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2010-05-08 02:13:18
Team Sai, Emergency Meeting☆ [3640]

I'm home!!

Today I really went to and came back from hot springs☆

Furthermore, it was with Canzel's Haku-kun and Yukimin!!

Naturally, it's naked socialization1

There was only a little time but we were able to talk together!!


The most recent gathering's bad...Irokui.'s Haduki-kun, will he at last be the target of expulsion?? Lol2
It's a crisis!!

Today I'll be able to sleep soundly☆


=Team Saitama Kouki3=

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2010-05-08 01:44:10
Team Sai-ish hot springs

Yo ¢VΘωΘ)ノ

Hot springs are the best

With an open air bath, sleep and hot water is probably the best

The rain stopped
( ´ ▽ ` )

This might have become a bad habit1

The picture
from the left it's Haku-kun, me, Kou-chan

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2010/4/11 Sunday 2:16:11
Feeling refreshed☆

We arrived in Osaka so I took a bath and now I feel refreshed (o`∀´o)

Even though I met ((hang out)) everyone some time ago, I already want to meet them again!

I'm looking forward to being able to meet them today☆

The picture is the three bassist brothers☆

It's a polaroid of me and Haku-tarou and Rui-jirou! lol

This is the only rare polaroid I have of the three brothers! lol

I think I'll have to carry it around very carefully (o`∀´o)

And then before the tour I'm drinking collagen so I'll sleep (o`∀´o)

Good night☆

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2010-04-10 23:17:55


Nagoya, thank you very much for your hard work.

It was extremely fun!

Thank you.

After today, new costumes.

How was it?

Today I obtained an heirloom.

A rare polaroid of the three brothers, Rei-nii-chan, Haku-sama, and Ruisu(*´_`) It's good, huh lol

And then some time ago we arrived safely in Osaka.

Let's enjoy ourselves to the utmost tomorrow.


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2010-02-03 22:28:50
At Team Sai's nabe party!! [3070]

Yesterday I was at Team Sai's nabe party☆

Members were Kouki, Minase, Canzel's Haku-sama and Yukimin!!



Even crab was in there, such a luxury, isn't it??

Haku-sama made me spaghetti☆


The same day, we sold out!!

Lately Team Sai's activity has become really lively, so that's good!!

Well, tomorrow is an early morning make-up call, so I guess I'll go to sleep ahead of time☆

=Preparations are OK Kouki=

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2009-11-27 13:25:22


I'm very sorry(´_`)

I'm sorry(´_`)

Yesterday I was just so agitated and stirred up, I went and slept...(´_`)

It became late.
It's a two-shot with Haku-sama.

By the way, because I said my hair color changed, everyone expected a terribly huge change or something, but, however, it's just a little darker, it's a minor change (´_`)

I'm sorry for talking in a way that built up your expectations(´_`)

After this, it's collecting data!


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2009-11-26 23:14:05
Bouncy return home.

THE return home.

I was able to revise, so congratulations on your hard work.

For the letters, refreshments, and so on, thank you!

Today I took a picture with Haku-sama again (*´_`)

Do you want to see it??

By the way, yesterday and today, I wonder if everyone noticed that my hair was different(´_`)?

Yesterday, after returning home when the live was finished, even though I dyed it with all my might (´_`)


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2009-10-22 16:38:14
European dreds.


Which reminds me, in Nagoya the other day, I had a picture I took with Haku-sama!!1

If it's Haku-sama, this time when he departed, he sent me a going away emaiー.

I love tender, caring Haku-sama.

By the way, my hairdo didn't really change, so, sorry.


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2009-10-10 01:13:27
I was happy 2009


Good job on your hard work.

It was heartfelt(*´_`)1
I ((my heart?)) was left so full that I was happy.

Thank you.

The calls for encore, we weren't able to reply to them ((do an encore)), so I'm sorry (´_`)

But even with that, I was happy.

Because we're coming to Nagoya again next month, that time, let's play fully and stuff

Thank you for the letters and refreshments.

I took a peace sign photo with Haku-sama!

I took a two-shot too but that's for next time.

I'm getting crazy psyched for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow so I'll do my best!



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2009-09-26 09:59:06
One ((photo)) together


And then, this, too.

For the first time in a while, it's Haku-sama.

Actually, it's that.1
Yesterday we took a polaroid together (*´_`)

The person who was hit.2

Next month we're together again (*´_`)


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2009-07-12 21:17:56

Takasaki, thanks for your hard work!!

It was our first time, but everyone was so excited that I was happy(*´_`)

Because everyone was kinーd.

Today did everyone appear to be perfectly energetic(´_`)? lol

Today Tohya participated in telephoning and faxing again.
Soon it will feel close to habit.

I'm loーnely. There have been many people sending fanmails and petit mails saying things like this.

Ah. A two-shot with Haku-sama is uploaded at Poke Shock's blog, so go look okaーy.

Buiーn yanmaー!!

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2009-06-30 06:58:15

Arrived at the airport.

The waiting time is really long....

From Haku-sama I received a take-care-and-be-careful mail (`_´)ゞ
I'll be careful (`_´)ゞ

I'll go have fun (`_´)ゞ










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2009-04-27 18:25:18
Vegetable life

Haku-sama. Lol

Envious of lettus. Lol

How, or rather, having my name come up in this other guy's blog, like that I'm a little happy. Yeah.

Because I don't have very many friends (´_`)

THE Priceless (*´_`)

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2009-03-26 22:49:52
Not for sale~.


Haku-sama and Ruisu.

It was my first exchange with Haku-sama, but, we have things like various common features, so it seems we're becoming awfully good friends

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2008-10-26 20:23:02

Mion-san made profile pictures for Canzelar1 Amepuro2!
When I give petas with this, I'll be happy

I'll use it without restraint

Moreover, there's a mistake in this post, it seems I sent it to Mio-san and the transmission was interrupted, but keep that a secret

Icchi ver.

Shiina Mio ver.

Ruri ver.

Haku ver.

Yukimi ver.

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