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I'll probably wait until I can get actual dates for his most recent tweets. It bugs my OCD when I have to guesstimate the time he posted them in Japan. ^^;

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Fell asleep in the middle of translating these last night. :X God, let's not get any more behind than we already are.

I saw on Shou's Twitter that mou_ichido is translating his tweets. I'm torn over whether to keep doing them. She/he misses some of them sometimes, not sure whether that's intentional or not. I don't know. A lot of people are following them so, maybe my translating them is pointless? :/

At any rate, now that he's mastered the art of properly re-tweeting with a comment, I will probably translate fewer of the tweets that he's replying to, unless something was cut off or something. But especially for the random fans.

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Today, one of Shou's tweets from last night turned into this giant clusterfuck with TMR and Yoshinori Sugimoto (I know I'm saying it backwards, but ever since this magazine spread that had it in that order, I always think of it Western style x_X;) and Tatsurou. So I'm isolating that into its own little clustery thing.

Actually, let's just say that everything is going to be MOSTLY chronological. For the sake of comprehension, I'm going to group threads and re-tweets between Jrockers with each other. If I include some random tweet that's not @Shou, it's there because someone else posted it and Shou responded.

I guess I'll be doing Saga's as well then, until one of you tells me NO, SOMEONE ELSE IS DOING THEM ON LJ/DW, YOU CAN STOP NOW. Clearly I am way too masochistic for my own good. Now I'm sort of relieved that Aoi said the rest of Gazette has no plans to use Twitter. And by sort of, I mean immensely. XD;;;

And maybe I'll even use a cut this time :O )
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2010-06-25 16:42:24
Saitama, thanks

Yesterday, good job.

Thanks for the congratulations.

Even with my birthday congratulations ((backstage by the other jrockers)), I was the unagitated, cool me, but on stage, getting congratulated there, as expected, I was beyond happy.
I was embarrassed, but truly deeply touched.
I feel like I'm still experiencing the happiness of my birthday, thanks to you.
Truly, thanks. I love you. ((lit: it's love))

I received splendid birthday presents and stuff from last month's event, and it's truly appreciated.
The number of presents made me really happy. Always, thank you.
I'll go return the favor with lives and songs.

In the dressing room, I got to be taught about guitar stuff by Vidoll's Giru-san. He's like an immensely skilled senpai.
I like Vidoll-san and Dolly-san's songs, so yesterday I became really motivated.

Anyway, it was a yahoo! kind of day.

I'm going to try even harder.



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2010-06-21 18:58:35
After returning home

From Niigata, after returning home, to start with, I went and had dinner with Shin-san ((Kagrra,)).
I received instruction about music and composing and equipment and life.
With my birthday being near, it became his treat.


This is a keyboard I received before from Shin-san. I was able to use it to work hard.

I want to buy various pieces of recording equipment, you knooow.

After this, I want to go swimming for a bit, but I've lost the air conditioning remote control, so I can't.

What to do

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2010-05-30 13:46:21
From Takeru-san

I received clothes!

He's an excessively kind senpai!

And then today
it seems people performed at something called PSC48 (=゜-゜)(=。_。)

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2010-05-29 06:52:27
Unable to sleep. Today is the instore at DAZE in Shinjuku

The early bird gets the worm. Whether it does or doesn't, I can't sleep.

Since last night, sharing Aoi-san with Kazuki1, we were treated to a delicious meal.

And without change we were at the studio all night


The night somehow felt like it quickly passed in the blink of an eye.

And after returning home I slept lightly and then went out for rehearsal a second time.


Next time we're rehearsing everything.

In rehearsal, for the first time in a while, I lost at janken ((rock paper scissors)) and had to treat everyone to coffee.2

This also finished in the blink of an eye.

Because at the office there is a business meeting and so on.

Returning home, I got ramen alone.

Immediately after returning home, I slept lightly on the sofa.

After getting out of bed, I took a bath.


That's a waterproof iPod speaker. Although it's in the bath, even the sound of a large bell is useful.
It's a present, but it makes bathtime enjoyable, so I recommend it. It's a companion that stays in the bath for a long time.

After that, I think I played music♪

→→And it's now←← ((he's caught up))

As it is, I'm hesitating about whether to go to sleep again.

When everyone is like this, what do you do about it?

This kind of boring temple of knowledge ((his blog)) finally passed 700 posts.

I'll keep writing so I can get to the 1000th mark.

By the way, lately I think I'm looking forward to Nau.

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2010-05-13 21:35:34


As a matter of fact, yesterday Aoi-san treated me to dinner again!

I can't believe it's two days in a row!

Super high quality!

It was absurdly fun!

There's totally some way to go, however, someday I want to become a senpai who's admired by kouhai!

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2010-05-12 18:32:31
Kazuki loses the first round

Yesterday I got to be invited by Aoi-san, so dinner became his treat!

High quality!

I was deeply moved by the delicious liver!

The number of sticks ((with cooked meet/liver on them))

Kazuki x 4

Aoi-san x 2


It's inexcusable, I'm so sorry.

Until I was allowed to go home, and I had the privilege of playing 艶~en~!1

I was unreasonably happy!

Thank you so much!

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2010-05-02 19:48:09
Mao-kun, reunion & last night


Without hesitating, I hugged him.

