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2011-02-09 00:27:01

Good job! It was a fun event! It became an enjoyable Summer Zepp tour.
Everyone had the best smiling faces!!

But, personally, I don't agree at all.

The live was fun.
I was able to smile with everyone, so that was fun!!


I thought, our band needs to totally skill up ((get better)).

Doing the musical performance, I got so irritated.

What the hell. This kinda guy? I thought.

I'm not like thaaat.

Because I'm not yeeet that kinda guy.

Aーh, it's mortifying.

I want to become a more skilled band.
We don't just captivate people1, I want a perfectly done performance that comes together like a hand fits in a glove.

The members are still beyond skilled.2
This kinda thing didn't come through ((in the performance)).

We gotta practice more and more.

I'll go play guitar.

Aーh, irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jumping ahead out of order, because I'm sure everyone wants to know what Byou said about Daisuke's death. For fans who don't know, Daisuke (ex-Kagerou, the studs) was a huge role model/friend of Byou's. Byou was a Kagerou roadie for I'm not sure how long, but he always called Daisuke Daisuke-nii-san (older brother). And Daisuke died last week.

July 18, 2010

We met by chance not quite ten years ago, wasn't it

This summer for sure, we'll absolutely go watch baseball, we said

It's not the Dome, but at the Shinto shrine is good, right1

In the future, we made a promise to open a coffee shop together, didn't we

After saying crybaby, crybaby, still tears fell...

Always making me laugh, heart-breaking things, painful things, despite saying everything to the absolute limit, why at the end did you say nothing

I understand saying, "Shut up, you're annoying," but please be able to say it.

Because I was able to meet you, I am who I am now

"That impertinent asshole" was said and since that day, I've watched your back and come to learn many things

Always being concerned, being affectionate, but, taking off all of the burdens you were carrying, please, slowly rest

If I say my real intention, I wanted to behave like a spoiled child for longer, but in order to not worry, because I'm living steadily,

There is still more baggage forgotten at home so, once in a while, please look down from the sky, okay

Until now, truly, thank you very much

Your way of life, for your whole life, I won't forget

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July 04, 2010
Instant killing

After returning home, there aren't even fragments of the yukata.

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2010-06-22 21:57:40
Father's Day

The other day was Father's Day, huh.
If I compare it to Mother's Day, it seems like one's presence is felt less on Father's Day ((meaning people think about Mother's Day more)).
It's careless and it felt like I sort of forgot, but normally, with feelings of gratitude, I sent a combination-type-thing of beer ((like a set of various beers instead of a 6-pack of one kind)) to my parents' home.
When both parents repeatedly sleep together early on, that kind of thing results in seeing a son like me, who grew old, right, and feeling like that, I think I want to receive that kind of pleasure so I can experience it.1

Last month I lost a really close person, and went to Osaka for one day just to see them off ((say farewell)).
After I lost them, I realized that the truth is, there are many things that I want to convey to them.
Therefore, I want to care for the important people around me now, and I think it's come to the point that I want to the things I think about in that manner.
Those are my family and the ((SCREW)) members, the office people I'm close to.
And of course everyone who supports me.

Even I, before growing old, my way of thinking about various things has changed, and I've thought about them over again.

Yeーah, if I said what I want to say, everyone before my eyes is an important person, and conveying my feelings of gratitude to them well, that's what I want to say.

Very soon I'll fully be an adult.
For the time being, I'll go to the convenience store.

Well then.

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June 17, 2010
Instant killing

Excuse the midnight posting.

After the Kanazawa live.

Somehow, this towel is summery.

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June 10, 2010
Instant killing

's'hot... ((it's hot))

heavy drinker.

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June 08, 2010
Advance notice of an instant killing


goes on sale tomorrow.

With saying that,

I'll return the trampling to the first ten girls who peta me on June 9 at midnight.1

Well, struggle ((against each other)) for me.

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2010-06-02 17:43:05
For the first time in a while

I tried taking a picture ((of myself))

Today, please treat me favourably!

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2010-06-01 02:47:14

As I thought, 69-II is good, huh.
I have a feeling that my costume and hairstyle personally suit me the best.1
It feels like they have thorns.2
Everyone, which do you like??

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2010-05-31 20:20:19
Tribal Arrival

Today I got to laugh at Reno

I laughed until I cried

Getting to do this for the first time in a while, I felt like my shoulders lost strength and thanks to you ((Reno)), tomorrow my abdominal muscles will probably be sore

And then yesterday

Yesterday I stood onstage with many senpai, so I was happy

During that, Aoi-san performed as a surprise, and I was rooted to the spot on stage

Doing the live in Tokyo, it somehow felt like it had been a while?

I don't really understand why, but I have one thing I understood yesterday

The kind of assembly hall was spacious and warm, and I felt like you were close

I realized you were facing straight ahead and with what seemed to be enjoyment, in my innermost thoughts, my tension rose

Although Tribal happened, that connection disappeared

Yesterday until our turn ((to perform)) I was able to speak with many senpai, and the time instantly passed, so one day went by quickly

You are fans of the senpai who think of their kouhai

I'm not able to express how amazing ((they are)) in words

After this, because we'll send our feelings out with the best music, steadily react to it

To you whom I love

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Grr, Byou, why get rid of the timestamp, gdi, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TIME YOUR POSTS. D:<

May 29, 2010
Instant killing

Today I have a bad feeling that I'm overdoing it with updating.

Tomorrow I'll wake up at around bedtime as usual.

For the first time in a while, I want to do makeup with deep colors...((probably dramatic/dark super visual))

Anything suits me, so I'm troubled, you know.0

Like the title says,

Drop dead, you bastards.1

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2010-05-25 09:50:43


Matching with Ryouga!

Even the size is identical( ̄∀ ̄)

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2010-05-23 15:35:38

After make-up.

I'm looking forward to the event!

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2010-05-18 22:43:45


Today also, I was in time for BrainStein!


Mikaru-kun, Takuma-san, Gin, Megane, me can be checked off in the artist picture!!

Gin is a really close friend, truly

A how-many-years-have-passed-since-we-became-friends type of friend

Next for sure!!

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2010-05-17 10:57:52


I was surrounded by the BrainStein members

Because Takuma-san sent the picture to me toーo

Takuma-san and Gin mailed it to me especially, which is kind

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There were only a handful of these, so I might translate them. But this is the important one.

2010-05-17 00:04:26
Q: I want to try seeing IV-kun's naked upper body!

A: That feels like it's not a question( ̄□ ̄;) Moreover, that is John Reno's job ( ̄□ ̄;)

Next tiーme(☆。☆)It's a pledge

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THIS WAS A REALLY EXCITING POST. FIRST TIME CAMWHORING SINCE JANUARY. And somehow he looks like 5 years younger, wth.

2010-05-12 21:41:55


I'm bringing.1

I'm waiting for thoughts on the CD.

I also like fanmail, but I'm in the letters faction.2

Well then.

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2010-05-11 20:15:36
Posting an intensely ero image.


Tomorrow at last Sutoba ((Strawberry Butterfly)) goes on sale

For us, it's already like an "old song," even feeling nostalgic, but right through everyone, crossing space and time, it's recovering radiance

It's like polishing dull silver

It's glittering, so surely the way it's heard won't change

Tomorrow I'll also listen together ((with you))

Every time we release, it's inevitable, I look forward to hearing the impressions of each one of you

I'm terribly tense but at the same time I have self-confidence

I'm waiting, okay

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