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2010-05-12 18:00:01

This is late, but good job!

It was a completely good time!

I saw when fists rose in the assembly hall so I felt good!

In the LIVE, because I wanted to see everyone's faces, I couldn't see as well as I usually do, but I thought, I'll play ((my guitar)).

But it's difficult.

I feel a shortage of true strength.

After finishing the live, with Ruisu and Reka-chan I got foーoーd!

I became a drunkard...

This year I'll have a toast with Reka-chan in Hokkaidou on my birthday!

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Related to this Rui entry

2010-05-04 22:46:00


When I was doing nothing at home I was invited by vistlip's Ruisu so we went out drinkinーg

Completely laid-back

We're Bibiru(´_`)lol2

It's been a long time and I'll probably listen to stories of the tour


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2010-04-30 17:41:33
In the middle of recruiting.


Ruisu completely went crazy

Honestly, right

Consulting beloved darling fans

It's titled

"Your words, spread ((them))."


"Your words, please."


It doesn't matter what('ω'`*)

This time while recording a song, at one part, with a broken state of mind, words scatter, and intently whispering at that part

When everyone was swallowed up by despair and panic

I'm wondering what kind of phrase and scene it appears to be?

I want to know that

I can't do it alone, I want to experience the viewpoints from around the world

Without changing that scene I want to try whispering it

Please take care of me

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2010-04-26 23:28:58
Courteous moment.


Rui-san disaster. Terrible hentai.1

Writing the morning report on the way. Buーt noー. Perhaps I didn't.

Today is one day. It's a guitar strumming day.

I called

DuelJewel's Shun-san and received advice but.
Frankly, his voice was weird, and I was worried, so I emailed him.

Because of him, I was able to be thought of like this. I'm a little embarrassed. But I was thinking that much about a phone call with a person whose voice is so different so that it's obvious from the start, so ((I had to send the email)).


I, who sent that mail.

I caught a cold.

Sluggish. Heavy. Sore.

Impossible. I'm going to sleep.

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2010-04-26 14:50:03
Continuation ((of the last post))

For peace of mind

It's water-based ((the marker))

Really, thank you very much (hah)

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2010-04-26 14:43:34
SPECIAL Posting of an intensely ero image


MUCC's Tatsurou-san applied his personal make-up to Ruisu (hah)'s the genuine article...hah


The writing ((on his forehead)) isn't ((eye))liner, it's magic marker

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2010-04-25 00:42:03
I'm taking time, so I want to feel.



When Ruisu is sprawling, his form becomes like this

Yesterday we were supposed to stay overnight in Sendai, but spending time there wasn't really useful, so I spontaneously jumped on the last shinkansen and went to Tokyo

Because the deadline for song lyrics is drawing near

Because if I'm with the members, no matter what, I want to fully enjoy myself (hah)

When I peeked at everyone's blogs for the first time in a while, it seems like they're really having fun, and I was jealous, but after all, I wanted to work

The appearance of new messages as it is takes time

I want to take time

Thanks to you, when I'm able to harden my image, I think I'll go send out a melody

I'm looking forward to it

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2010-04-17 22:45:26

Whether to say it or not. But with Rui I'm a little hesitant.

Rui's finger. It seems to have gotten fine cracks.

Yesterday I don't know if the fans who were there saw it, they might have, but during the live there was a collision with me.

The lives have been going flawlessly, so it's a little difficult. It seems it will take 1-2 weeks for a complete recovery, but that time could change with the lives. Sometimes they might possibly be imperfect.

Because this definitely is the only thing we're able to do. Currently, the bassist is planning on doing lives.

What I can't say, and I don't mean to say in the least, is please warmly watch over us.1

As soon as I see it ((Rui's bandage, most likely)), I feel worry and because I can do nothing, I feel irritated. I think, letting everyone be as usual is the most dependable.2

I want to enjoy myself as usual.3

Therefore, not being able to do anything, I and the other members are impatient.

Because as always, more than anything, in planning to enjoy ourselves, I and Rui and the other members are the same.

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2010-04-17 04:03:54
Disillusioned egoism.1


Master Fencer and Fire Fist.2

Today after a what feels like a long time, I pictured the things I made.

However, ((there was a)) crash.

Collision with Rui. Rui and injury. I wonder if he's okay. And.

For the time being. Design production. Obstinately saying that ((still doing it)) again tomorrow is unacceptable.

Aーh. Freezing rain.

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2010-04-15 13:19:55
If I don't lose myself, I'll always come back


How is Kanazawa

What about Kanazawa

To tell you the truth, I'm writing this blog now and it's 3:22 AM on 4/15

That seems amazing

There are messages from the old me

Reading a certain fanmail, I suddenly remembered it


From the me from long ago, at last I remembered a performer I've always liked

Until now, I seriously forgot and responded half-heartedly, however, at last, from the bottom of my heart, I'm able to answer

Matsuyuki Yasuko-senpai

It was you

In the hotel I'm passing time without sleeping

Recently, because the single is wholly in demand, the environment is really good, however, where not being able to sleep is concerned, it's painful

Boring, huh

Writing that, after five minutes, I slept (hah)

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2010-04-13 11:08:32


※ Change in assembly hall notification

Today's public performance, the assembly hall was changed from Hakata DRUM Be-1 to Hakata DRUM LOGOS.

