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Another sticky. Because someone asked so now I feel like I should put something up.

• I completely don't mind if my translations are translated into another language. I just want to know who is doing it and where you're posting. Credit would be nice but if my translation fails then I don't need it, ahahaha >.>;

• Please don't ever hotlink the photos. Upload them to your own account. If all my bandwidth dies, nobody will be able to see them, and I will be a sadface crankypants. ;(

• All translations are backdated to appear at the actual date/time they were posted except for first-time translations (i.e., I'm translating so-and-so for the first time, I won't back-date him so anyone who cares knows that I've started--I will also put up a notice on Twitter). I would strongly suggest following/subscribing to tags (click the pin button at the top of any entry with a tag you want to follow). I do old entries (old being, like, yesterday, depending on how spammy mcspamspam they are, haha, but no, really, I do a lot of random posts from before-this-month ^^;) quite frequently. But, yeah. I've done as much as 20 entries a day or more, so, things get lost and stuff.

• For all you icon-makers and graphic-y people out there, I would totally be willing to do a trade, translations for graphics. Particularly icons of the guys/bands I translate (especially icons of the full band so I can use it for all 5 guys if I do them). I only have 6 icons spaces on LJ, but I have way more than that on DW. DW basic account >>>>>> LJ basic account.
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Since there continue to be tsunami warnings and more earthquakes and violent aftershocks, I know that there's the giant list of awesome but everyone likes to know if it's super duper up-to-date, and how they know, yes? Or maybe that's just me.


Vistlip: Rui confirms that all members appear to be safe. (Nau, 8AM EST)

DaizyStripper: Rei arrived home safely (Nau, 5PM EST). Yuugiri arrived home safely (Nau, 3PM EST).

D=OUT: Reika is safe (Nau, 11AM EST)

BORN: Ryouga is addicted to re-tweeting everyone under the bloody sun. He's almost as bad as

Miyavi: spammy mcspamspam at its finest.

And now it's time for me to go to bed. Working while obsessing over Twitter and Nau and being on 2 hours of sleep = time to crash!

I'll tackle some earthquake posts tomorrow. If anyone has any specific requests (namely of bands I don't usually translate--so, the non-vistlip/SCREW/D=OUT bands), ping me.

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Today (actually, yesterday, because two of these posts was enough in one day for me x__X) marks the One Year Anniversary of this translation journal--well, of the LJ version of it. I don't actually remember if I started translating the day I created it or if I wibbled and waited to actually do anything, since I usually end up back- or forward-dating everything. XD;

Anyway, to celebrate the end of my one week off from work (sobs, NOT ENOUGH TIME, MORE SLEEP IS STILL REQUIRED), and to celebrate the anniversary, I thought maybe it would be super awesome if I (finally, JFC) finished one of my ginormous projects.

Also Known As Kouki's Ridiculously Long and Occasionally Redundant Q&A That Had Me Near Tears Because I Don't Really Know Japanese. Let me tell you, it is really not fun coming back from 5 months of not even thinking about Japanese and doing his run-on sentences.

There are literally well over 200 questions, and they took me days and weeks and hours of my life I will never ever ever get back SOBS, so please leave a comment if you read them. ♥~

LJ: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 (end)

DW: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 (end)

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I live! \o/ Sort of.

I'd like to give a giant apology for being gone for so long. The long story short is that real life chewed me up and spat me out and the latter half of 2010 was really tough on me in all ways ending with -ally. The good news is that I'm finally sort of acclimated to my new city/state/job and I seem to have discovered that long lost thing called motivation. It was very, very, very long lost, okay.

The bad news is that my workplace has the WORST INTERNET FILTER EVER from my perspective, which means I'm blocked from viewing Ameblo and all its shininess at work (consider that, this summer, I was doing fully half of my translating at my old job, although, that amount's just not possible with this job, even if I did have access to the blogs).

At any rate, I shall be translating again--probably nowhere near at the amount I was before until my week-long vacation at the end of February in which I shall attempt to commandeer my mother's desktop in order to translate. :DV BUT SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTING, AMIRITE?

Although it severely bothers my OCD to no end, I'm going to start with the most recent entries of everything first, because instant gratification is better. Or something. And then I'll work backwards.

Obviously, Byou and Manabu get top priority, followed by Shou Twitters. And Shou blogs, since I seem to remember signing on for that somewhere at some point though I should see if I've been replaced or not for that. And if anyone wants to respond and tell me who on LJ/DW is currently translating whose twitters/blogs (i.e., if someone took over Shou, thus freeing up so much time that I will look like this: *________*), you would be Epic. With a capital E. And maybe even some excessive consonants and silent vowels. Epaeice. Yes.

