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2010-08-10 00:05:10


At last I was able to do a Cinderella peta.
Every day, I tried going for it, but how many times already have I done 23:59 and 00:01 petas, but finally, I got 00:00 exactly.

Next, I'll try to be the first ((to peta Minase on that day)).

For the fans, it's bad1, but Minase-san received it.


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2010-08-06 16:32:19
Instore is finishーed


It was like radio.

Truly, thanks.
The instore was also warm ((as in, congenial)).

Yeーah, I want to eat ramen again.

Incidentally, everyday I'm trying to leave Minase-san Cinderella petas here, however, everyday I'm late

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2010-08-03 22:13:02
Camera time


Giving me 30 seconds of camera time to photograph him, DAUTO's Minase-san.

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2010-06-28 02:27:24
6/27 Takadanobaba AREA

After the instore, good job at AREA.
Thanks to Red Bull, with my body, I tackled the live.
The basis of today's live mentally, on the surface, felt awfully good.
Everyone had good faces todaーy. And thanks for the encore.
Because today, I did a little personal meditation.
The live becoming less crowded for a short while is lonesome.

Congratulations to AREA-san's 13th anniversary.
I have many memories of this place, so being able to congratulate them made me happy.

Also, some time ago, I did this kind of thing, but
today I tried to exchange Cinderella petas with Dauto's Minase-san again.
The result: I was at the time 0:02...bad luck.
Minase-san became my Cinderella peta again today.
As I thought, being walked through...

Let's meet again.

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2010-05-21 22:14:26
Zeroー! [3689]


Ate sushーi (laugh)


I'm getting nutrition so I can go tomorrow to Osakaー!

By the way, what is zero?

That is ((how much)) I conversed with Minase-san (laugh)


=Middle-aged-couple Kouki=

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2010-05-21 21:47:32
Finished at the studioー! [3688]


I'm finished I'm finished!

In the considerably hot studio, the heat was dangerous!

Because we're departing for Osaka tomorrow, I'm looking forward to itー!

We'll be people waving for about one month, right?1

What kind of legs does this doll have?

After this, sushi with Minase-saーn!

=Burning Kouki=

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2010-05-19 21:06:15
Feast! [3680]


While receiving a meal at Hikachuu and Minase-san married couple's home, we had a business meeting☆

I think I want to receive a high level of nutrition today!

=Replenishment Kouki=

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2010-05-11 00:48:10
Where is my Cinderella?

In the dressing room today, I firmly vowed to do the thing called Cinderella petas with DAUTO's Minase-san.

From around 11:55, in front of my PC, I'm standing by
With a false start of a few minor seconds, the petas from 23:59 are done.

A second time, when it becomes 00:00, immediately following that, I was going to try to peta even if
My agile mouse((-clicking)) came to nothing

When I was hurriedly taking out the mouse for preparations for petaing, while I'm sorry to say it ((I'm saying it anyway)), it was a 00:01 peta.

I'm a complete idiot.

Another day, I want to have revenge.

Minase-san is an admirable Cinderella peta-er.
In addition to that, he was the first to arrive.


I wonder if I'll possibly be able to get specific advice from Minase-san?

At least, with having my Cinderella petas, a mistake is unlikely.

Ah, everyone who is always gallantly giving me petas, thank you.
If it's unexpected, it's great.
Endurance like that is cute, it can't be helped.

Well, with that feeling.

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2010-04-27 02:29:07
Late at night restricted for Reka-mani

Posting at night, I'm sorry

The title includes late at night but
it doesn't have a suspicious meaning1

Actually, before this at the DEAD ONE instore
as a result of savoring the same mood with everyone, I tried taking a picture (laugh)


My impression is

not happy


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2010-04-22 00:47:28
Reka-mani Retricted

When this was taken,
where it was taken, I don't really remember, but
it was in my data folder lol

Probably, I had free time


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2010-04-19 00:14:09
Niigata extra.



I received it from DAUTO's Minase-san.

Slot coin.
I don't play slot machines, but it seems this will be my debut chance.

Minase-san has given me advice this year.

By all means, I want to receive advice.

This is really difficult.



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2010-04-17 15:03:03
Friendly chat



After eating lunch, I'm chatting with Minase-shi.1

It's a really good casual friendship.

Before, we were comrades-in-arms, now we're friendly rivals.

