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2011-02-03 05:21:05
Aki-san's birthday

After recording
with Team ViViD ((I went)) to Aki-san's birthday venue

With influential artist-sans and other people connected to the entertainment industry
I was amazed at Aki-san's well-connected-ness and popularity

"I've seen ((you/him/her)) on television"
I totally said something like that (laugh)

As expected!

During that ((celebration))

You're a muscular kid!
After that was said
in front of senpai I just met for the first time, for some reason, I was Abs Showtime IV-san (laugh)

And I did a bingo game
(I shrewdly got a gift)

I was able to have a terribly fun time
I took a breather and now i'll be able to do my best at today's recording


Afterwards, right,
I got Aki-san to say I'm like a younger brother to him, so I was truly happy
I also think he's like an older brother

I'm doing this a number of times, but
Happy Birthday!

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2010-05-31 20:20:19
Tribal Arrival

Today I got to laugh at Reno

I laughed until I cried

Getting to do this for the first time in a while, I felt like my shoulders lost strength and thanks to you ((Reno)), tomorrow my abdominal muscles will probably be sore

And then yesterday

Yesterday I stood onstage with many senpai, so I was happy

During that, Aoi-san performed as a surprise, and I was rooted to the spot on stage

Doing the live in Tokyo, it somehow felt like it had been a while?

I don't really understand why, but I have one thing I understood yesterday

The kind of assembly hall was spacious and warm, and I felt like you were close

I realized you were facing straight ahead and with what seemed to be enjoyment, in my innermost thoughts, my tension rose

Although Tribal happened, that connection disappeared

Yesterday until our turn ((to perform)) I was able to speak with many senpai, and the time instantly passed, so one day went by quickly

You are fans of the senpai who think of their kouhai

I'm not able to express how amazing ((they are)) in words

After this, because we'll send our feelings out with the best music, steadily react to it

To you whom I love

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2010-05-20 01:09:12
Returning Home Report


Today became a meaningful day!

I wonder if Hikachuu's guitar concert is a luxuryー??

Today I picked up the chords of a melody and I'll be able to sleep soundly with this!

Soon I want to sing for youー!

=Composing Kouki=

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2010-04-19 17:46:09
Close friend

I forgot to write the name of ((a close friend)).

Starting from the second half of yesterday's dinner, Jin also met up with us, and the day before Kooriyama became a good memory.

Today, all the members seem to be enjoying themselves, so I'll try my best.

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2010-04-19 01:59:45
It was mortifying but it was awesome.


Good work today, Roppongi.

For the time being, one, the result of trying to do the live.
Honestly, it was bitter.

I'm not frustrated with getting the injury.

Becoming accustomed to the injury, after training and drilling counter-measures, despite not wanting the live to go badly, I thought I'd be able to ((do it)), and my optimism was regrettable.

Now, where the live is concerned, there were various flaws, I was thinking that I'm not going to go as much ((onstage)).

And yet all the fans who showed beautiful smiling faces; all the fans who couldn't come today but sent supportive messages; the gently encouraging staff, officials, friends, and then the members, who, thanks to you, it's the truth that I'm really able to enjoy myself.

Thank you very much.

Things like that right, over and over again I'm told I'm not alone, or perhaps I should say I don't entirely understand, and because I can't skillfully say what I'm saying, or maybe I don't know, however, I learned many different things in one day.

I absolutely must become stronger and stronger, and I must work harder and harder.

And then, more than anything else, I felt immense love.
I was happy.

Like this, everyone who is giving me love, I love you.

Thank you.

Somehow this became a little gloomy blog, but depression mode is already leaving. (laugh)

vistlip-ishly, me-ishly, I'm facing forward.
Because everyone letting me.

Because Sendai and Hokkaidou, with all my might I'll be trying hard!!

Take care of me!

So it seems today could have been an awfully good live, I think.

This was wordy, but, thank you!

So next time as well, completely have fun, okay! (laugh)


P.S Everyone got the quiz right! Lol


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2010-04-15 05:36:29
Fukuoka, thanks

Personally, it was a mortifying live.

We'll come and meet again May 1st.


Be well for the next half-month.

Today's room is with Manager Gotou-san.

Since early morning I was forced to go along with a joke, then laugh at its ridiculousness.1

If you go see the goods, you'll automatically be able to meet Gotou-san.

His appearance is the strongest, but the contents ((personality)) is...

He's the nicest, gentlest person in this century.

Today at Kanazawa, how about trying to take to "Gocchi-san"?

And then, si~ince I'm making the goods like this, I request that you say "Gocchi-sa~an" like a spoiled child.


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2010-02-27 04:54:43


Shut up, you rascals (laughs)1

She's sleepy.2

I'll see Toda-director again tomorrow.

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2010-02-16 19:45:56

Sharing studiotime is fun, yeah?1

Byou-san sang me S=r&b for my birthday \(☆o☆)/ 2


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2010-01-05 19:55:30
Inside the heart


It was soy sauce.

The left hand is Manabu-san

Incidentally, I was not able to eat sushi. (-_-#) 1

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