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2010/4/11 Sunday 2:16:11
Feeling refreshed☆

We arrived in Osaka so I took a bath and now I feel refreshed (o`∀´o)

Even though I met ((hang out)) everyone some time ago, I already want to meet them again!

I'm looking forward to being able to meet them today☆

The picture is the three bassist brothers☆

It's a polaroid of me and Haku-tarou and Rui-jirou! lol

This is the only rare polaroid I have of the three brothers! lol

I think I'll have to carry it around very carefully (o`∀´o)

And then before the tour I'm drinking collagen so I'll sleep (o`∀´o)

Good night☆

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2010-04-10 23:17:55


Nagoya, thank you very much for your hard work.

It was extremely fun!

Thank you.

After today, new costumes.

How was it?

Today I obtained an heirloom.

A rare polaroid of the three brothers, Rei-nii-chan, Haku-sama, and Ruisu(*´_`) It's good, huh lol

And then some time ago we arrived safely in Osaka.

Let's enjoy ourselves to the utmost tomorrow.


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2010-04-10 22:13:19


Today, because it seems it was the rare three brothers, it's a polaroid taken in commemoration with Rui-kun and Rei-sama

It's not for sale, it's completely personal property, lol

By the way, Rei-sama is the topmost (oldest) brother and Rui-kun is the next son ((jirou)) and I'm the plump son ((tarou))1

I'm so happy I'll always keep it in my wallet, lol

Some time ago, I was perfectly synchronized with Yukimi-kun, so it was a big surprise

For posting an interesting Haku-ish thread, thanks2

Everyone, freely use it and enjoy it

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2009-12-27 16:22:47

Yesterday I got to do commemoration photography of Rui-kun wearing a Pooh-santa ((costume))

I guess it's good

When we're voyaging together, he seems to become a musician

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2009-12-09 01:18:01

Now, with Icchi-san's driving, I'm in the middle of a terrifying drive

It's really dangerous lol

That reminds me, today, despite taking a long-awaited photo of bass-playing Rui-kun's terrifically attractive and stylish hands, the image wasn't able to be stored...

Tomorrow for sure it will be perfectly stored

That reminds me, do you know that stuff called cod liver oil?

That stuff is gummy-ish

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2009-11-27 13:25:22


I'm very sorry(´_`)

I'm sorry(´_`)

Yesterday I was just so agitated and stirred up, I went and slept...(´_`)

It became late.
It's a two-shot with Haku-sama.

By the way, because I said my hair color changed, everyone expected a terribly huge change or something, but, however, it's just a little darker, it's a minor change (´_`)

I'm sorry for talking in a way that built up your expectations(´_`)

After this, it's collecting data!


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2009-11-27 01:36:01


I think it's good!

It's dark, sorry ((he means outside--sorry for the late post))

We hadn't been to WEST for a while, it was fun

As I expected, with monitors at my feet, it was easy to play

However, we also had them when we did the oneman, but, when the monitors were at my feet, I forgot the monitors were there, and moving around the space behind them with great force, they fell over twice

If they fall over next time, by any means necessary, please tell me what to do

I was able to hear drop note and it was satisfying

I also wanted to hear Sara lol

I'm left with only one regret

I forgot to ask Ruisu-Rui-kun's answer to the marriage proposal....

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2009-11-26 23:14:05
Bouncy return home.

THE return home.

I was able to revise, so congratulations on your hard work.

For the letters, refreshments, and so on, thank you!

Today I took a picture with Haku-sama again (*´_`)

Do you want to see it??

By the way, yesterday and today, I wonder if everyone noticed that my hair was different(´_`)?

Yesterday, after returning home when the live was finished, even though I dyed it with all my might (´_`)


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2009-11-07 22:27:37


I got to be taught good things

Giraffes and cows have the same animal sound, is what I learned from Ruisu Rui-kun

Well, rather, just that was mailed to me by Ruisu Rui-kun


I mean, a giraffe makes a sound ((right?))

