

Our time has passed so quickly, it's astonishing, but I'll be honest, exactly one year to date, being met at lives, such things make me happy

There's still some way to go since we began, and after this, I think

I don't know how far we'll be able to go, but just being able to be good is our plan of action

We only aim for the top, so it can't be helped,

I absolutely want you to follow us

Well, I must start with doing music, otherwise there is no meaning

A way of speaking is good, a way of speaking is necessary, I think, but, in my own way, I like you idiots

It's that kind of thing, but when you're sad, when you're happy, I feel it together with you, and I can't help but think this way

I remember that I should be thinking I'm happy, knowing you or even remembering really trivial things

Occasionally, I become overheated ((angry)), so "what an asshole"2 is hotly said (laugh)

but you who come along with a level-head, I love you

Living normally, because in-stores are the only chance where it's possible to say things like this, it's lonely

Are my feelings reaching you?

Well, pay attention, idiot

For some of you, it's the first time you came to a live, but I wonder, are some not coming anymore?

Like this, however, we reached adult hood, even our appearance, so come see us sometimes

Because I'm waiting

Aa, it came out

This phenomenon--I don't know what I want to say after all

I think, the more messages I receive from the rest of you, the harder I work

I'm hesitating, aren't I

Show me more feelings

Because no matter how big, no matter how big the band will grow, I won't change

Therefore, so I have peace of mind, come along with me

From me to you

And because there's a live today, how about getting psyーched

With the nutrient drink I received, I'm doping,3 so today as well I'm healthy


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2010-04-17 10:51:13


Finally today arrived

Because I'm already that, I'm not only anticipating it1

However, today I think when you are able to see cosplaying, enjoying it is inevitable

Nurse, female teacher, the rest of the little guys are something I don't know, but truly I'm looking forward forward to it1

Aーh, I went and became tense

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2010-04-12 22:49:02

Good job Kagoshima

I always wear different things ((accessories)) when I go onstage, and today

Byou-san's bandana

Because that's SCREW's bandana, I'm sure I'll receive power from it

Receiving so much power, it might have been a fruitless effort1

Well, it's an experience

Tomorrow is Hakata

Come and suffer even if you're dying

And then, from a distance, those guys ((rest of ViViD, most likely)) are slowly resting

Kagoshima, thank you

We'll come again

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2010-04-10 02:07:10

Reno is in the bath

They became empty of renothighs


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2010-04-02 21:41:46
My face


My face isn't within the photograph, but because I was being photographed before this, after a while I took one myself

For the rest, recently I haven't been receiving many fanmails, so I'm lonely, it's stupid1

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