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2010-05-29 10:07:39
Current thoughts

I think this report must probably seem abrupt, so I'm sorry, it's inexcusable

I've received many messages from everyone

Because, frankly, I'm not able to put my self confidence and current feelings into order yet
But this might become a talk about how they're not settled
I want you to listen

Why are we breaking up
Because only Icchi-san can be Canzel's vocalist

Because if someone else sings, we won't be Canzel anymore

We've talked it over with everyone time and time again
And this is the conclusion we've arrived at

From Icchi-san
when he talked about retiring and I heard his reason
I was bewildered, and I had doubts, honestly, I even felt anger

Icchi-san's life is Icchi-san's thing, and saying that how someone is doing ((something)) is not a good thing, in my head, I understood that
But, even so, I love Canzel, and everyone who is following Canzel
I'm not easily able to write these things

Icchi-san is a man who is troubled by worries and is summoning the courage to make this decision

Canzel is not yet finished

So I want to see Icchi-san off on his new departure
Because I love that person
I thought I wanted to see him off

Including the remaining lives and other activities
until the end of the end
I think I want ((them)) to be Canzel-ish

I want you to come along with us

Talking about myself personally

When a man is not able to stand alone,
of course I am included in that one person
now I'm able to stand individually
because everyone is supporting me

Usually it's embarrassing and not easy to say, but

Thank you

I can only respond with drums and composing music, but
even if it's just a little, I'll do it to become everyone's support


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2010-03-16 22:42:17

I received messages like sing Aoi iro, but it's ((the setlist)) already been set!

I wonder if it's different because of the location

Well, if it's transmitted, I guess it's alright1

I was thinking about a tongue twister with Icchi-san

Icchi chotto acchi ni iccha dame2

Trying saying it 10 times

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2010-03-06 23:23:59


I got to take a photo of Icchi-san from above. (・o・)ノ2

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1 The big blank/maru (circle) is supposed to make you think he was blogging something with the subject "ECCHI" (i.e., something else ero/pervy), not Icchi. XD Icchi is the vocalist of Canzel. ViViD had a live with them on the same day IV posted this (and with Wizard, Serial Number, and HERO.

2 This is just for the pervs/fic writers out there: IV actually used a different kanji for toru (to take) than the one that usually means "to take (a photograph/film)" (撮る). The one he used means take/harvest/pick up/choose/earn. Literally, the sentence is "I got to take/harvest/earn Icchi-san from above." 8DDDDDDD Though I do have to wonder if IV was taking/"harvesting" the feathers. XD

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2010-02-15 19:13:26


I received it from Mioーnu-san

Today I'll play with this

Icchi-san is energetic

The same as always lol

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2010-02-06 23:27:54


Well, I slept

The Cafe Talk business meeting finished so when I went and returned home, when I realized it, I'd fallen asleep

Good morning

Iccho-san and Mioーnu-san are also sleeping lol1

A spell of sleep and so on

Thank yoーu for yesterday's letters and presents

Thank you also for the Valentine chocolate

Rokumeiー ((Rokumeikan--venue)) was fun!
But it became a place where the ceiling was near and the oxygen was low to the point of death lol

Next is finally our one-man on the 21st

Guitar-playing Mio-san and singing Icchi-san are coming back ((recovered from illness)) and therefore we're a perfectly complete Canzel, so look forward to it

It seems like I won't be able to sleep until morning

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2010-01-13 17:48:08

Sorry for the delayed update

I got to be allowed to rest a little bit so this is a comeback

I'm already okay

The notification related to the sound source, I'm sorry it became a disappointing report for everyone again

It's like I betrayed everyone looking forward to it, about the notice, it was really irritating and painful

I'm sorry

But Icchi-san and Mio-san are forcing themselves to overdo it so much that they aren't able to produce good things, and above all else, when two people's condition deteriorates that much, there's not much meaning, and like that we arrived at a decision

Now two people are fighting in order to become healthier and make a comeback, so wait

Instead of delivering music to everyone as planned, but it will become earlier ((than we anticipated)), because without exception, with five people we build the best works, wait and look forward to it

A little while after this, with everyone supporting us and more, it's probably burdening you with an annoyance, but because the remaining members are doing as much as they can, the New Year has just started, but with your assistance, please continue to take care of us

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2010-01-02 02:02:10

This is not really late, but good job Roppongi and AREA1

Our first time doing a live on New Year's Eve, the amount of time was short but the participation was good

I was trembling with nervous excitement, and if it was fun ((for you)), I don't know, but I had fun

When DAUTO-san did a countdown for the instant the New Year began, with my stage sleeves ((costume)) I waited for orders and opened((the curtains/door/sth on stage)) lol

When I realized it, New Year's Day was already over
While drinking with Icchi-san and roadie Yume-kun until morning, we chatted, and today, since waking up, I'm drinking lol

By the way, when I woke up today, it was about 7 o'clock in the evening lol

Completely staying at home on the New Year's holiday

Weeelll, it's good, isn't it

I want to go sail

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2009-12-09 01:18:01

Now, with Icchi-san's driving, I'm in the middle of a terrifying drive

It's really dangerous lol

That reminds me, today, despite taking a long-awaited photo of bass-playing Rui-kun's terrifically attractive and stylish hands, the image wasn't able to be stored...

