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2011-02-16 00:26:36

To all of the people of a six-month-future, from us who jumped the space-time continuum,1a


it's the vocalist of the band called vistlip,

I wonder if the half-year was long for everyone

or if it was short

I grew a year older

for me, it was a time to reaffirm the band's size

and then for making an important person part of me

it's okay even if they're broken fragments

I'm an unclean vessel, but I want them to dwell in me

Because this voice is a voice you loved without fail

I want to show you the scenery I see without completely leaving it behind

Being able to reply and even being able to come as far as this point ((it's thanks to:)),

the family members2

all of the staff,

my family,

my friends,

the ((band)) members,

the fans who never stopped supporting us,

because your hands were at my back,

because many sorrowful tears were shed,

after this I'll be full of smiles

I'll make ((the world?/you)) full of smiling faces so that I'll shed tears of happiness

After today, I'll return to being Tomo

It's deplorable that during the last half-year we weren't able to meet fans who thought we would be able to meet

For example, people who were students are now working adults

There were various reasons for this ((absence)), but I think it's disappointing

I want to go and return the minutes of sadness that we gave with twice the songs and smiling faces

Next time for sure, while we're comrades next to each other at the same time

That is a picture of our smiles, so white and sublimely proud that they can't be polluted, and we'll make trails of happy tears that glitter

You follow in my shadow

and I follow in yours

If we turn over the next page, just like in those days, we'll come together and blame each other, and break down crying in grief

Like the seasons that repeat, we're going to do it over again

I wonder if there's really a meaning ((to this))


Having a meaning isn't the point

Rather, what kind of things there will be

If two people aren't always comrades standing next to each other

If that's not the principle

I'll go draw our moments in that picture book

Because even now, I'm slovenly3

and therefore, I'm totally late

I wonder if you're waiting

even if rain and wind rust your bodies together

however bravely

I wonder if you're waiting for my return

At the promised meeting place from before, mouthing the words I want to mouth directly and continuously, now in my mind I think I'll whisper them

-I'm home-

-I'm sorry-

-Thank you-

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Fell asleep in the middle of translating these last night. :X God, let's not get any more behind than we already are.

I saw on Shou's Twitter that mou_ichido is translating his tweets. I'm torn over whether to keep doing them. She/he misses some of them sometimes, not sure whether that's intentional or not. I don't know. A lot of people are following them so, maybe my translating them is pointless? :/

At any rate, now that he's mastered the art of properly re-tweeting with a comment, I will probably translate fewer of the tweets that he's replying to, unless something was cut off or something. But especially for the random fans.

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2010-04-30 15:35:27
Instant killing

It's Byou.

Just when I was about to take ((a picture of)) an inhaler, that guy...

This spoiled chiiiillld.


I can't stop a sneeze...

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2010-04-28 13:40:41


After this morning, I'm doing a SHOXX personal photoshoot with Ryouga.

The edition goes on sale May 21, so look forward to it

So for this time, it's Japanese clothes.

Courtesan-ish...? (laugh)

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2010-04-25 22:22:28
East, g'job, good joーb!


It was our first time at EAST. And, it was spaciouーs. It was fun! Thanks to everyone who came☆
Well, the day after tomorrow it All Things In Nature tour final, and it's at the same EAST, but (laugh)

My physical condition is not perfect.

Ah, did the girls who came to the live notice that my hair was different?

We have a photoshoot soon, so I did an image change.

But my hairdo until now, when I tried to restore the current length and color, and in the long run, it was impossible, so, there's charm (laugh)

My next costume is at Umaji Yabafoー
I think it feels cool, so
Look forward to it

For the time being, the All Things in Nature tour had various and competitive days, so absolutely, come drop by!

Now, I want more messages filled with love
Letters, emails, anything is okay. If they're short, it's also okay. As long as they're filled with love

.....the current me needs your feelings

Once in a while, is it okay to rely ((on you))?

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