Let' go drinking again(^o^)

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2010-03-18 00:19:52
Q&A Corner⑦【3291】

• In the PV, Ibu-san's ransom of 2 million yen is not cheap is it?
What, it's expensive, an extraordinary cost!!1

• Kou-chan, what is your approximate pitching speed(゚-゚)?
Perhaps now only about level 125 I think...2

• Why did Kou-chan decide to go from baseball to being a musician and a vocalist?
It wasn't when I was in high school3...I was invited ((to be in a band)) by a classmate and that was my chance ((opportunity to become a musician))☆

• What does Kouki-kun think of a woman who's skilled at cooking(≧∇≦)?
Considerably charming☆

• Is an 18-year-old an object of romantic interest?? I love Kou-chan(*´`)
If someone is liked, whether they're older or younger, it doesn't matter??

• Things like petit mail, fanmail, fanletters, when do you read them?
Doing things like moving ((in the car going from one tour location to another)), after returning home, it's a nice feeling on my mindv

• What supplies are okay to send you?
Healthya ((brand of water)) and cornflakes lol

• Who is an idol you like or liked (`・ω・´)?
I don't really have an interest in's still actresses☆4

• At in-stores, is it okay to give you a photo-album to sign ((instead of a photo/CD/etc))?
It's totally OK☆

• Usually when I'm energetic, I'm high tension, but how are you able to be high tension and energetic every day?
Honestly, I don't think I'm that high tension lol

• Kouki-kun has a labret (lip piercing) but if a girl has one, do you dislike it? After, please tell me what hair color you like on a girl★
I don't dislike it~☆ As for hair color, I guess it would be something bright☆

• Kouki-san what is a DVD that you'd recommend (^o^)?
A certain band-san's break-up live DVD! Right now it's terribly motivating.

• When Kouki-san's tension is low, what does he do to make his tension rise?
Being the boke to Minase-san makes my tension rise!

• Please tell me a trick for singing songs skillfully.
A trick, or perhaps I should say, am I not a person who puts in a lot of effort??5

• I'm often using official goods, but do all of the members pack and ship them?
I don't know if it looks like we're not thorough but...not only the official goods, all of the members put their love into them ((the packages of goods they help pack))!

• Osaka will be my first time at an instore, but if I'm embarrassed to talk...what would be okay to talk about?
Welll, how about talking about your current interests☆ BY Miscellaneous Knowledge King

• Heavy love or deep love, which do you prefer?
About this, if it's not both, then there it probably has no meaning☆6

• Even though I'm a woman, I want to be like a Kouki-sama-ish pretty type of young man, I yearn for it(>_<) Is this sort of strange?7
Don't worry too much about what is correct, and what is strange, okay? Even though I'm visual kei, I like baseball and going snowboarding, and I don't know if people say that's strange, but, wellll, good grief, don't worry! Yay!!

At last I finished one-third of the replies8☆ I omitted the ones that were duplicates but answering them is fun9

After this I'm going to work a little on one-man stuff so...but I know there are many people who sent in questions, I'm terribly happy☆

The time says it's already a little past tomorrow, so I'll answer the rest properly then☆
Really, thank you!!

=Grateful Kouki=

1 About halfway through the Making of Carnival Ukiyo sei, Kouki "kidnaps" Ibuki (he's gagged alkjlakjlkzj) and demands a ransom of 2 million yen. (like 30k in USD, about, I'm not using a currency exchange thing, just guesstimating). The other three members don't seem be concerned. Reika's biker-esque costume is much more fascinating to them. XD

2 My baseball knowledge does not extend to this. 125 km/hr maybe? That's only 60sth mph, which is pretty slow. Compared to Major Leagues pitchers, who can do 80+.

3 He did baseball in high school. He became a musician after high school. So he didn't switch from one to the other.

4 Idols in Japan are boys. I.e., JE guys. Kouki is not interested in non-DAUTO boys. XD

5 He's teasing, because he's saying they implied that he must have some kind of special trick/knack rather than working hard at it.

6 deep/serious/oppressed/important and deep/profound/close. Kouki means that if the love isn't both of these things, it's not love.

7 She said boku--which is soooooometimes used by girls, but much more often used by guys.


9 No. You're wrong. It's not. IT IS AGONY. FOR ME.

LJ: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 (end)

DW: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 (end)

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2010-02-03 22:28:50
At Team Sai's nabe party!! [3070]

Yesterday I was at Team Sai's nabe party☆

Members were Kouki, Minase, Canzel's Haku-sama and Yukimin!!



Even crab was in there, such a luxury, isn't it??

Haku-sama made me spaghetti☆


The same day, we sold out!!

Lately Team Sai's activity has become really lively, so that's good!!

Well, tomorrow is an early morning make-up call, so I guess I'll go to sleep ahead of time☆

=Preparations are OK Kouki=

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