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2011-02-03 05:21:05
Aki-san's birthday

After recording
with Team ViViD ((I went)) to Aki-san's birthday venue

With influential artist-sans and other people connected to the entertainment industry
I was amazed at Aki-san's well-connected-ness and popularity

"I've seen ((you/him/her)) on television"
I totally said something like that (laugh)

As expected!

During that ((celebration))

You're a muscular kid!
After that was said
in front of senpai I just met for the first time, for some reason, I was Abs Showtime IV-san (laugh)

And I did a bingo game
(I shrewdly got a gift)

I was able to have a terribly fun time
I took a breather and now i'll be able to do my best at today's recording


Afterwards, right,
I got Aki-san to say I'm like a younger brother to him, so I was truly happy
I also think he's like an older brother

I'm doing this a number of times, but
Happy Birthday!

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2011-01-21 14:54:17
Because of everyone

Yesterday I got to celebrate with Aki-san and Kenzo-san

I want to become that sort of senpai, I obediently thought

I thought too much like a great kouhai, so I became completely overly passionate

Thank you very much

After this kind of behavior, I think I'll go show my thanks


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2011-01-21 11:32:30
Beloved people


Yesterday Aki-san and kenzo-nii-chan came to celebrate!

They're our beloved senpai ( ´ ▽ ` )

Because it was truly blessed circumstances ((the debut + the senpai coming to celebrate)), it appears that I must do my best even more.

Let's go and play again ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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2011-01-21 05:20:41

The date was changed, but
after the in-store

Aki-san and Kenzo-san
came to celebrate our major debut!


I got to hear a lot of advice

ViViD entered with a fighting yell once again

We started how many years ago

always with the same five people

we do our best to be the source of everyone's smiling faces!

I'm looking forward to today's instore!

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January 18, 2011

I had the privilege of conversing with Mao-sensei.

I'm grateful for Sensei coming to Tokyo especially ((to see me)).

I'll help search for the thing, so please come to Tokyo ((again)) soon.

I'm waiting with bated breath.1

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2010-08-13 16:30:17


Yesterday, yakiniku together with Kra-san.

Deliciouーーーーーーーーーs. It was.

I was even able to congratulate Yuura-san on his birthday.

As I thought, there's nothing better than meat.

I wonder what I should eat today.

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2010-08-10 00:05:10


At last I was able to do a Cinderella peta.
Every day, I tried going for it, but how many times already have I done 23:59 and 00:01 petas, but finally, I got 00:00 exactly.

Next, I'll try to be the first ((to peta Minase on that day)).

For the fans, it's bad1, but Minase-san received it.


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2010-08-06 16:32:19
Instore is finishーed


It was like radio.

Truly, thanks.
The instore was also warm ((as in, congenial)).

Yeーah, I want to eat ramen again.

Incidentally, everyday I'm trying to leave Minase-san Cinderella petas here, however, everyday I'm late

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2010-08-03 22:13:02
Camera time


Giving me 30 seconds of camera time to photograph him, DAUTO's Minase-san.

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Fell asleep in the middle of translating these last night. :X God, let's not get any more behind than we already are.

I saw on Shou's Twitter that mou_ichido is translating his tweets. I'm torn over whether to keep doing them. She/he misses some of them sometimes, not sure whether that's intentional or not. I don't know. A lot of people are following them so, maybe my translating them is pointless? :/

At any rate, now that he's mastered the art of properly re-tweeting with a comment, I will probably translate fewer of the tweets that he's replying to, unless something was cut off or something. But especially for the random fans.

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Today, one of Shou's tweets from last night turned into this giant clusterfuck with TMR and Yoshinori Sugimoto (I know I'm saying it backwards, but ever since this magazine spread that had it in that order, I always think of it Western style x_X;) and Tatsurou. So I'm isolating that into its own little clustery thing.

Actually, let's just say that everything is going to be MOSTLY chronological. For the sake of comprehension, I'm going to group threads and re-tweets between Jrockers with each other. If I include some random tweet that's not @Shou, it's there because someone else posted it and Shou responded.

I guess I'll be doing Saga's as well then, until one of you tells me NO, SOMEONE ELSE IS DOING THEM ON LJ/DW, YOU CAN STOP NOW. Clearly I am way too masochistic for my own good. Now I'm sort of relieved that Aoi said the rest of Gazette has no plans to use Twitter. And by sort of, I mean immensely. XD;;;

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2010-06-25 16:42:24
Saitama, thanks

Yesterday, good job.

Thanks for the congratulations.