Tomorrow for sure it will be perfectly stored

That reminds me, do you know that stuff called cod liver oil?

That stuff is gummy-ish

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2009-08-27 18:28:30


Icchi-san's piece of shit crappy medicine

It's like eating dirt

Very soon!

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2009-07-24 16:20:19

Going to rehearsal

Recently, I'm still sleeping late, becoming a poor-health-man that's waking up past noon, so I'm the King of Poor Health

That is to say, Kitty-chan was delivered completely!
Thank yoーu

Because I'll properly read the messages too

Canzel lives have a lot of choreography ((with the hands)), but in the lives, Icchi-senpai is also doing it, so if you do it while watching him, it's okay

If you remember seeing Icchi-senpai's choreography lecture on SC24cafe from before, more and more the live will be able to become enjoyable

Furthermore, if I reach the point of being able to do an imitation of Prince-Ruーriーsan, it can become even more fun

There were things I wanted to write after this, but

I forgot

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2009-06-21 23:29:23

Humidity is bad bad beyond bad

With being constantly soaked in water, together, it's this, isn't it

The choreography magician? sorcerer? Icchiccho-senpai completely thought about Canzel's choreography

Deciding to match the new song in the studio and besides that, at the same time, Icchiccho-senpai went and thought about the furi ((hand choreo)), so when we rehearsed, we saw it for the first time, but often saying things like this, saying that he thinks of the furi, often in this way he's able to quickly and smartly move, and I see that he does it each time while thinking!1

Dancing the furi, waiting a month, or perhaps I should say furi ((he used the wrong kanji)), I think sort of dancing like that is hard while moving and singing is really great lol

After the live, I'd like to make a request of everyone concerning manners, but

Because you come to the live, I want to get everyone to absolutely go an enjoy themselves

Because people are moving violently in the crowd to that extent, as I expected of impulsive moments, some kind of incident like a live should be fun, but doing a complete about-face, it might become unpleasant

"I want to go and unconditionally have fun at the live"

However, there are many people in the area ((lives)) feeling the same as me who think that ((the above statement)), so I want you to just not forget it

"Only I should be able to enjoy myself"

I don't want that kind of thinking

If you bump into someone, if you step on someone's foot, at that kind of time, "I'm sorry," "Are you okay?" even just saying these single words helps out your companions, and doesn't drag along mutually unpleasant feelings to the end, I think

Of course the Canzel members, fans, keeping in mind that we want to share a fun live with everyone, well, from the stage, even I'm not able to see many areas of the audience, and if something happened, it's hard to grasp

Therefore, when something ((unpleasant)) occurs in the area, with everyone's assistance, to make it until the very end an enjoyable live, and I want you to cooperate

With each person paying a little attention and having consideration, everyone can have peace of mind and enjoy themselves equally, because we should be able to make the live space something lie this

If you don't forget this thing, afterwards you can have peace of mind and play freely, so enjoy yourself!

Weーll, I'm battling with zebras

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2009-04-11 22:05:18

I lost to Icchiccho-san at remembering Prince-Ruーriーsama's new song

Because I have no powers of concentration, I can only concentrate for a short time in one sitting

How is it possible to maintain things like concentration

I wonder if I should be beaten by a waterfall1

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2009-02-28 23:33:31


Osaka, good job

It was hot

After this, we're returning to Tokyo

For the time being, Icchi-san's driving is beyond scary lol

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2008-10-26 20:23:02

Mion-san made profile pictures for Canzelar1 Amepuro2!
When I give petas with this, I'll be happy

I'll use it without restraint

Moreover, there's a mistake in this post, it seems I sent it to Mio-san and the transmission was interrupted, but keep that a secret

Icchi ver.

Shiina Mio ver.

Ruri ver.

Haku ver.

Yukimi ver.

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2008-05-14 17:23:51

With Mio's car all the members are in the middle of migrating

Left is Icchi-san, right is Mioーn

It's hard to understand ((see)) lol

Having business, we went to Ginza
While walking around all of Ginza with Big Devil King Yukimin, I played MonHan

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