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2010-08-05 12:33:36
First day

Sapporo, thanks for the first day ((of the tour)).
Everyone was warm, so it was a good atmosphere.
I ate ramen and, today as well I slept a lot, so I'll be able to try my best.

Happy Birthday, Kazu-king.
I think cheerful Kazuki is the best.
Today, in everyone's heads is Kazuki Kazuki Kazuki Kazuki Kazuki Kazuki Kazu...with everyone caught up in this, take care of me.

In the hotel, the coffee that's being sold is Gyuunyuu ((Cow's Milk--a brand?)) and it's deliciousーーーーーーーー

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2010-07-26 22:06:26
ーTakadanobaba Areaー

After heading to the capital, for around three years it was called Takadanobaba.
Until recently, I thought Kichijouji's thing was Kisshouji.1
Greetings, it's me.

Yesterday, nice job everyone.
The live that thinned out ((got less crowded)) for a little bit had new costumes and a new existenーce so it was fresh.

It appeared to be really good time.
Everyone was warm and nice.

And then
I thought I'd try reflecting.

I thought I'd admonish you ((myself?)).

I'm doing my best. Watch, okay.


In the dressing room, my neighbor, HERO's SARSHI-shi, took a picture of his sandal, so I took a picture of mine as well.
It's the sandal for my new costume.
With him also, with one thing and another, I got to know him, and a considerable amount of time passed.
If I'm not mistaken, "Takadababa" is flirting, right.2
When I was chatting with him, it was in Osaka-ben ((dialect)).

Well, it's that kind of inside joke.

Today I didn't really sleep, so I'm doing various things with all my might.
Then, a Kazuki-ish person passed me a Red Bull. As expected, a guy being able to do that has perfect timing.
When I write, 'Kazuki-ish' it looks like 'selfish.'3 Selfish genes.
This blog is becoming so cryptic and ambiguous my head isn't functioning well.
Soon I'll go in the the bath and sleep I must take a picture.
Saying 'I must take a picture'4 in Japanese is strange and......
Getting tired so that I change and can't do things properly, so typos and omitted words increase, it'z Manab. Lter.5

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July 15, 2010
Greetings from the chief

Right now, at our company's pre-production packing factory, when I was getting ready to cram a melody for a song, in the midst of work, a crisis drew near, and I'm reporting that updating the blog is becoming extremely difficult and distressing here.

I'll go out for a little while now.

Instead, before long, because I'm disclosing it soon at Kazu-tsuma's house1, wait patiently.

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2010-07-10 22:15:30


Today because of my selfish whim, I ((went to see)) a movie as a couple with Kazuki.
Aaah, I was healed by Kazuki's cuteness...

No matter what, I wanted to see Confession.

Before, I even read the mass-market paperback, but the movie similarly finished in the blink of an eye.
Despite being sleepy at the beauty parlor, ((I went anyway, and))there was a lot of room at the cinema.

It's a madness that's becoming quiet and peaceful.

On the way, we were playing Radiohead songs ((in the car)), and they were totally suitable, and even as sad as they were, they were beautiful.

Going to see it was good, so everyone, you should definitely go see it too.


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2010-06-25 23:37:04
After the live


I got to be treated to a little alcohol by Kazuki.

There was a lot of talk about trivial, stupid things, but things like this are good, huh.

Japan also won ((World Cup stuff)), so I was happy.

Once in a while it's good, huh.

It's Kazuki's treat.
In August, I must return the favoーr! ((Because that's Kazuki's birthday month))

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Out of order, but I spent the time IDing the guys in the photo and didn't want to forget. XD;

June 24, 2010

Thanks for the live and instore.

It's purely like, "how many times are we going to Niigata," huh.1

A photograph of the gathering at LOTS.

The first rascal on the left is Byou.


I woke up at a strange time.

I think I'll try to sleep a little more.

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2010-06-24 00:21:17

For the time being, my birthday is over.

I had the privilege of seeing your messages and mame.1 Thanks for the Ameblo presents ((presents via Ameblo that hang around on your profile)).
I also received things when I reached the office.

Even at the event, I was the unagitated, cool me, but as I thought, being congratulated completely makes my tension unintentionally rise.
Thanks to you, I have this happiness.

From Jin and Byou, each one treated me to stuff at McDonald's...

Rui ((gave me)) cigarettes....

From Kazuki ((I was treated to)) soba.....

Even getting to receive congratulations and happy birthdays was the best. As I thought, I feel gratitude and member Love.

With that kind of happiness, after this, SCREW, please continue to take care of me.

Well now, for the present, I'll do my best on tomorrow's live, so I'm looking forward to it.

The weather appears to be good and I'm getting psyched.

For the time being, I'll sleep properly so I can prepare for tomorrow.

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2010-05-29 06:52:27
Unable to sleep. Today is the instore at DAZE in Shinjuku

The early bird gets the worm. Whether it does or doesn't, I can't sleep.

Since last night, sharing Aoi-san with Kazuki1, we were treated to a delicious meal.

And without change we were at the studio all night


The night somehow felt like it quickly passed in the blink of an eye.

And after returning home I slept lightly and then went out for rehearsal a second time.


Next time we're rehearsing everything.

In rehearsal, for the first time in a while, I lost at janken ((rock paper scissors)) and had to treat everyone to coffee.2

This also finished in the blink of an eye.

Because at the office there is a business meeting and so on.

Returning home, I got ramen alone.

