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2010-05-15 16:01:39
With Ryouga

We secretly went shopping o(^-^)o


Because Ryouga is able to talk with the mood of our home town, we really get along!

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2010-04-27 12:17:13

There were many requests, so it seems it's been added to karaoke☆1
Truly, thank you!
By the way
Kimikoe, what is it about? I've been asked that, but
Kimikoe is kimikoe!
Falling in love with you
such things as
falling in love with you
among other things

you are carp
and other things
(it's a joke)2
How each person perceives it, for everyone, one by one, I hope it's becoming a valuable lovely song.
Of course it's possible to say that of all our songs.

This month, I'm late for a birthday person, I'm sorry↓ Congratulations☆

All Things In Nature last ((show))
I guess I'll color ((my hair)) for Shibuya

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2010-04-26 09:25:52

At last it became warm!!
Today I'm about to start a kattosou1 transformation☆
109-kei is a brand I quite like o(^-^)o


The weather feels good.

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2010-04-24 16:06:54

Our business meeting is done, so I'm eating dinner with Reno

It was delicious!
With everyone's encouraging mail, I'm became energetic, so I'll be able to do my best

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2010-04-23 01:28:11
Come now

After this, it's a long trip by boat!
Because I'm together in the room with Kazuki-san and Jin-san, it's fun♪

But because I'm tired, I'll sleep! laugh
If it's okay, I want to hear all of your impressions of the tour♪
Because it's with everyone that we make the lives!

Please take care of me!

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2010-04-19 10:21:14
One year

One year ago today, I wonder, what was I feeling?
Generally speaking, it seems I got to receive the joy
of being able to do lives again, saying that with anxiety,

I don't really know what I was feeling

Walking forward as ViViD for one year, well, to be accurate, it was a year of running and overtaking from behind

Until now it's been the fastest, hottest year

Difficult things, seeming to be crushed, countless things happened, but
the joy of being able to meet everyone,
the pleasure of listening to many people, ViViD received them1

That happiness and enjoyment--we're not being seen by everyone, but it's my fortune
as a vocalist, as a human being, however, I still have some way to go

From here on out, because I'll try harder and harder,
everyone, please keep watching over us

I love you

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2010-04-19 00:13:17
Long time since the last photo

Today the weather was good, so I went on a walk o(^-^)o

During this, I wanted to wear 5351's cardigan that I purchased☆
Recently, it's been cold, so I couldn't wear it (laugh)

Don't worry about the picture frame (laugh)


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2010-04-11 08:34:58

Waking up now, when I checked my fanmail (because I always check when I wake up, my day begins!! it's a routine)
"Just as I thought" like that is so cute!!
the mail that came said, but
someone said just as I thought? laugh
It seems I spoke in my sleep (laugh)

By the way, I
dream of fighting people in dreams and sometimes half-asleep, while my neighbor ((roommate)) is sleeping, with all my strength, I throw a straight punch at a friend (laugh)

And now, IV is still sleeping

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2009-12-28 17:40:34
Reno-san o(^-^)o

So annoying!1
Even if I don't say that sort of thing, it's understood

I really love you, too o(^-^)o

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2009-12-28 17:13:43
For the lead guitar1

Noisy o(^-^)o2
*Reno's blog



1 The word he uses is actually "skilled," but I think here lead makes sense. He clarifies it with Reno blog

2 So, it's one word, with the first meaning being noisy; boisterous, and the second being strict; faultfinding; carping; fussy. It's in response to this post in which Reno is like, wtf you fail, get it right. I think both strict and noisy work here, but I opted for noisy.

Okay, this entry is part of a whole back and forth thing with Shin and Reno. Full series is: Shin -> Reno -> Shin (you are here) -> Reno -> Shin -> Reno -> [Reno - not part of the series but the next post refers back to this one] -> Reno

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2009-12-28 13:40:44
Just as I thought, this is~♪

Takoyaki-flavoured Umaka-bou1


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