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Out of order, but I spent the time IDing the guys in the photo and didn't want to forget. XD;

June 24, 2010

Thanks for the live and instore.

It's purely like, "how many times are we going to Niigata," huh.1

A photograph of the gathering at LOTS.

The first rascal on the left is Byou.


I woke up at a strange time.

I think I'll try to sleep a little more.

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June 23, 2010
Macchan ((Manabu))
Happy birthday and.

((Today you're the)) Main character.

In the conference room, when I poke the sole of his foot with the tip of my toe repeatedly, Manabu starts, and it's cute.

From here on, please go through the creative Manabu-ism.1

I'll get in touch again.

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2010-06-23 01:39:01

Today is not easily becoming satisfactory to me (゚_゚

I'm resting with K-on ((anime))

Everyone, did you send a HAPPY BIRTHDAY fanmail to Manabu-kun? (^_^)

I did at 0:00.

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While I'm catching up on birthday posts...

2010-06-23 00:01:19

Manabu-kun, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (^_^)

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June 18, 2010
Hi Sen((dai))

Byocchan 8 hours, Manacchan 10 hours, for a total of sleeping 18 hours. ((they roomed together that night, apparently))

In that kind of strange bed, being able to fully sleep like this...

Gotou-san, I wanna eat ox tongueee

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May 04, 2010
Waiting for rehearsal

Distantly, without really being able to sleep, and with waking up being so difficult, I woke up with Manabu-chan's wake-up call.

It seems even I dwell on fatigue. ((he means even he can't stop being tired, it stays with him all day))

I'm getting psyched for the performance, so please take care of me.

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2010-04-27 13:39:18
ヾ(゜ щ。) With Jin-san


With Jin-san!

They're probably just boring pictures, so I'll add comments here and there (laugh)

I thought Manabu-san was a quiet, obedient person, but surprisingly, he's a talkative ikemen-san!

Rui-san is gently, calmly kind!

Jin-san, apart from being a drummer, has attempted various things! He's affectionate and amusing!

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Mon, April 26, 2010 06:50:35
1758th, close friend


IN Sapporo☆

Messing around with Manabu-kunヾ(‘Д,)ノ

So Manabu-kun will play with Yanmar, please take care of this rumor(o・v・o)haha

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2010-04-19 22:23:26

Born under the same sun.

Byou-chan, Kazuki-chan, Manabu-chan, Rui-chan, Jin1/4

Everyone who came to the Kooriyama live, thank you very much.

Voice, fist, headbands ((bandanas)) were good!

We'll visit again.

Tomorrow is Sendai!

I personally like Sendai Forus. Laugh

Tomorrow's meeting is at darwin! Now, go crazy!

See you later.


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2010-04-16 23:43:18

Manabu next to me is doing Manabu-ish things.

In the hotel, I watched Kaiji and Richard Hall and took a breather from our schedule.

All Things In Nature Tour is leaving this place behind after 5 shows.

Absolutely we're returning everyone's smiles with our smiling faces.0

We're becoming the strongest SCREW.

Shaー Manabuー1

See you later.


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April 16 [Fri], 2010, 13:48



It's Ken-chan

Nagano! I arrived☆

Today Manabu-san gave me a pick (*^o^*)

Today's Nagano ((live)), let's do it AGENT!1

(`・ω川)ゞ Mission complete!

This was Ken-chan.

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2010-04-15 00:28:09
Stage left meeting1


Tonight the Stage Left Group is in the same room.2

From exchanging stage left ideas until our conversation has nothing to do with it, we're talking.

Highball toast

Tomorrow's Kanazawa, please take care of us!

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2010-04-14 19:29:02
From here


Passing the baton from Manabu-senshu to Rui-senshu, we're setting out!

There's still some way to go before we get to Kanazawa.

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2010-04-11 16:53:55


Right now, the driver is Manabu-senshu.

Soon, it might be Rui-senshu's turn.

Some time I listened on the PA, but I might relatively like Kyuushuu's way of speaking (Hakata-ben?), and I've realized it's spring.

~I know!

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Finally Manabu gets some lovin' and I actually translate a Jin post. XD It seems all the ones I translate always involve other members...

2010-04-04 00:19:17
Manabu-kun and I1


Which one could be me?

This time I tried choosing the white costume.

Ah, it seems everyone ((picked)) the white costume.



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2010-03-12 11:31:25
Clear weather, sun.

Morning. I was able to sleep, so I feel good.

Today with Byou, Kazuki, Manabu, and Rui, I'm trying hard.

My important friends.

Recently I've been sneezing and having itchy eyes.

Perhaps this is...

Today it's okay.

See you later.


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2010-01-05 19:55:30
Inside the heart


It was soy sauce.

The left hand is Manabu-san

Incidentally, I was not able to eat sushi. (-_-#) 1

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