That's right.


What do you mean?('ω'`*) Hah

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I have decided that the reason Reika gets no love from Kouki is obviously because he and Rui are married.


Rui @Reika

Reika @Rui Why lol

Rui @Reika

Reika @Rui

Rui @Reika

Reika @Rui

Rui @Reika Eh? lol

Reika @Rui Eーh!! Let's keep the flow ((of naus)) up seriouslylol

Rui @Reika Eh Ah sorryI still don't know the correct ((emoticon to use))ー

Rui It's a disaster! I meant to take a 5 minute break, but it was 30 minutes

Reika @Rui Don't be sorry it was my mistake Rui-chu isn't at fault

Rui @Reika lol I'm turning back to workー later

Rui Later (*´_`)

Reika @Rui Ganbareika1

Rui @Reika Ganbaruisu2

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Decided to give some of these a shot. Hopefully they're formatted somewhat coherently.

Reika Reichel Nau

Rui @Reika There's no DAUTO on Piramekiino(´_`)No way

Reika @Rui Because it was only a one month contract, it can't be helped! lol

Rui @Reika No way! One more time!

Reika @Rui To the Television Tokyo-san's people, that opinion is...

Rui @Reika ENCORE! (」゜□゜)」 ENCORE! (」゜□゜)」

Reika @Rui Well next time at karaoke I'll sing you a songLaylaー

Rui @Reika Laylaー

Rui Reika and I really love Eric Clapton's Layla(*´_`) Layla

Rui Oh shit TV Tokyo-san's official Nau has been burdened with encore requests It's the result of other people's annoyance, so please stop soon I'm really sorry

Rui Everyone, thank you for your cooperation

Reika @Rui IT'S MーY LーIFE 1

Rui @Reika TUGGER (」゜□゜)」TUGGER (」゜□゜)」TUGGER (」゜□゜)」2

Reika @Rui DAUTO you

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2010/4/11 Sunday 2:16:11
Feeling refreshed☆

We arrived in Osaka so I took a bath and now I feel refreshed (o`∀´o)

Even though I met ((hang out)) everyone some time ago, I already want to meet them again!

I'm looking forward to being able to meet them today☆

The picture is the three bassist brothers☆

It's a polaroid of me and Haku-tarou and Rui-jirou! lol

This is the only rare polaroid I have of the three brothers! lol

I think I'll have to carry it around very carefully (o`∀´o)

And then before the tour I'm drinking collagen so I'll sleep (o`∀´o)

Good night☆

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2010-04-10 22:13:19


Today, because it seems it was the rare three brothers, it's a polaroid taken in commemoration with Rui-kun and Rei-sama

It's not for sale, it's completely personal property, lol

By the way, Rei-sama is the topmost (oldest) brother and Rui-kun is the next son ((jirou)) and I'm the plump son ((tarou))1

I'm so happy I'll always keep it in my wallet, lol

Some time ago, I was perfectly synchronized with Yukimi-kun, so it was a big surprise

For posting an interesting Haku-ish thread, thanks2

Everyone, freely use it and enjoy it

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2010-03-05 21:58:19
There, it's there. There it feels awfully good...


Seriously tired ー('ω'`*)

Slowly resting, I must prepare for the one-man ('ω'`*)

My body is cracking

Do I need a massage?

Massage meー('ω'`*)

Because I seem to be fatigued, my head is also sore and

Because I seem to be fatigued, my head is also sore and

Because I seem to be fatigued, Ruisu is making the office a home-like relaxation space and

It's humming with activity

It's like definitely humming with activity

What does it mean?

Whirl of busyness

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Ha, I had these posts open in tabs. Translator, 1; Ameba, 2. I win. Partially. This round.

I shall start by saying that Hikaru's subjects are almost always various Pokemon, therefore, they're not supposed to make sense or mean anything, and he goes in order of that big listy thing. Can you tell I'm not a Pokemon fan? >.>; I'll just put the English name.

2010-01-02 11:41:22


With vistlip's Rui-kun
It's a peace sign~◆

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2009-12-27 16:22:47

Yesterday I got to do commemoration photography of Rui-kun wearing a Pooh-santa ((costume))

I guess it's good

When we're voyaging together, he seems to become a musician

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2009-12-09 01:18:01

Now, with Icchi-san's driving, I'm in the middle of a terrifying drive

It's really dangerous lol

That reminds me, today, despite taking a long-awaited photo of bass-playing Rui-kun's terrifically attractive and stylish hands, the image wasn't able to be stored...

Tomorrow for sure it will be perfectly stored

That reminds me, do you know that stuff called cod liver oil?

That stuff is gummy-ish

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2009-11-27 01:36:01


I think it's good!

It's dark, sorry ((he means outside--sorry for the late post))

We hadn't been to WEST for a while, it was fun

As I expected, with monitors at my feet, it was easy to play

However, we also had them when we did the oneman, but, when the monitors were at my feet, I forgot the monitors were there, and moving around the space behind them with great force, they fell over twice

If they fall over next time, by any means necessary, please tell me what to do

I was able to hear drop note and it was satisfying

I also wanted to hear Sara lol

I'm left with only one regret

I forgot to ask Ruisu-Rui-kun's answer to the marriage proposal....

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