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2011-02-08 18:27:34
Arena 37°C


At last the ViViD volume is on sale tomorrow!

It's this kind of feeling!!

Everyone, because it's one copy wholly of ViViD1, absolutely look at it!!

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January 02, 2011

First of all, while looking forward to just being able to do a one-man tour, in this way, it's Byou.

I'm seizing happiness because of everyone.


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Out of order, but I spent the time IDing the guys in the photo and didn't want to forget. XD;

June 24, 2010

Thanks for the live and instore.

It's purely like, "how many times are we going to Niigata," huh.1

A photograph of the gathering at LOTS.

The first rascal on the left is Byou.


I woke up at a strange time.

I think I'll try to sleep a little more.

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2010-06-02 17:43:05
For the first time in a while

I tried taking a picture ((of myself))

Today, please treat me favourably!

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Grr, Byou, why get rid of the timestamp, gdi, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TIME YOUR POSTS. D:<

May 29, 2010
Instant killing

Today I have a bad feeling that I'm overdoing it with updating.

Tomorrow I'll wake up at around bedtime as usual.

For the first time in a while, I want to do makeup with deep colors...((probably dramatic/dark super visual))

Anything suits me, so I'm troubled, you know.0

Like the title says,

Drop dead, you bastards.1

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2010-05-26 01:25:58
Much more, much more1


The end! Scream~...!




1 Could also be again again again again
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2010-05-25 11:41:49


I'm getting into a fighting spirit so I'll do my best!

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2010-05-23 15:35:38

After make-up.

I'm looking forward to the event!

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2010-05-18 22:43:45


Today also, I was in time for BrainStein!


Mikaru-kun, Takuma-san, Gin, Megane, me can be checked off in the artist picture!!

Gin is a really close friend, truly

A how-many-years-have-passed-since-we-became-friends type of friend

Next for sure!!

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2010-05-17 10:57:52


I was surrounded by the BrainStein members

Because Takuma-san sent the picture to me toーo

Takuma-san and Gin mailed it to me especially, which is kind

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THIS WAS A REALLY EXCITING POST. FIRST TIME CAMWHORING SINCE JANUARY. And somehow he looks like 5 years younger, wth.

2010-05-12 21:41:55


I'm bringing.1

I'm waiting for thoughts on the CD.

I also like fanmail, but I'm in the letters faction.2

Well then.

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2010-05-11 20:15:36
Posting an intensely ero image.


Tomorrow at last Sutoba ((Strawberry Butterfly)) goes on sale

For us, it's already like an "old song," even feeling nostalgic, but right through everyone, crossing space and time, it's recovering radiance

It's like polishing dull silver

It's glittering, so surely the way it's heard won't change

Tomorrow I'll also listen together ((with you))

Every time we release, it's inevitable, I look forward to hearing the impressions of each one of you

I'm terribly tense but at the same time I have self-confidence

I'm waiting, okay

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2010-05-11 15:59:33
Posting an intensely ero image.



I'm not cureeeed

Immediately following the live, I was about to die from laboured breathing, hah

But it was awesome('ω'*)

My physical condition is badly overstrained but with all my might I dragged out ((seeing)) everyone's smiling faces

As I expected, smiling faces suit all of you

With those smiling faces, I'm able to be happy

Isn't sharing like this wonderful?


Today I'm working by myself

Collecting data

Because the theme is quite magnificent, it's like even the members are consenting, I'll try making the words dance in air

I want to reliably catch that for writer-san

Because this time there's also a picture, look forward to it

As a matter of fact, I chose Umi as today's assistant

I want to leave behind the appearance of that aesthetic sense that never changes

From my hairdo to the layout, all of it

How is it

I guess there's pressure

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2010-05-11 01:26:52
I want to eat cake.


Thanks for your hard work.

Today, right, I tried to stop my grown out bangs from curling.1

For some reason it was emotional lol

Today, right, was ultra fun.

But you know, it seems like the energy was dull or something, from my perspective...(´_`)

I'm just a little down! lol

But, however.

It seems like my ability to make someone believe ((in my performance onstage)) is lacking!

It's like I'm still not able to show my feelings well onstage yet.

Next, I'll do my best!

For next time, I'm becoming amazing. Yeah.


I love lives!


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2010-05-08 21:25:18
Instant killing

Because it was said that they'd take a picture when being in the dressing room, we took a commemorative photo.

I wonder who they are?

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