Even with my birthday congratulations ((backstage by the other jrockers)), I was the unagitated, cool me, but on stage, getting congratulated there, as expected, I was beyond happy.
I was embarrassed, but truly deeply touched.
I feel like I'm still experiencing the happiness of my birthday, thanks to you.
Truly, thanks. I love you. ((lit: it's love))

I received splendid birthday presents and stuff from last month's event, and it's truly appreciated.
The number of presents made me really happy. Always, thank you.
I'll go return the favor with lives and songs.

In the dressing room, I got to be taught about guitar stuff by Vidoll's Giru-san. He's like an immensely skilled senpai.
I like Vidoll-san and Dolly-san's songs, so yesterday I became really motivated.

Anyway, it was a yahoo! kind of day.

I'm going to try even harder.



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2010-06-21 18:58:35
After returning home

From Niigata, after returning home, to start with, I went and had dinner with Shin-san ((Kagrra,)).
I received instruction about music and composing and equipment and life.
With my birthday being near, it became his treat.


This is a keyboard I received before from Shin-san. I was able to use it to work hard.

I want to buy various pieces of recording equipment, you knooow.

After this, I want to go swimming for a bit, but I've lost the air conditioning remote control, so I can't.

What to do

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2010-06-02 07:00:29


Yesterday evening I went on a dinner date with Angelo's Kohta-san (*´_`)

He's a really kind and gentle dai-dai-daisenpai!1

It was a little early, but I congratulated Kohta-san for his birthday!

It was fun.

Thank you very much!


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2010-05-31 20:20:19
Tribal Arrival

Today I got to laugh at Reno

I laughed until I cried

Getting to do this for the first time in a while, I felt like my shoulders lost strength and thanks to you ((Reno)), tomorrow my abdominal muscles will probably be sore

And then yesterday

Yesterday I stood onstage with many senpai, so I was happy

During that, Aoi-san performed as a surprise, and I was rooted to the spot on stage

Doing the live in Tokyo, it somehow felt like it had been a while?

I don't really understand why, but I have one thing I understood yesterday

The kind of assembly hall was spacious and warm, and I felt like you were close

I realized you were facing straight ahead and with what seemed to be enjoyment, in my innermost thoughts, my tension rose

Although Tribal happened, that connection disappeared

Yesterday until our turn ((to perform)) I was able to speak with many senpai, and the time instantly passed, so one day went by quickly

You are fans of the senpai who think of their kouhai

I'm not able to express how amazing ((they are)) in words

After this, because we'll send our feelings out with the best music, steadily react to it

To you whom I love

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2010-05-30 13:46:21
From Takeru-san

I received clothes!

He's an excessively kind senpai!

And then today
it seems people performed at something called PSC48 (=゜-゜)(=。_。)

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2010-05-29 06:52:27
Unable to sleep. Today is the instore at DAZE in Shinjuku

The early bird gets the worm. Whether it does or doesn't, I can't sleep.

Since last night, sharing Aoi-san with Kazuki1, we were treated to a delicious meal.

And without change we were at the studio all night


The night somehow felt like it quickly passed in the blink of an eye.

And after returning home I slept lightly and then went out for rehearsal a second time.


Next time we're rehearsing everything.

In rehearsal, for the first time in a while, I lost at janken ((rock paper scissors)) and had to treat everyone to coffee.2

This also finished in the blink of an eye.

Because at the office there is a business meeting and so on.

Returning home, I got ramen alone.

Immediately after returning home, I slept lightly on the sofa.

After getting out of bed, I took a bath.


That's a waterproof iPod speaker. Although it's in the bath, even the sound of a large bell is useful.
It's a present, but it makes bathtime enjoyable, so I recommend it. It's a companion that stays in the bath for a long time.

After that, I think I played music♪

→→And it's now←← ((he's caught up))

As it is, I'm hesitating about whether to go to sleep again.

When everyone is like this, what do you do about it?

This kind of boring temple of knowledge ((his blog)) finally passed 700 posts.

I'll keep writing so I can get to the 1000th mark.

By the way, lately I think I'm looking forward to Nau.

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2010-05-13 21:35:34


As a matter of fact, yesterday Aoi-san treated me to dinner again!

I can't believe it's two days in a row!

Super high quality!

It was absurdly fun!

There's totally some way to go, however, someday I want to become a senpai who's admired by kouhai!

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2010-05-12 18:32:31
Kazuki loses the first round

Yesterday I got to be invited by Aoi-san, so dinner became his treat!

High quality!

I was deeply moved by the delicious liver!

The number of sticks ((with cooked meet/liver on them))

Kazuki x 4

Aoi-san x 2


It's inexcusable, I'm so sorry.

Until I was allowed to go home, and I had the privilege of playing 艶~en~!1

I was unreasonably happy!

Thank you so much!

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