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2010-06-24 00:21:17

For the time being, my birthday is over.

I had the privilege of seeing your messages and mame.1 Thanks for the Ameblo presents ((presents via Ameblo that hang around on your profile)).
I also received things when I reached the office.

Even at the event, I was the unagitated, cool me, but as I thought, being congratulated completely makes my tension unintentionally rise.
Thanks to you, I have this happiness.

From Jin and Byou, each one treated me to stuff at McDonald's...

Rui ((gave me)) cigarettes....

From Kazuki ((I was treated to)) soba.....

Even getting to receive congratulations and happy birthdays was the best. As I thought, I feel gratitude and member Love.

With that kind of happiness, after this, SCREW, please continue to take care of me.

Well now, for the present, I'll do my best on tomorrow's live, so I'm looking forward to it.

The weather appears to be good and I'm getting psyched.

For the time being, I'll sleep properly so I can prepare for tomorrow.

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Ugh ugh ugh. I forgot that it's August in Japan today and I lost all of Manabu's Naus from when he started back in June. (Nau only keeps this month and the month before.) Which means I lost Ryouga's June Naus about drunk!Reno. orz OTL OTL Ffffffff I don't supposed anyone saved ANY of them, did they? D: When you save them in Firefox, it saves EVERYTHING, pics, etc. It's like opening the webpage again. Blah. BLAH. Fuck, Nau, Twitter keeps all your tweets. Spare the bandwidth prs. T____T So much for my Nau/Twitter weekend. T_T T____________T T_____T Ahem. On with the translations. Time and Jrockers stop for no man. Or translator. T_T

2010-06-05 19:53:34
Instore is over


Thanks for today.

Again in August, right. Let's meet.

At the convenience store I discovered ByouRui.

Being able to run into each other at the convenience store should be impossible...

Well then.








I feel his pain. I live in a city of 8 million and I run into people I know all the time. Downtown, on the train. It's eerie. O_O
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2010-04-27 16:36:24
ヾ(゜ щ。) With Byou-san


With Byou-aniki!

This also...

Byou-san is kind and very interesting! I love him (°⃞°;)

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2010-04-21 08:01:15
Mistake in writing

In succession to Byou.

Sendai is in June and May.


I want to meet ((you)) in May and June.

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2010-04-21 06:05:32

Good job Sendai

Even though it was the first time, you were awesome

Because that's what ROCK should be, I think, everyone joining in the loving mood

When that's how it is, I enjoy myself

We're coming in again in May, so at that time, come with more and more seriousness

And then, today in the dressing room, I talked about many things with SCREW, but, as a matter of fact, I wore SCREW's bandana at the Kagoshima live, and that guy ((Byou)) is realizing it?

With that, I'll be able to sleep a little later

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2010-04-19 22:23:26

Born under the same sun.

Byou-chan, Kazuki-chan, Manabu-chan, Rui-chan, Jin1/4

Everyone who came to the Kooriyama live, thank you very much.

Voice, fist, headbands ((bandanas)) were good!

We'll visit again.

Tomorrow is Sendai!

I personally like Sendai Forus. Laugh

Tomorrow's meeting is at darwin! Now, go crazy!

See you later.


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2010-04-19 17:46:25

Yesterday, it was from the second half ((of dinner)), but I went there running, and I ate dinner with Vell-kun and President and Rui-kun.

Today, I wonder, what kind of climax will you show?

Kooriyamaー!! Burn out!!

See you later.


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2010-04-19 15:58:38
On standby


We're on standby ((waiting for orders)).


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2010-04-18 00:50:02
Niigata JUNK BOX Event

Thank you for dropping by to the All Things In Nature Tour in Niigata JUNK BOX!

And those who remained until the end, thank you.

It was twice as fun! The heat circulated! Voices also◎

From the moment Death's door began, there was a common sense of unity.

Thank you for the letters.

Next, we have a one day break at Fukushima prefecture's Kooriyama!

I wonder what kind of destructive live it will become.

Neighbor Byou-ROCK's outfit includes swept-back hair. It looks good.

On my drumpedals, the spring is deteriorating, so I bought two new springs.

Tomorrow I'll do maintenance.

Recently I'm addicted to roar. Pistol is cool.

Does everyone know them? Now my drumset is wearing a white bandana that's hanging down from it.

See you later.


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2010-04-17 16:44:27
Hand mirror


Byou: Lend me your hand mirror for a biーt

Jin: Okaーy

Byou: Thank yoーu

Jin: What are you using it for?

Byou: The live

Jin: Fantastic

Byou: Burn out to the very end

Jin: Baーng

See you later


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2010-04-16 15:50:40


Drummer Byou.

They're professional hands, right.

In the dressing room.

See you later.


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2010-04-12 22:49:02

Good job Kagoshima

I always wear different things ((accessories)) when I go onstage, and today

Byou-san's bandana

Because that's SCREW's bandana, I'm sure I'll receive power from it

Receiving so much power, it might have been a fruitless effort1

Well, it's an experience

Tomorrow is Hakata

Come and suffer even if you're dying

And then, from a distance, those guys ((rest of ViViD, most likely)) are slowly resting

Kagoshima, thank you

We'll come again

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2010-04-07 18:19:05

Good evening!!

Today, after finishing collecting data, I went shopping with Byou-kun.

Oh yes, please look at SCREW'S official ((homepage)) on your personal computers.

After tomorrow, I'll be in the final stage of packing!

Kérastase is too bulky, so I packed TSUBAKI.

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2010-03-16 01:31:51
Returning home


Thank you for all the supportive emails. Byou-senshu's style is spicy.1

Afterwards, I got Manager Fujitaka to drop them/me off.2

Being made to send them to people like me, I became a overwhelmed with apologetic and grateful feelings, so tomorrow also, at that minute, I will fight with a scream.

Well, later

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2010-03-12 16:19:43
Rehearsal is over


Before my eyes, Rui and Byou are disgusting lovebirds1

Byou took my coffee, Rui took my lighter.



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2010-03-12 11:31:25
Clear weather, sun.

Morning. I was able to sleep, so I feel good.

Today with Byou, Kazuki, Manabu, and Rui, I'm trying hard.

My important friends.

Recently I've been sneezing and having itchy eyes.

Perhaps this is...

Today it's okay.

See you later.


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2010-02-16 19:45:56

Sharing studiotime is fun, yeah?1

Byou-san sang me S=r&b for my birthday \(☆o☆)/ 2


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