- Blue.

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Dear f-list,


I saved this picture and I have no clue where it's from. It's definitely from Ameba, and I saved it in July.

Any of you who religiously stalk Ameblos know who it is, because I sure don't, and I obviously want to, otherwise I wouldn't have saved it.

My better half and I have determined that it's not vistlip, ViViD, or SCREW. Or Golden Bomber. We think. And I don't thiiiiiiink it's V-last or Canzel. But who knows. Wouldn't it be terrible if it was from a deleted blog? I'd be sadface.

If anyone knows, I will be eternally grateful. ♥

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Would you guys prefer getting weekly posts (or twice-a-week, or more, depending on the spam level of the guy XD) of Twitters and Naus put together, or should I translate them directly on Twitter? The only problem is that sometimes 140 Japanese characters is more than 140 English characters....but then it would be nice just going BAM TRANSLATION right away, and I wouldn't spent 900 years coding everything to emulate Twitter and make it pretty. Here, I will make a table of pros and cons

Translations on TwitterTranslations on Blog
More up-to-date; easier to stay up-to-dateLess up-to-date; many twitters done in batches rather than singularly
Multiple jrockers' twitters and naus being translated may get confusing; multiple twitters per band/per jrocker = a lot more to followMore aesthetically pleasing; less confusing; easier to keep track of threads when Jrockers tweet at each other
Length of tweets may exceed max character count; harder to do TL notesNo issues with putting in footnotes or translator notes; not a problem if translations are more than 140 characters

IDK! You pick. I'd put a poll up but this is just a basic account. XD; I can see where the appeal would be for translations on Twitter but it is probably better if it is just a one-jrocker-Twitter

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Just FYI, for those who are fed up with LJ's epic fail that will probably last all weekend but still want translations, this journal is also on DW--all old and new entries (hurray for journal syncing and crossposting). I also started a Twitter for notifying anyone who's interested about big catch-ups or past entries (i.e., old Q&A, anything that gets backdated by more than a couple weeks, etc.). I will spare you notifications about anything recent unless it's a catch-up containing a large number of entries. ^^

Twitter | Dreamwidth

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\(^_________^)/ Omfg. Links below.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | End

About me

Jan. 7th, 2009 04:04 am
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Um. Yeah. lakdjflkj, major feelings of awkwardness now. I'm completely new to this translation thing, other than translation assignments I've had for class. I'm still studying Japanese, and still working to grasp the grammar, especially with the transition from textbooks (which usually kindly give you all or most of the parts of a sentence) to non-textbooks (which like to cut out all sort of words because it's a crazy language).

But--I'm learning, and it's a way to help the learning process along, so I'm translating. And it's fun to actually know that these guys are blogging about.

I'll probably focus mostly on Rui from SCREW, because he's new and shiny and we all want to get to know him, and he's posting a lot, though none of it is camwhoring, which makes me a little sadface. Just a little. And then I'll probably translate anything that's SCREW-related (i.e., from kouhai blogs or blogs of other band-friends that I follow or that aren't translated by other communities) and whatever catches my eye (aka, whatever involves camwhoring, fanboying, and senpai worship, so, lots of D=out and IV :D).

I don't want to step on any of the other translators' toes--like I said, I'm mostly doing this for myself--so I'm going to try to avoid translating things that are translated elsewhere, unless it's an old post that was never translated, or it's something I want to take a stab at for the punishment challenge.

As for requests . . . um. I would potentially translate blog entries by request. I don't think I'm up to song lyrics or long articles, especially because if it's scanned, then I can't handily c/p the kanji into an electronic dictionary. Just remember though, that I'm still learning, so it might fail. Right.
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This is just a sticky post for things the guys say all the time that don't translate well into English and I don't feel like c/ping the same footnote all the time.

Cut for length )

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Sorry, I keep putting up a lot of these translator posts, don't I? Dreadful. WHERE ARE TEH TRANSLATIONS D:?

Twitter List, for my/your reference

I didn't link. I'm sure you are all capable of typing [copypasta]

Snipped for length; big name/influential senpai at the top; everyone else, alphabetical, except solo artists at the very very bottom )
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This is mostly for my own convenience. In case I forget. Or to guilt-trip myself when I get distracted. >.>;

To-do and requests )

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