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2009-10-22 23:10:05


Before doing Nagoya, an undercover photo with Rui-kun

Welcome home

After meeting for the first time in a while, his hairdo was a big surprise lol

But as I thought, he's an ikemen

Even EVE's bass is an ikemen

Half of today was off, so I read the manga I borrowed in the morning

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2009-10-22 16:38:14
European dreds.


Which reminds me, in Nagoya the other day, I had a picture I took with Haku-sama!!1

If it's Haku-sama, this time when he departed, he sent me a going away emaiー.

I love tender, caring Haku-sama.

By the way, my hairdo didn't really change, so, sorry.


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2009-10-12 00:23:09


Otsuka-Rei-sama. Lol1

Today was fun, too!

Weelll, strictly speaking, a little more discretion and care really needs to happen, although there was a feeling of insufficient violent activity left behind(´_`)2

But it was terribly fun.

Thank you for the letters and refreshments.

Thank you for your hard work for the last three days.

Nagoya and Osaka and Tokyo were truly the best.

How was my hairdo? Lol

The girls who weren't able to come to the show, just wait a little longer.

Today's hand series ((he means the photo; also, is using kid-speak)).

With Rei-nii-chan.
Stylish Spring style.

Attractive and cooーl.

It's a promise to come and play again next time(*´_`)

Looking forward to it.


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2009-10-10 01:13:27
I was happy 2009


Good job on your hard work.

It was heartfelt(*´_`)1
I ((my heart?)) was left so full that I was happy.

Thank you.

The calls for encore, we weren't able to reply to them ((do an encore)), so I'm sorry (´_`)

But even with that, I was happy.

Because we're coming to Nagoya again next month, that time, let's play fully and stuff

Thank you for the letters and refreshments.

I took a peace sign photo with Haku-sama!

I took a two-shot too but that's for next time.

I'm getting crazy psyched for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow so I'll do my best!



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2009-10-09 23:40:35


It was a peace ((sign)) with Rui-kun

With the EVE and mugen iro metro ((Canzel song)) talk, I got excited!

As I thought, I have the kindred spirit of a bassist lol

Nagoya was so hot it was fun

Let's play again in December okay!

Tomorrow is Osaka, look forward to it while you wait

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2009-09-26 09:59:06
One ((photo)) together


And then, this, too.

For the first time in a while, it's Haku-sama.

Actually, it's that.1
Yesterday we took a polaroid together (*´_`)

The person who was hit.2

Next month we're together again (*´_`)


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2009-09-25 22:46:45


Good job at the in-store

I think I took a good picture with Rui-kun

The dressing room lights were orange so excuse the strange color

As I expected, the instore felt good! But I'm still growing accustomed to vast spaces

It was fun

See you again at AREA

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2009-07-29 22:34:04


Who could these fingers on the right side be

Niigata, good job

The rhythm ((section)) was worn out but it was super fun!

I was so surprised that many people showed up, that my tension completely rose

We're eating dinner, and after this, heading towards Kanazawa

The fingers on the right, the correct answer was Rui-kun


I got to take it just before Canzel's performance lol

It seems like Hokkaidou was fun ((for vistlip)) so I'm envious! I also wanted to go

Niigata, thanks

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2009-07-12 21:17:56

Takasaki, thanks for your hard work!!

It was our first time, but everyone was so excited that I was happy(*´_`)

Because everyone was kinーd.

Today did everyone appear to be perfectly energetic(´_`)? lol

Today Tohya participated in telephoning and faxing again.
Soon it will feel close to habit.

I'm loーnely. There have been many people sending fanmails and petit mails saying things like this.

Ah. A two-shot with Haku-sama is uploaded at Poke Shock's blog, so go look okaーy.

Buiーn yanmaー!!

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2009-06-30 06:58:15

Arrived at the airport.

The waiting time is really long....

From Haku-sama I received a take-care-and-be-careful mail (`_´)ゞ
I'll be careful (`_´)ゞ

I'll go have fun (`_´)ゞ










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2009-04-27 18:25:18
Vegetable life

Haku-sama. Lol

Envious of lettus. Lol

How, or rather, having my name come up in this other guy's blog, like that I'm a little happy. Yeah.

Because I don't have very many friends (´_`)

THE Priceless (*´_`)

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