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So, all of BORN (BORN? did they change it to all caps when I wasn't looking?) have now opened up Twitters, and I've been meaning to translate SOMETHING with them in forever, and hey, now they're chatting up SCREW, SO THERE IS MY EXCUSE (thank you, Byou). Let's see if I remember all my OCD coding . . .

Oh, also, if there are conversations/threads, I grouped them together for coherence sake. They're still in rough chronological order, top to bottom.

Oh, and one last FYI: Ozaki Tomomi is the president of PSC. Augh, I wish I owned my own company that not only made lots of money, but was also filled with gorgeous men. What the hell. Clearly I need to move in the other direction to Japan so I can also live a life worthy of its own manga.

Ryouga's twitter = @_BORN_Ryouga, last FYI.

Ryouga BORN ONEMAN LIVE「Agitate to the DOGMANISM」 03/13 Shinjuku LOFT OPEN 17:30/START 18:00 Tickets now on sale. Info:DISK GARAGE TEL03-5436-9600
21 Feb via web

Ryouga Twitter is scary, oh (>_<) everyone, please treat me gently
1 Mar via Keitai Web

Shiina Mio @Ryouga I followed ya (゜_゜)
1 Mar via web

Ryouga @Shiina Mio Mio-nyan, please take care of me and yay ((banzai = long life and prosperity)) for Unite! ((Mio's new band w/ Haku and Yukimi--all 3 are ex-Canzel))
1 Mar via Keitai Web

Ryouga @Byou Always being indebted to Byou-kun, it's Ryouga. I started a Twitter. I took the privilege of following you. Please treat me kindly.
1 Mar via Keitai Web

Byou @Ryouga Take care of meー. Shall ((I?)) give ((you?)) both ((unknown objects)) that ((I?)) brought into the office?1 (laugh) RT @Ryouga @Byou Always being indebted to Byou-kun, it's Ryouga. I started a Twitter. I took the privilege of following you. Please treat me kindly.
1 Mar via

Ryouga @Byou What, seriously....... Well, it's bad, totally spoiling me that way.... Saying it's evil, and it's bad....uhhh, weeelll, if it's my adi○s, there's an exchange.....(..)2 I'll mail you laーter (laugh)
2 Mar via Keitai Web

Ryouga @Byou Byou-kun, thank you very much for the clothes! Are these not Adidas? (?_?)
Mar via Keitai Web

Byou (-。-)y-゚゚゚RT @Ryouga Byou-kun, thank you very much for the clothes! Are these not Adidas? (?_?)
3 Mar via

Ryouga @Byou…(~_~;)(~_~;)
3 Mar via Keitai Web

Ozaki Tomomi I also took the privilege of following you back (*^▽^)/★*☆♪ RT @Tomo [Born] It's Tomo from BORN! I started a Twitter! Please treat me kindly!
2 Mar via

Ryouga @Ozaki Tomomi It's Ryouga from BORN. At this time, I've started a Twitter, so I took the privilege of following you!
2 Mar via Keitai Web

Ozaki Tomomi Yes yes (laugh) I also took the privilege of following you back (laugh) (*^ー^)ノ♪ ((she got swamped by all of BORN at once, and Ryouga was last, hence the laughter))
2 Mar via

Einstein sayings translated into Japanese I love traveling but I hate to arrive.
1 Mar via アインシュタイン

Ryouga @Einstein Hmmhmm ((I see, I see))
2 Mar via Keitai Web

1 No clue what was brought--Byou just says "both people/parties/sides/things." And I'm not clear on who brought it, but based on Byou and Ryouga's responses, I'M GUESSING that Byou is spoiling Ryouga by bringing him prezzies of the wearable variety. Clearly it is some sort of inside joke and inquiring minds want to know what Byou is commandeering, okay. SECRETS, SECRETS ARE NO FUN, COS TRANSLATORS GO CRAZY BEFORE THEY'RE DONE. Or something. >.>;

2 Okay, now that it's become an embarrassing question, I want to know twice as much. The best coherent statement I can get is that when Ryouga says his goodbyes ((to girls???? other musicians??? senpai????)), he exchanges/switches something ((numbers/email addresses????)). At any rate, the only real conclusion that can be drawn is that Ryouga needs to just tell us because speculation gets me nowhere and I hate secrets, they get in the way of my translating properly. >.>; Yeah, that. <.<; AHA. TWENTY-FOUR HOURS LATER. IT'S NOT ADIOS. IT'S ADIDAS. THAT STUPID OPEN CIRCLE WAS CENSORING THE BRAND NAME. DAMN IT RYOUGA. THEY'RE EXCHANGING CLOTHES. (-.-;;;) I was all excited for nothing. -______-;
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2011-02-03 05:21:05
Aki-san's birthday

