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2010-08-10 00:05:10


At last I was able to do a Cinderella peta.
Every day, I tried going for it, but how many times already have I done 23:59 and 00:01 petas, but finally, I got 00:00 exactly.

Next, I'll try to be the first ((to peta Minase on that day)).

For the fans, it's bad1, but Minase-san received it.


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Saga is a butt; he changed his twitter picture already. I'm blaming YOU, management. I say this because I'm lazy and don't wanna resize his stupid profile pic again, also, it's permed and I want the perm to die. So I'm ignoring it. >.>; I'll probably change it later.

Also, I forgot to say it before, but thank you very much to my better half, Liz, for helping out my exceptionally lazy butt with the Twitter profile pics, espcially Asai's, which gave me stupid amounts of trouble. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Saga I started (*^_^*)
4:44 PM Jul 28th via web

Shou When I tried inviting Saga-kun to Twitter, ((he said)) "I'll do it." As expected of visual kei's Son Masayoshi
2:40 PM Jul 28th via Twitter for iPhone

Saga @Shou Do your best-est today we well (*^_^*)
4:50 PM Jul 28th via web in reply to AliceNine_SHOU

Shou @Saga SAGA CAMEーーー\(^o^)/
5:00 PM Jul 28th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to AliceNine_saga

Saga Good job on the live guys(*^_^*)
7:30 PM Jul 28th via Keitai Web

Saga In a photoshoot with straight hair
8:30 PM Jul 29th via Keitai Web

Saga now [was probably supposed to be part of the tweet above]
8:30 PM Jul 29th via Keitai Web

Saga I don't get how to use ((Twitter))ヽ(*`Д´)ノ
8:30 PM Jul 29th via Keitai Web
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2010-07-21 02:55:02

When I made the post some time ago in the morning, I planned on writing it so it was open to the public, and yet it was open....

Even though I was lying down, the update notification woke someone up and I'm very sorry

Writing this post, again there are people to whom email notifications are coming, I think, and once more, I'm sorry

Well, excuse me

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2010-06-28 02:27:24
6/27 Takadanobaba AREA

After the instore, good job at AREA.
Thanks to Red Bull, with my body, I tackled the live.
The basis of today's live mentally, on the surface, felt awfully good.
Everyone had good faces todaーy. And thanks for the encore.
Because today, I did a little personal meditation.
The live becoming less crowded for a short while is lonesome.

Congratulations to AREA-san's 13th anniversary.
I have many memories of this place, so being able to congratulate them made me happy.

Also, some time ago, I did this kind of thing, but
today I tried to exchange Cinderella petas with Dauto's Minase-san again.
The result: I was at the time 0:02...bad luck.
Minase-san became my Cinderella peta again today.
As I thought, being walked through...

Let's meet again.

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I always enjoy a good tale of mockery and member love, even if it's an indie band nobody knows but hey, they're hot. Catastrophia

May 06, 2010 22:27:24
Today at the studio....

hisa: That young man's appearance is what...

Dai-chan: I don't walk around Tokyo with that sort of appearance...

hiro-kun: ......

I'm never wearing shorts and the like in front of the members ever again!! ヽ(`Д´)ノ 


From hisa, I received wasanbon as a souvenir~ Thank you

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2010-05-15 16:08:59

As usual, the weather is good, so today has a good feeling

Today for the first time in a while I'm going out on an outing

I forgot that it's Saturday, but are there many people ((who also did))?

During a pre-arranged meeting, I went in search of a present with Shin

We thought we'd take a break, and the restaurant we entered was one that we hadn't been to for a while, it was a place of memories

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2010-05-11 00:48:10
Where is my Cinderella?

In the dressing room today, I firmly vowed to do the thing called Cinderella petas with DAUTO's Minase-san.

From around 11:55, in front of my PC, I'm standing by
With a false start of a few minor seconds, the petas from 23:59 are done.

A second time, when it becomes 00:00, immediately following that, I was going to try to peta even if
My agile mouse((-clicking)) came to nothing

When I was hurriedly taking out the mouse for preparations for petaing, while I'm sorry to say it ((I'm saying it anyway)), it was a 00:01 peta.

I'm a complete idiot.

Another day, I want to have revenge.

Minase-san is an admirable Cinderella peta-er.
In addition to that, he was the first to arrive.


I wonder if I'll possibly be able to get specific advice from Minase-san?

At least, with having my Cinderella petas, a mistake is unlikely.

Ah, everyone who is always gallantly giving me petas, thank you.
If it's unexpected, it's great.
Endurance like that is cute, it can't be helped.

Well, with that feeling.

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2010-05-04 18:25:09


Nonchalantly standing in line, my autographed banana remained unsold, hah

Despite being 90 yen!

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2010-05-04 11:59:17
Ruisu is in time ((for work))


Just barely safe...(´_`)
When I thought I was late, it turned out that I wasn't late!!(*´_`)


It's worktime!


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This is most likely my last post until Saturday night/Sunday morning. Off to NYC for me~~~

2010-04-29 13:51:17

It's ((the venue)) excessively spacious(@_@)

I got lost

I received the privilege of getting to study Alice Nine-san's rehearsal, and as soon as I went to return to the dressing room, I became lost(@_@)

So very lost(@_@)

At any rate, it's really spacious(@_@)

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2010-04-28 11:26:30


Yesterday was beyond crazy, so I was surprised

Well, if people are tired, I don't know what they think about, but it became something I want to say

But, however, even today, because it was early in the morning, it's really coming

Because of Reno's phone waking up, I immediately woke up

You guys must also think it, but if I have the chance, I'll wake him up

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