Immediately after returning home, I slept lightly on the sofa.

After getting out of bed, I took a bath.


That's a waterproof iPod speaker. Although it's in the bath, even the sound of a large bell is useful.
It's a present, but it makes bathtime enjoyable, so I recommend it. It's a companion that stays in the bath for a long time.

After that, I think I played music♪

→→And it's now←← ((he's caught up))

As it is, I'm hesitating about whether to go to sleep again.

When everyone is like this, what do you do about it?

This kind of boring temple of knowledge ((his blog)) finally passed 700 posts.

I'll keep writing so I can get to the 1000th mark.

By the way, lately I think I'm looking forward to Nau.

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2010-04-27 16:28:38
ヾ(゜ щ。) With Kazuki-san


With Kazuki-aniki!


Kazuki-san is very level-headed, so this tour, I got to learn a lot!

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2010-04-27 10:43:08


Today at east, take care of us, okay.

After this morning I verified difference between Jagabee and Jagapokkuru flavours...

Well, to my sense of taste, they are completely the same.

Incidentally, Jagabee was Kazuki-senpai's treat!

It really was a feast!

He was full of confidence that he'd expose the difference in flavors, but he spectacularly failed.

People who are interested, try to verify it.

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2010-04-23 01:28:11
Come now

After this, it's a long trip by boat!
Because I'm together in the room with Kazuki-san and Jin-san, it's fun♪

But because I'm tired, I'll sleep! laugh
If it's okay, I want to hear all of your impressions of the tour♪
Because it's with everyone that we make the lives!

Please take care of me!

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2010-04-22 16:44:40

At this area's final ((live for the tour)), please take care of us.

I'm committing ((it)).1

I'm going to have the most fun and then return to Tokyo.

Overlooking Kazuki, a senpai gave this to me.


Drinking them, I'll do my best.

Yesterday's live, good job on your hard work.

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2010-04-21 02:51:52
Player change

From Rui-senshu, it's Kazuki-senshu's turn.

I realized it's Aomori prefecture.

Thank you very much for the many thoughts in your fanmails.

I'm grateful.

Everyone in Sapporo, please look forward to the live!

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2010-04-20 22:31:09
It's said the ring finger is important.

Sendai, good job on your hard work today~.1

Today I was allowed to leave it to our long time top batter.2

Time without commotion.

Umi was about to blow his fuse for some reason, so I loosened my hairdo. Laugh3

To tell you the truth, the bandage on my finger, it's disobedient, but it's only on the middle finger. ((instead of both, like he had it before))

So I wondered what to do.
It came down to it that my fourth finger can be used, so, thanks to you, before today, playing did not come easily.(*´_`)

Well, but Atari Maeda crackers (old), however, as I expected, my usual way was different ((from how I can currently play with my finger)), so it was imperfect.4(´_`)

I want to heal quickly!

I'll drink milk.

With this state of health, I'll look forward to Sapporo

Thank you, Sendai!

At any rate, when I met Kazuki again, he was an idiot, ya know.5

He's fun. Laugh.


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2010-04-19 22:23:26

Born under the same sun.

Byou-chan, Kazuki-chan, Manabu-chan, Rui-chan, Jin1/4

Everyone who came to the Kooriyama live, thank you very much.

Voice, fist, headbands ((bandanas)) were good!

We'll visit again.

Tomorrow is Sendai!

I personally like Sendai Forus. Laugh

Tomorrow's meeting is at darwin! Now, go crazy!

See you later.


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And Sadie!Mizuki 8D

Interestingly, while Rui uses keigo and polite language even in his Naus and blogs and when talking about the other members and kinda made a big deal about shifting from polite to casual speech in his Q&A, he speaks casually with Yuh and Yuuri. ^^

Also, these aren't exaaaactly chronological--the Yuh/Rui and Yuuri/Rui and Yuh/Yuuri threads overlap a tiny bit, so to reduce confusion, I separated them out. They're mostly chronological though. Hopefully it's not confusing.^^;

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Thanks to [profile] angelicoma for pointing this out to me

April 09 [Fri], 2010, 22:47



It's Ken-chan3

Osaka, thank you so much for today!

Seriously unreasonably hot Osaka!

It was the hottest and most fun☆

Today with Kazuki-san I exchanged picks☆

I wonder if I'll become a skilled guitarist? (laugh)

Tomorrow the instore will be full of talking☆

Today I want to slowly fall asleep(*^o^*)4

Osaka thank youー!

(`・ω川)ゞ Mission complete!

This was Ken-chan5

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2010-03-16 21:29:55
Power supply


From the left it's me, Kazuki, Rui.

Please take care of us.



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2010-03-12 11:31:25
Clear weather, sun.

Morning. I was able to sleep, so I feel good.

Today with Byou, Kazuki, Manabu, and Rui, I'm trying hard.

My important friends.

Recently I've been sneezing and having itchy eyes.

Perhaps this is...

Today it's okay.

See you later.


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I wouldn't normally translate a game post because they don't normally make a lot of sense unless you also know the game, but this talks about Rui at the end, and I have bias.

2010-03-08 06:25:21

It's Byou-shachou.1

I played two matches of Momotetsu Third Year.2

Before I looked.3


Punishment game,

Kazu-yan, go buy me food immediately.4

The name only says Rui-shachou because I'm borrowing his computer.1

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Waitaminute--how is he on Rui's computer at six in the morning--


*ponders this for a while*

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