After recording
with Team ViViD ((I went)) to Aki-san's birthday venue

With influential artist-sans and other people connected to the entertainment industry
I was amazed at Aki-san's well-connected-ness and popularity

"I've seen ((you/him/her)) on television"
I totally said something like that (laugh)

As expected!

During that ((celebration))

You're a muscular kid!
After that was said
in front of senpai I just met for the first time, for some reason, I was Abs Showtime IV-san (laugh)

And I did a bingo game
(I shrewdly got a gift)

I was able to have a terribly fun time
I took a breather and now i'll be able to do my best at today's recording


Afterwards, right,
I got Aki-san to say I'm like a younger brother to him, so I was truly happy
I also think he's like an older brother

I'm doing this a number of times, but
Happy Birthday!

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2011-01-21 14:54:17
Because of everyone

Yesterday I got to celebrate with Aki-san and Kenzo-san

I want to become that sort of senpai, I obediently thought

I thought too much like a great kouhai, so I became completely overly passionate

Thank you very much

After this kind of behavior, I think I'll go show my thanks


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2011-01-21 11:32:30
Beloved people


Yesterday Aki-san and kenzo-nii-chan came to celebrate!

They're our beloved senpai ( ´ ▽ ` )

Because it was truly blessed circumstances ((the debut + the senpai coming to celebrate)), it appears that I must do my best even more.

Let's go and play again ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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2011-01-21 05:20:41

The date was changed, but
after the in-store

Aki-san and Kenzo-san
came to celebrate our major debut!


I got to hear a lot of advice

ViViD entered with a fighting yell once again

We started how many years ago

always with the same five people

we do our best to be the source of everyone's smiling faces!

I'm looking forward to today's instore!

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I'll probably wait until I can get actual dates for his most recent tweets. It bugs my OCD when I have to guesstimate the time he posted them in Japan. ^^;

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2010-08-06 16:32:19
Instore is finishーed


It was like radio.

Truly, thanks.
The instore was also warm ((as in, congenial)).

Yeーah, I want to eat ramen again.

Incidentally, everyday I'm trying to leave Minase-san Cinderella petas here, however, everyday I'm late

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2010-08-03 22:13:02
Camera time


Giving me 30 seconds of camera time to photograph him, DAUTO's Minase-san.

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Augh. I'm still kicking myself for not having saved any of June's naus. :((((((((((( FOR ANYONE. :((((((((( Here's July's though. I'm pretty sure Manabu is copypasting half of these, lol.

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Fell asleep in the middle of translating these last night. :X God, let's not get any more behind than we already are.

I saw on Shou's Twitter that mou_ichido is translating his tweets. I'm torn over whether to keep doing them. She/he misses some of them sometimes, not sure whether that's intentional or not. I don't know. A lot of people are following them so, maybe my translating them is pointless? :/

At any rate, now that he's mastered the art of properly re-tweeting with a comment, I will probably translate fewer of the tweets that he's replying to, unless something was cut off or something. But especially for the random fans.

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July 30, 2010
Dressing room

In the middle of a friendly chat with Suzune.


That guy, is cute.

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Today, one of Shou's tweets from last night turned into this giant clusterfuck with TMR and Yoshinori Sugimoto (I know I'm saying it backwards, but ever since this magazine spread that had it in that order, I always think of it Western style x_X;) and Tatsurou. So I'm isolating that into its own little clustery thing.

Actually, let's just say that everything is going to be MOSTLY chronological. For the sake of comprehension, I'm going to group threads and re-tweets between Jrockers with each other. If I include some random tweet that's not @Shou, it's there because someone else posted it and Shou responded.

I guess I'll be doing Saga's as well then, until one of you tells me NO, SOMEONE ELSE IS DOING THEM ON LJ/DW, YOU CAN STOP NOW. Clearly I am way too masochistic for my own good. Now I'm sort of relieved that Aoi said the rest of Gazette has no plans to use Twitter. And by sort of, I mean immensely. XD;;;

And maybe I'll even use a cut this time :O )
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So basically, I'm translating his twitter like right the hell now. >.>; While trying to convey the difference between plain, casual, and supah honorific speech, even. Let's see how this goes, eh.