Mao-kun was on tour, and for the first time in a while we were able to meet, but he became thin, didn't he.

Your face became sharp, didn't it, Mao-kun.

Moreover, you're like a good chilーd.

After GW, let's meet again.



Yesterday's SADS' Budoukan, this Mao-kun and
hyde-kun, who also wanted to see the live, came, so I was happy, and
many other musicians came.

The cascade of everyone who came was KIYOSHI-kun and
k-a-z-kun and GO-kun's friend Kaikigesshoku and

I also got to introduce myself to the MAXIMUM THE HORMONE members and many others.

Mako-chan and Justin staff, etc.etc.,

People who do a western clothing brand,
Fukawa Ryou-kun, Hayakawa-sensei,

Magy-san...additionally people from other genres and
authorized people all gathered in the dressing room, so I was grateful.

Of course, thanks to the best fans and staff.

Natural supervisor Charry, as I thought, you are amazing.

Ayami and Suwanai-chan and Kudou-chan, strangely, thank you.

Imai-chan, the screenshot was really cool and

thank you for shooting!

After the live, the launch of the same live,
I got excited from feeling such a huge amount fun.


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2010-04-28 21:50:12
EAST Dressing room

IV-chan is cute, huh!

When I was taking the picture, he just came in!


I also was ivvu'd by IV!

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Fiiiiinally Kazuki blogs something that's not boring c/p'd tour crap. \o/ I apologize in advance for my plethora of perverted side-commentary. >.>;

2010-04-26 22:14:03
Tension BANG

Today's me is spontaneously flying!1


From Aoi-san I received a G-FORCE (multi-effector)!2


I'm so happy I won't be able to sleep tonight!3

I want to quickly put it in my rack!4

In order to be able to master it, I'll try hard!4

Truly, endlessly, thank you very much!

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2010-04-26 17:31:26


Yesterday I got invited to dinner by Aoi-san!

I was treated to oysters!

The oysters were delicious, but, with Aoi-san I was able to talk about various things, so I was happy, and it was fun!

Thank you very much!

By the way, I ate the first oyster on the left before I took the picture (laugh)

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2010-04-22 16:44:40

At this area's final ((live for the tour)), please take care of us.

I'm committing ((it)).1

I'm going to have the most fun and then return to Tokyo.

Overlooking Kazuki, a senpai gave this to me.


Drinking them, I'll do my best.

Yesterday's live, good job on your hard work.

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2010-03-12 18:04:42
Ruki-san bracelet


Shin and Ruki-san gave it to me.
It's a bracelet from the brand Harugin.1

It's a treasured item!

Silver accessories are cool!

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2010-02-21 23:35:06
Good job at the two man live

All the people who came to AREA today, thank you very much!1

Recently I completed works, sometimes many, so I was able to feel really refreshed!2
I've grown more accustomed to being on stage with Rui compared to last time, and I was able to have peace of mind.3

Then the session with ViViD.
I was with Shin, Ryouga, IV, and Jin.
Playing other people's music made me incredibly nervous, but I truly had fun.

All the ViViD members are arresting on stage, and are as happy as can be.
They're all great guys.
IV-chan is individualistic, but way too cute, and he has Ivvu'd IV。4
If I also change my name to Manavu, I'm sorry.5

I want to try Kashimoto Manavu.
Do you know the person who is Kashimoto Manavu?

Today at AREA I had the feeling of being able to see many good faces.6

Let's meet again.
Well then.

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2010-02-21 01:58:30
With ViViD


Finally, the knowledge that I've returned home.

Lately the days have been monstrously long.
Today also has this feeling.

My flash memory has most likely broken at last.
For a long time I went and kept using 2GB. Could this be my chance to increase my capacity?0

Even with those things on my mind, today I received energy from Shin-kun and Ryouga-kun.2
Then, I realized without thinking that tomorrow will probably be our first appearance with ViViD.
All of you ViViD fans, please take care of me.

My body parts and brain put on the highest performance when my sleeping time is 6 P.M. and the temperature of the room is around 18°C, the humidity is 60%, and the atmospheric pressure is around 1015hPa.

Tomorrow let's be ready to sleep at 6 P.M.

Good night.

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2010-02-16 19:52:13



At any rate, my stomach is empty.

Tonight's Cinderella petas you gave, I will return them!1

To you who have registered as new readers, I will also continue to peta.2

It's going to snow...

Everyone, please go out with a warm appearance!3


IV is the bassist for ViViD. Hm, I wonder who Rui was out with. WHOSE FEET ARE THOSE :D?

1 The Cinderella petas are the petas he receives at midnight, Japan time. He's been saying that the petas he receives in the first minute (from 12:00 to 12:01), he'll return. I haven't yet made the actual 12:00 deadline, so I couldn't tell you if he's actually started to yet. I KNOW HE'S APOLOGIZED AT LEAST ONCE FOR FAILING AT IT, THOUGH. XD

2 He means when you join his Amember list, he'll peta you. Still waiting, Rui. (T_T)

3 He means dress warmly.
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2010-02-16 19:45:56

Sharing studiotime is fun, yeah?1

Byou-san sang me S=r&b for my birthday \(☆o☆)/ 2


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