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2011-01-21 14:54:17
Because of everyone

Yesterday I got to celebrate with Aki-san and Kenzo-san

I want to become that sort of senpai, I obediently thought

I thought too much like a great kouhai, so I became completely overly passionate

Thank you very much

After this kind of behavior, I think I'll go show my thanks


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June 25, 2010
Before long, kick-off

I killed my severe sleepiness in the shower, so I'm in front of the television.

Alcohol and snacks ((that go with alcohol)) preparations are OK.

Rui-chan, wake uーp.

Japan, do your beーst.

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I was going to go attack my Manabu and Byou backlogs, but when you see a subject like this, it demands attention. Especially when it's only two words. XD

2010-06-04 01:35:56

Happy birthdaーy

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2010-06-02 07:00:29


Yesterday evening I went on a dinner date with Angelo's Kohta-san (*´_`)

He's a really kind and gentle dai-dai-daisenpai!1

It was a little early, but I congratulated Kohta-san for his birthday!

It was fun.

Thank you very much!


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2010-06-02 02:18:12
Feeling bad, among other things, I'm noーt!?

With saying that thing ((the title)), right now I'm alone as a greatly admired drunkard, but

I experienced a sense of isolation and loneliness
I called Ryouga.

It seems that guy was sleeping.

Close friends are lovely!

Calling at a time like this, thank you, Ryouga.
Taーke caーreー iーn thーe baーthー

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2010-05-19 21:06:15
Feast! [3680]


While receiving a meal at Hikachuu and Minase-san married couple's home, we had a business meeting☆

I think I want to receive a high level of nutrition today!

=Replenishment Kouki=

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2010-05-13 21:35:34


As a matter of fact, yesterday Aoi-san treated me to dinner again!

I can't believe it's two days in a row!

Super high quality!

It was absurdly fun!

There's totally some way to go, however, someday I want to become a senpai who's admired by kouhai!

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2010-05-12 18:32:31
Kazuki loses the first round

Yesterday I got to be invited by Aoi-san, so dinner became his treat!

High quality!

I was deeply moved by the delicious liver!

The number of sticks ((with cooked meet/liver on them))

Kazuki x 4

Aoi-san x 2


It's inexcusable, I'm so sorry.

Until I was allowed to go home, and I had the privilege of playing 艶~en~!1

I was unreasonably happy!

Thank you so much!

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2010-05-12 18:00:01

This is late, but good job!

It was a completely good time!

I saw when fists rose in the assembly hall so I felt good!

In the LIVE, because I wanted to see everyone's faces, I couldn't see as well as I usually do, but I thought, I'll play ((my guitar)).

But it's difficult.

I feel a shortage of true strength.

After finishing the live, with Ruisu and Reka-chan I got foーoーd!

I became a drunkard...

This year I'll have a toast with Reka-chan in Hokkaidou on my birthday!

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