Sorry guys, didn't realize this was so long )
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2010-07-26 22:06:26
ーTakadanobaba Areaー

After heading to the capital, for around three years it was called Takadanobaba.
Until recently, I thought Kichijouji's thing was Kisshouji.1
Greetings, it's me.

Yesterday, nice job everyone.
The live that thinned out ((got less crowded)) for a little bit had new costumes and a new existenーce so it was fresh.

It appeared to be really good time.
Everyone was warm and nice.

And then
I thought I'd try reflecting.

I thought I'd admonish you ((myself?)).

I'm doing my best. Watch, okay.


In the dressing room, my neighbor, HERO's SARSHI-shi, took a picture of his sandal, so I took a picture of mine as well.
It's the sandal for my new costume.
With him also, with one thing and another, I got to know him, and a considerable amount of time passed.
If I'm not mistaken, "Takadababa" is flirting, right.2
When I was chatting with him, it was in Osaka-ben ((dialect)).

Well, it's that kind of inside joke.

Today I didn't really sleep, so I'm doing various things with all my might.
Then, a Kazuki-ish person passed me a Red Bull. As expected, a guy being able to do that has perfect timing.
When I write, 'Kazuki-ish' it looks like 'selfish.'3 Selfish genes.
This blog is becoming so cryptic and ambiguous my head isn't functioning well.
Soon I'll go in the the bath and sleep I must take a picture.
Saying 'I must take a picture'4 in Japanese is strange and......
Getting tired so that I change and can't do things properly, so typos and omitted words increase, it'z Manab. Lter.5

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Er. Here. Have some Twitter translations, because I did them for [profile] clairebear_x on the fly. Now with coding! (See, this is why blogging them is alksdfjlkj, because I feel compelled to do OCD things like this.)

Ryo WTF is this LOL!!! Ryo.
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via TwitBird

Ryo For the girls who hate dirty jokes, sorry now (; ̄O ̄)It was a punch ((it had an impact)) so I tweeted it now. Ryo.
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via TwitBird

Mizuki No. Lol RT @Ryo WTF is this LOL!!!
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via Twittelator in reply to real_girugamesh

Ryo Mizuki-nii-san's is bigger than this nau? LOL Ryo. RT @Mizuki No. Lol RT @Ryo WTF is this LOL!!!
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via TwitBird in reply to mizuki_sadie

Mizuki I might be defeated lol. But I don't lose to Satoshi. Lol. RT @Ryo Mizuki-nii-san's is bigger than this nau? LOL Ryo. RT @Mizuki No. Lol RT @Ryo WTF is this LOL!!!
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via Twittelator in reply to real_girugamesh

Ryo Well, waging war in Satosu's room now. (*`へ´*) Ryo.
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via TwitBird

Ryo Now, having an encounter with Satosu "Bastaーrd, damn brat, go to bed quickly!" was said now. I won't forgive him now. (*`へ´*) This guy is losing his temper now! Ryo.
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via TwitBird

Satoshi Oi! Kid! Don't tweet co○○0! (laugh) Sa
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via Keitai Mail

Ryo @Mizuki Next time let's bathe together (*`へ´*) We'll show each other now! Ryo. RT @Mizuki
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via TwitBird in reply to mizuki_sadie

Mizuki: Yes, with pleasure★Heart I'll wash1 ((you)) [I think this was supposed to be @Ryo]
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via Twittelator

Ryo To Sa-kun. Well, it's a water gun. Ryo.
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via web

Ryo Sa-kun is being lewd now. Ryo.
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via web

Ryo Yaaawn〜 Sleepy now〜. 'Night now now〜 Ryo.
about 2:00AM Jul 26 via web

0 Censoring a word. I think it was chinchin/chinko/chinpo/chinpoko, aka vulgar/colloquial word for peen XD I censored it as cocks

1 Or investigate >D Or, better yet, both.
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Er. This post is about Zill (bassist of Moran, formerly known as Saburo, ex-KuRt), who died last week. :| This is not a good year for Jrock.

2010-07-25 01:37:43

This evening I only had one glass ((of alcohol) while I was out with people

I should have been struck strongly ((surprised)), but, as one would expected, I was ridiculously effective ((was able to go about my business as usual)), ((I'm an)) idiot.

But, I've been down for the last hour.

It ((the news)) hasn't sunk in very far yet, my handle ((understanding) of it, it seems?

Before the live, I didn't drink much alcohol, but, today after pouring down one glass just to strengthen me, I'm sleeping.

But by myself like this, alcohol is dull.

So to that extent, starting from tomorrow, I'll do my best again.

Is it not angering that I'm only crying this much this time?*

Because ((he)) was loved enough by many people, there is peace of mind.*

((He was loved)) so much that I'm envious.

Sabu-chan, thanks.

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Because I depend on other people to point out ridiculously long posts that may or may not be interesting and I'm all Byou'd out for today. When we both stop making sense, it's time to switch Jrockers. x_X

Please enjoy Reno's freaking essay. WHO WRITES THIS MUCH AT SEVEN IN THE MORNING.

2010-07-20 07:11:22


Yesterday, good job, Yokohama! It was fun!

After today, it feels like a full-blown tour

Everyone from Sendai is hot ((passionate)) and good.
Because I'm looking forward to it

I mean, I'm changing the subject, but with Yuugiri-san, I was near a disorderly house
for about 5 minutes (laugh)

Yesterday we talked about going drinking after the tour finishes.

Before that, on the ferry ((from island to island in Japan)), we should drink together if we can.

This time's tour it seems like I've been able to make many friends! All of the artist-sans I'm becoming friends with are nothing but good-humored, kind people.

All of the staff-san also are nothing but good people.

From the bottom of my heart, the truth is that I think I've become blessed
I'm grateful.

The conversation has strayed off-topic, but the other day, while on stage, I had an argument with Ryouga.

But, thank you, and I'm sorry. And let's immediately reconcile.

I'm able to say thank you and
I'm sorry. I think saying those words is surely difficult to say for everyone.

But undoubtedly the most important words

being brave and unintentionally becoming completely stubborn and it's awkward and embarrassing, but

when you're able to say I'm sorry perfectly from the bottom of your heart

your companions will also understand. ((lit: companions will give you understanding, i.e., understand your POV and forgive you))

They are lovely words.

Therefore, during the live, among other things, all of you
bumping into each other, and burdening each other with troubles, and other things,
not noticing it myself, put an end to annoying each other; if you are careful with the surrounding people,

honestly, from the bottom of your heart, let's try saying "I'm sorry."

With being careful and heeding advice, there might be biting words, but, there, with the feelings of an adult, patience, patience.

Therefore, if you resist, you're only being angry at someone who would normally be angry with you. It's unsophisticated.

I think I'm saying it many times over, but, let's protect manners properly. For sure, protect manners.
Because after injuring ((someone)), well, it's too late.

If you don't know manners, read the atmosphere.

...even so, if you don't understand, that's deplorable. You're KY (laugh)

Weellll, the conversation derailed, but

the point is

thank you


I'm sorry

Saying that is called being honest.

Thank you for reading until here.

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Jumping ahead out of order, because I'm sure everyone wants to know what Byou said about Daisuke's death. For fans who don't know, Daisuke (ex-Kagerou, the studs) was a huge role model/friend of Byou's. Byou was a Kagerou roadie for I'm not sure how long, but he always called Daisuke Daisuke-nii-san (older brother). And Daisuke died last week.

July 18, 2010

We met by chance not quite ten years ago, wasn't it

This summer for sure, we'll absolutely go watch baseball, we said

It's not the Dome, but at the Shinto shrine is good, right1

In the future, we made a promise to open a coffee shop together, didn't we

After saying crybaby, crybaby, still tears fell...

Always making me laugh, heart-breaking things, painful things, despite saying everything to the absolute limit, why at the end did you say nothing

I understand saying, "Shut up, you're annoying," but please be able to say it.

Because I was able to meet you, I am who I am now

"That impertinent asshole" was said and since that day, I've watched your back and come to learn many things

Always being concerned, being affectionate, but, taking off all of the burdens you were carrying, please, slowly rest

If I say my real intention, I wanted to behave like a spoiled child for longer, but in order to not worry, because I'm living steadily,

There is still more baggage forgotten at home so, once in a while, please look down from the sky, okay

Until now, truly, thank you very much

Your way of life, for your whole life, I won't forget

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